Friday, April 26, 2013

Random 5 Fridays

{Random 5 Friday} where you share 5 random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!

1. Am going camping for the first time since 2009 this weekend. Leaving a cute cabin and warm bed for a tent and sleeping bag... go figure.

2. Slept the best I have in forever the other night. The rain hitting the tin roof of the cabin put me right to sleep.

3. I have filled the birdfeeders along one side of the goat fence and love sitting by the window next to it watching all the birds. I hung one feeder right outside the kitchen window. The finches love this one and I get a real close up view.

4. I am trying to read some of the books I have on kindle. Didn't realize my library was so full! The problem is I start reading and don't want to go to sleep before I finish a book.

5. Planting in the garden has been delayed till Sunday as Melody and Joseph are going out of town and I am going camping. Hopefully Sunday afternoon will find us getting our seeds and plants in the ground!

Nothing earth shattering around here but routine and quiet is good. How bout you? Want to take part in Random 5 Friday?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Spending my 3rd night in cabin and its actually starting to feel like home. Just need to get William,Rusty, and the animals up here to make it complete.

We took Justin to Asheville today so the doctor could check his foot. The home health nurse took the med vac out yesterday and doctor wanted to make sure everything was okay. He now has a brace on that leg so he can walk a little without crutches. The wound is still open but doctor thinks it will heal without skin grafts. We still have to give his IV meds 3 times a day for at least another month. He can't be around crowds because his immune system is low so he will not be going back to school this year nor swimming or vacations. He is fine with that as long as his foot heals without anymore surgery.

Prom was a success. Woody looked out for his sister Hope and they both went to the same after prom party. Had fun without getting crazy or into trouble. I am truly blessed to have such beautiful and smart grands!

William is a bit overwhelmed with things around the homestead. Hard for him to keep all the chores and animal care up along with his handyman business. Once we get the animals here it will be easier for him to work on downsizing his stuff and catch up on jobs for his customers. Hopefully things will move along on schedule.

Plans are to plant the garden this weekend. We have had a few frosty mornings but hopefully by the weekend frost will be gone till fall. After home health nurse comes by tomorrow I have plans to finish setting out the flowers and things I brought with me. I have planted a few of the flowers, the strawberries, and a rose bush but has lots more that needs to get in the ground. Megan also wants me to help her with some flower beds and also painting some rooms in her house. That will be done on weekends as she is at work all week.

Need to clone myself so I can help William at the homestead and be here to get things done and help where I am needed. Just need to breathe, be patient, and wait to see what God has planned. I find myself rushing when I should be waiting. All things work out in the end. Have a very blessed night everyone!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


No planting the garden today. After a night and day of ran it is far too wet and we also had frost last night with more coming tonight. Though I love the cold weather it is going to hurt the flowers and trees blooming as well as the gardens already planted and coming up.

Cabin is coming along great. Need to hang the ceiling fan and 3 lights, put the baseboards and things can start being moved in. Am excited to get things settled and make it home.

I am such a bad grandma. I got so busy the Thursday working in the cabin I didn't give Justin his IV meds at 2. I forgot! It wasn't a big mistake but I sure felt like a failure. I now have my cellphone set to crow like a rooster at 2PM week days. He is really healing fast. He had a hole drilled into his bone with a tube inserted and attached to a med vac. It pumps out the infection, filters and puts back marrow, etc. The bone infection is clearing up and his wound is healing. The pump should be removed May 1st if all goes well. He still can't go back to school this year but has a teacher come her 2 days a week. He will still have to have his IV meds for awhile. He can't be around lots of people because his immune system is weak but is getting his energy and appetite back. Justin can do things for himself and now only needs me to give his meds. Yesterday I supervised his big brother Woody while he gave them. They both liked that.

Tonight is Prom Night here. Woody gave us a preview of his tux last night. Hope is waiting until this afternoon after hair and nail appointments to show her dress. I will make sure to take pictures before they head out for their big night. This is Woody's senior prom so am sure it is special for him. He graduates May 30 on his birthday and will be going into the air force.

