Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Chatter

This Chuckie. My neighbor Chuck called me the other day asking if my pig was out. What pig? We didn't have a pig. Seems after checking surrounding neighborhood and no one claiming a pot bellied pig and no one has reported losing one on any sites or Vet office we now have a pig. At least for a little bit. Chuck and I think someone set it out after it got so big. He hasn't been fixed or house trained so is very smelly. We named Chuckie after neighbor found him. He loves having his belly scratched and after being afraid of the Pyrenees he has made friends with Jenny and stays close to her. Still hoping we can find his owners but if not we will find him a good home. Should have named our place Misfit Farm instead of Hidden Haven. If a person or animal don't fit in anywhere else seems like they always find their way here.

Suppose to have ice in the morning. Haven't had much winter yet. Hoping it arrives soon and hangs around for a bit. I don't even mind thawing rabbit water bottles or feeding in the muddy mess. Winter is such a wonderful time of year.

Seed catalogs are starting to show up. I hate thinking of all the extra work spring and summer bring but we have been talking and planning this years gardens.

Grandson Will is home. Doing out patient therapy. He can walk a little bit but has wheelchair to use when he is tired. The nerves in his face haven't came back yet. He can't smile or wrinkle his forehead.  Hopefully those nerves will get stronger soon. He is very blessed to be alive!

I am enjoying a nice mug of chamomile caramel tea by the woodstove before heading off to bed. Have lots of laundry to take care of tomorrow and want to work on my bedroom. I still haven't unpacked everything from Minnesota!

Stay warm and have a blessed night.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Grandson Will

For the past 7 weeks grandson Will has been in the hospital with Guillian-Barre Syndrome.  He almost died, had to have trach, feeding tube, but came back fighting. He has been in rehab a few days but hopefully Friday he will be heading home to continue therapy.  Will is a fighter and is determined to beat this and come back even stronger.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Enjoying The Homestead

Got home on the 22nd of December and haven't slowed down. When you leave your husband and 2 hired hands with the house for 4 months it takes longer than that to get it back in order. Trying to get back in routine with all the animals and paperwork.  Its good to be home.

Monday, December 8, 2014


Thanksgiving was quiet here in Minnesota. Grandson Justin made ham,potatoes,broccoli, corn, Mac n cheese and his first yeast rolls. Melody and I went to pick up 3 things at Walmart. Took longer to check out than get the items. I never shop Thanksgiving or day after but Melody needed me to stand in line for a tablet. I got a little homesick missing giving all the animals their special treats. William will be here a week from Thursday and we will be back on the homestead the 22nd. Can't wait!
Williams grandson Will (Harvey's brother) has been in hospital since week before Thanksgiving. First 3 days they treated him for migraine but told him it was mental. Third day they were going to release him when he coded. He has been in ICU ever since on ventilator. He finally got diagnosed with Guillian Barre` Syndrome and pneumonia. He has a very long recovery ahead of him. He is 15 yrs. old. Harvey had his 7th birthday party in the waiting room of ICU.

Grandsons Quintin and Casey have been playing with their team Franklin Panthers in NC state playoffs. Their team was undefeated all year until 4th round of playoffs. They got beat by a team that cheated to win. They played a honest hard game with lots of injuries. There is a investigation into the other team. If it proves out then Franklin will get to go to state championship game. I hope honesty pays off and these boys get to go.

We are having our family Christmas treasure hunt Dec 21st. All the family will be there this year so it should be awesome. Woody is coming from Ft Stewart and I can't wait to see him.

Melody has gone to New Orleans for the week so Justin and I are here alone. A little snow today but not much. Suppose to be up to 40f by Friday.  Minnesota is letting me down for snow and winter weather.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a day overflowing in blessings. -4F at the moment but the sun is shining brightly. Leaving here and heading back to NC the 19th. Looking forward to getting back to our little homestead. Will miss daughter and family here in Minnesota but its time to go home. Today I am thankful for family and my home waiting for me. Have a blessed one!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Still In Minnesota

Melody was out of town last week on business and again this week. I have been trying to fix things for supper Justin will eat. He is one of a couple of my grands that is a picky eater. Its hard not saying too much as my girls had to eat a spoon full of everything on the table and weren't allowed to fix something different if they didn't like the meal. Hoping he will start trying more things since he enjoys cooking.

There is snow all around us. though we have the extreme cold temps there is only a inch of snow. William will be flying up the 18th of December to drive us back to NC. I sure hope to see snow before then.

Melody will be out of town the first part of the week so instead of cooking Thanksgiving dinner we are going to go work at the soup kitchen. I am looking forward to it!

Not a lot to post as my days are spent reading or online since there isn't much to do in daughters apartment. I tell her I am going to be too lazy to work when I go back home. Lol i really am enjoying my time here but look forward to taking care of my animals and homestead.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to count your blessings.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This and That

12F this morning with a dust of snow. Hope before I head back to the homestead in a few weeks I hope I see one big snowfall.

Things back on the homestead are staying busy. William heard a bobcat scream last night and Bella our Great Pyrenees took off running to protect and defend. Bobcat ran off before William had a chance to shoot. Hope it knows with our dogs it doesn't stand a chance and won't come back. Have had a fox getting a few chickens early mornings past few weeks. Time of year where wildlife needs extra food to stay warm. Bella likes to come inside late at night so when the fox comes she has to wait for someone to open door to go after it. Buster is in goat pen so can't get out to give chase. Wonder if we can talk Bella into going out before daylight???
I have all kinds of plans to declutter,paint, and change rooms when I get home. Will keep me busy this winter. Looking forward to going home.