Thursday, April 3, 2014


For Lil Vicki. Buttons was the one due but Lil Vicki decided to be early and give us twin boys. One has long ears like his mom and the other is white and short ears almost like his dad. The dad was Lamancha and looks like he has no ears. This little fellow has short ears. LOL All are doing well and are healthy. Back to waiting on Buttons to kid before she explodes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April

I am still checking goat backsides. Lil Vicki and Rosemary have decided to show some signs of early kidding. I think they and Buttons have decided to take turns faking labor symptoms to keep me running out to check them at all hours of the day and night. I actually have seen Buttons laughing at me.

It was 83F here today. Guess we are going from winter to summer. I so hate the heat and humidity that will soon be here. Just have to try to get through until fall and winter. Hope summer flies by.

We had a freeze over the weekend where it got down to 29F. Looks like my broccoli and kale got bit. Hope they come out but if not I will be planting more. Onions are doing great and am planting potatoes today. The temps we are having will have the ground warmed up soon and can start planting the rest of the garden.

 Did the polar plunge for grands to earn money for their mission trip. It was 29F when I did it but wouldn't you know it was 63F when William did his.

Off to check backsides. Maybe I will have goat baby pictures to share soon. Have a blessed one.