William has his hands full back at the homestead. Between taking care of the animals and his handyman business he is very busy. Gathering the eggs wasn't at the top of his list so now he tells me we have quite a few hens sitting. Not very happy about it but nothing I can do but wait till they hatch and sell lots of baby chicks. Our egg customers might not be too happy. When I get home I plan on selling lots of hens as we are only going to keep 20 to 30 to bring here. William is at the flock swap today selling our bucklings, some hens, ducks, and hopefully a few rabbits. It is hard for him to get up extra early to feed and milk and get there by 8 but am sure he will do his best.

I caught a cold right after I got here and though I got over the fever and aches of it pretty quickly I still have this horrible cough. Don't feel bad just cough a lot. Not even home remedies seem to stop it. Debating on going to church tomorrow as I don't want to start coughing during service. Will wait and see I guess.

After being in the hospital and getting stuck so much Skyler is afraid of people. He lets me hold and play with him and even feed him but when he gets tired or sleepy he starts crying and not wanting me to hold him. He is use to Melody and Joseph as he has seen them almost every day so I can babysit Skyler until he is sleepy and then one of them has to take over. Hopefully he will get use to grandma soon and I can babysit him without help.

Rusty is depressed. William told me Rusty just lays on his blankie or under the table most of the time. He did this one other time when I didn't bring him with me. William is being extra nice to him and since Rusty loves to ride is taking him with him when he can. That makes him happy for a little while. I even talked to Rusty on the phone and that cheered him up for a bit. Aren't I a crazy animal lady! Couldn't bring him with me with Justin's open wound but he will be coming with me next time. William says the sand fleas are out in full force with all the heat they have had. He has been giving dog baths to all to help as well as flea and tick treatments. I will not miss the sand fleas at all when we get moved!

So as you can see nothing really new or exciting going on. I look forward to getting settled in the cabin and posting about living in small spaces, frugal living, and of course animal posts. Soon I hope.  May your weekend be filled with blessings.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

In The Mountains

Arrived back in the mountains on Friday. A day earlier than planned but that is a sad story for another day. With lots of help from Melody and family we got the ceiling and trim painted on Saturday along with son in law adding another window for me. Tomorrow I plan on painting the first coat on the walls. I will also be giving Justin his IV meds and making sure he keeps his leg elevated and eats. Melody will be going back to work and the rest of the grands will be in school. Justin and I will be on our own. I have lots of plants and flowers needing put in the ground and hopefully will get that done tomorrow too. Went to church this morning. Love this little mountain church and pastor! We had a nice family dinner afterwards and did a second coat on the ceiling and trim. Church this evening where son in law sang and there was a guest pastor with a wonderful message. Melody had to leave church early because Justin's med vac was beeping and not suctioning. Home Health Nurse came out to the house and took care of the problem. The highlight of the weekend was getting to babysit Skyler while his parents went out to dinner Saturday night. After being in the hospital and being stuck so much he doesn't like being away from his mommy. Took him a little bit to get use to me but after that we had fun. I even gave him his first taste of baby back ribs!

He is doing great.  There are still lots to do before I start moving things into the cabin but I am enjoying the work. Next weekend Melody and I are planting our garden. I also need to work on the goat house before we bring the goats up. William is doing well taking care of the animals and chores around the old homestead. We both want to work to get everything moved up here before it gets too hot. It was 91F the day I left and so humid. I was sleeping with only a sheet covering me in Fayetteville. Here I have slept under a blanket and quilt. I love it! The days are nice and warm but the nights are still chilly and good sleeping weather. Hope your Monday is overflowing in blessings!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heading To The Mountains

The only way to get through my house at the moment is through little trails between the stacked boxes. I have been packing all week so I will have things at the cabin. I leave early Saturday morning and I still have lots to pack and plants that need digging up to take with me. Very excited to be going back to the mountains but keep rethinking what I want or need to take this trip. I will be up a few weeks taking care of Justin during the day while Melody is at work. Justin doesn't really need a babysitter, just someone to give him his meds through his port 3 times a day. Be there if he needs anything and fix him lunch. I will have plenty of time to work on the cabin and make flower and vegetable gardens. It is suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow morning. The plan is to pack the truck and trailer tomorrow afternoon and evening. We will get up before daylight to feed and milk. William will be driving me to Statesville where my son in law will meet us. We will hook the trailer to his truck and put whatever is in our truck in his. William will head back home and I head on to the mountains. Its a crazy plan but William needs his truck and son in law is bringing a empty trailer for William to use while I have his in the mountains. Our neighbor Chuck will be keeping an eye on the homestead till William gets back along with Bella who has free run of the place and is a excellent guard dog. Everything seems to be falling into place.

