Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, Monday

Mondays seem to always have me hitting the floor running. Getting the feeding,watering, and care of the animals done so I can catch up on laundry and take care of the veggies that were picked or given to me over the weekend. Today the kitchen was buzzing with tomatoes cooking to be made into sauce later, peaches peeled and readied for canning and a cobbler. There was lots of corn to freeze on the cob and cut off for cream corn. Cucumbers turned into cucumber salad and made into bread and butter pickles. In the midst of this was baking biscuits to make sausage and egg biscuits for William and his work crew. I also cooked beef stew, squash casserole, cauliflower with cheese sauce, creamed corn, tomato and cuke slices, with dinner rolls for lunch. Needless to say supper was leftovers from lunch. Laundry is done and all but one load folded and put away. House is fairly clean until Wednesday when I hope to spend the day cleaning and doing more decluttering. Tomorrow will have me doing something with about 25lbs of onions and cleaning a couple chicken pens and couple rabbit cages. We had a wonderful thunderstorm last night that gave us some much needed rain, The gardens may not dry up afterall. Miss having grand R here to help but know she is happy to be home for her mom's big 40th birthday this weekend. Trying to get a schedule going so I won't be so overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Today was the first day and the schedule seems to be working. At least I didn't feel like no matter how much I did I was still way behind. I just mark things off my list of things to do for today and move on to the next one. Summers always bring so many extra things needing done that I feel guilty sleeping. Think that is one of the reasons besides the cold and snow is why I love winter so much. I have been catching up on everyones blog but haven't left many comments this time. I have a night each week scheduled to just relax reading blogs and leaving comments so please forgive me for not leaving one more often. As I go about my day I think of my blog neighbors and friends and what they are doing and say a prayer for each one. Thank you for coming back to visit though I have not been posting regular. I now have blogging post time in my schedule so it will be more often! LOL  Wishing you a quiet and relaxing night and don't forget..... count those blessings no matter how small!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miss You Granddaughter "R"

Grand R came for a week and ended up spending 2 weeks. She was such a big help to me. R took over the care of the bunnies and I never had to do anything but the frozen water bottles the whole time R was here. We went swimming, went shopping, baked a cake ( not from scratch but R  was surprised you could mix a cake without plugging it in), clean the cages, raked the pens, rode bikes, milked the goat, delivered triplet goats, gave bottles to one baby goat, watched movies, read books, played scrabble, researched things on computer, and just had amazing conversations. Thank you for giving up part of your summer to visit grandma grand R. I sure do miss you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Remember Me?

I am the tired old lady that has been shucking and cutting off corn to make cream corn for the freezer. I am the tired old lady that has been trying to save the gardens by watering everyday since we have not had rain since that wonderful shower I last posted about. I am the tired old lady who is blessed to have  granddaughter R spending a couple weeks to help around the farm. She has taken over the care of the rabbits for me and also helps with the chickens. We are having some good times in the kitchen as well as she bakes cakes, helps cook breakfast, and other goodies. I am the tired old lady that still has 10 goats with babies that aren't mine here. The last pregnant one had triplets Saturday. I was in the middle of giving 6 dogs their baths and flea treatment when I heard that all knowing scream. Knew a goat was in labor so I ran to the pen in my wet clothes to find her in the middle of the pen laying in the dirt having her first kid. Needless to say after it was all over I was covered in dirt that stuck to my wet clothes and in the muck from delivering the other two goats. She had two boys and a tiny little girl. Still not sure how to handle the goat situation so I can get back to my small herd but hope to figure something out soon. I am the tired old lady that took two 10 year old girls to Fantasy Lake for the day and came home sun burned. I am the tired old lady that is trying to help the bunnies fight the heat by hauling out frozen water bottles each day and hauling them back in each night. I am the tired old lady seems to always have a load of clothes to wash and a load of clothes needing folded and put away. I am the tired old lady that's kitchen looks like a disaster zone from all the freezing and canning going on in between meals and dishes. I am the tired old lady never seems to get caught up on her to do list. I am just a tired old lady!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It Rained!

This morning while feeding and watering the animals I heard thunder off in the distance. Mother Nature had teased me before with those thunder booms but no rain so I really didn't expect rain today. After feeding chores were done and I came inside for breakfast the rain came. Beautiful sound on the roof and a lovely sight to watch the plants seem to reach up and grab every drop possible. After the nice rain shower everything looked and smelled so fresh and happy. I expected the heat and muggy feeling that soon followed but it was so worth it to have a nice rainy morning.