Have found a home for my goats Buttons and Mammie. They will be going to my elderly friend Gerda's daughter. She has a farm with horses but is wanting goats to milk, chickens for eggs, and to grow herbs and veggies. We are able to set her up with all of this. She already got some herb plants and will be getting the goats and hens in a couple weeks. Downsizing our animals to such good homes has really been a blessing. Our Great Pyrenees puppies have all gone to loving good homes. Robby and Olivia are together on a big farm. Mammie and Buttons will be together on a loving farm. The baby bucklings will be old enough next week to go to new homes. Already have a guy that is wanting 2 of them for his goat herd. Lil Vicki, Mary, and Rosemary will be going to the mountains this summer. God is sure helping make this move a smooth one.

Thank you again for all the prayers for the grandsons. They seem to be on the road to recovery. We are very blessed. May your day and weekend be overflowing in blessings.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Things Are Looking Up

Grandson Skyler is home from the hospital. Looks like he got Mono from his brother Quintin so the two of them will be getting lots of rest for awhile. They are slowly getting their strength back. Grandson Justin had his second surgery Saturday. He won't be going back to school this year. He will be sent home this weekend with a pump attached to his leg to keep sucking out the infection, filtering the blood and pumping it back in. He also has a pic line for meds so he doesn't have to be stuck with a needle so often. He will get meds 3 times a day through the pic line. He will also have Home Health Nurse come 3 times a week to change his bandage and check his wound. He will have a tutor come 3 times a week to help him keep up with his school work. I am going up next Saturday for a bit to be there during the day to give his meds so Melody can go back to work. I will be able to spend some time working and painting on the cabin while there. Will also be able to watch Skyler for Megan when she has to work late. Everything seems to be working out with all our schedules and I get to be back in my beautiful mountains. I am trying to pack up things to take with me so there won't be so much to take later when I go up with the animals. Can't walk through the house for the boxes, things that need to be packed, things that need to stored, things that need to be sold, and laundry to fold, pack, or put away. I hate having this mess but am trying to stay focused on the end result.

Saturday was Flock Swap at Tractor Supply. We did really, really, well. We sold Robby and Olivia (goats) to the same farm. We delivered them and it was so nice to see where they will be living. So much more pasture space than they had here. We also sold some laying hens, rabbits, herb plants, eggs, and goat milk soaps. All in all it was a really good day. Miss having Robby around but we didn't want him breeding his daughters. We are now looking for a new buck. I want a young buckling so I can raise him to be gentle and loving like Robby. Olivia seemed really happy at her new home but Lil Vicki missed her mommy last night. Even though Lil Vicki has her own baby she still thinks she is everyone's baby.

Nothing was planted today. William wants to have a plant a small garden here and I am taking things to plant in the mountains. I have a lot of flowers and shrubs to dig up so I can take them with me. Just a lot to do in a few short days its a bit overwhelming. I know it will get done, I just need to put it in high gear and get er' done. Am very thankful for my many blessings. Hope your week is overflowing with blessings!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sick Grandsons

Last week it was Quintin in the hospital with mono and pneumonia. This week Quintin's baby brother is in the hospital. He has had a fever for 3 weeks and now his white cell count is outrageous. They were hoping it was same thing as Quintin but the tests came back negative. Doc still thinks it is same but waiting on more tests. Skyler will be in the hospital at least a few more days.

 And if that isn't enough worry yesterday grandson Justin went back to doctor with his ankle. He sprang it last summer and doctor put him on crutches for a bit. After it got better it would still swell up for no reason. Then it started hurting him. Yesterday the doctor found he has a rare bone infection and transferred him to a hospital 2 hours away from his home. He had surgery this morning and is in Intensive Care. He will have to have another surgery Saturday.

If you would be so kind and say a prayer for these guys. Quintin is still only able to go to school half days and cannot do anything physical as his liver and spleen are still swollen. Each of these grandsons are usually healthy, happy, guys but for some reason all 3 are ill.  Prayers are always answered and the boys would really appreciate them.   Have a blessed day!