So many things going on the past few days. My 16 year old grandson W wrecked on his dirt bike Tuesday evening. He and the dirt bike slide on their side down a gravel road. W had road rash from the tip of his toes to the top of his head on his right side. He also has a bruised and swollen spleen that the doctor is keeping a eye on. Today he is in a lot of pain which was expected but is starting to heal. William's grandson W had surgery on his foot yesterday. He was in surgery 4 hours and now has a cast to his knee and has to be off his feet except for trips to the bathroom until the stitches come out. He has surgery on the other foot in July. Things are also going on with the owner of the goats I have cared for until they kid. He is under investigation for his farm and animals. Seems he has been ignoring them and not giving them the care, food, and water they really needed in this terribly hot weather. I have been told by animal control director to submit a bill for the care, food, vaccines, worming, etc on his goats and babies so high he can't afford it so he won't take these goats back home. I have had them since December so I don't really see him coming now to get them but will not let them go back to his farm. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of them and their babies. I really don't want a large herd of goats. I want to be back to my little herd but will figure something out. Tomorrow animal control will be back at the owners farm to do something about the animals there and dispose of the ones found dead. It's very sad.  I am also getting as many things on my to do list done before the weekend. My granddaughter R is coming from Tennessee to spend a week with me. She is wanting to be a Vet when she grows up so is wanting some one on one time with me to learn how to care for the animals. She is going to help me vaccinate, worm, trim hooves, clean pens, and all the other dirty work that goes with caring for farm animals. I am looking forward to having her here and have some fun things planned as well so it won't all be caring for animals.

Gardens are doing better now that it rained. I am getting squash every day and tomatoes are getting bigger but not red yet. Bean plants are growing fast as well as the cukes and peppers. Banana peppers are ready to pick. Looking forward to lots of fresh veggies to eat and can. 

Still having problems leaving comments on some blogs and have also noticed that some of the follow lists are missing. Mine is missing most days and when I go to click on a blog I want to follow their list is missing also. It says followers but then there is nothing there. Blogger must be having problems again.

Have been doing mostly crockpot meals since it has been so hot. I have a 3 crockpot stand so can fix 3 things at once so usually put a meat and 2 veggies on first thing in the morning so they will be ready for supper and the kitchen doesn't get heated up. I have a crockpot cookbook but also been searching the internet for recipes. There are lots to choose from. I put chicken breasts in the crockpot today with 2 tsp of oil 1 tsp of lime juice, 1/4 cup of cilantro (fresh from the herb garden) 1TBS of minced garlic and let it cook all day on low heat. Served it over rice with green beans on the side.(cooked the rice and beans in the other 2 crockpots). Have been making and drinking lots of mint tea. Mint is growing well in the herb garden. I have lots of herbs that need cutting and put in the dehydrator. Hope to get to that tomorrow.

This is grandson W showing his Joe Dirt impression. This was before the dirt bike accident. His face and right side now are minus alot of skin.
Life at the homestead may be stressful with all the things going on the past few days but life at the homestead is still filled to the brim with blessings everyday. Don't forget to count yours!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I don't know what is up with blogger lately. I have been playing catch up on some of your blogs and wanted to leave comments but blogger won't let me. I move on to another blog and have no problem. Just can't figure it out but I have been visiting and love the chickpea recipe, am trying to feel sorry for those of you having cold days. I am actually jealous. I am feeling really sorry for those having the hot and humid days with no rain. I feel your pain. We are 11 degrees hotter than normal this time of year. With temps 99F and 100F I have stayed busy giving the rabbits frozen water bottles to snuggle with and dumping out all the animals water every 3 or 4 hours to give them fresh cold water. Their drinking water gets warm so quickly. To those enjoying to sights and sounds of hummingbirds, crickets, and frogs while enjoying sitting on your porch or in your new house... I am right there with you in my mind. Those of you posting pics of all the work you have done in your garden made me get out and work more in mine. Those with a sick kitty, dog and other furry family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Those that are battling their own medical, financial, personal problems you have my love, thoughts, and prayers. Being in this blog neighborhood is like being part of a big family. There is so much love, concern, happiness for each other. It warms my heart to be able to sit for a few minutes and find out what's new with you.
Seems like every hen has baby chicks or is sitting on eggs. Never had this many baby chicks at one time here on the homestead. Daisy Duck is doing a great job of raising her 15 ducklings. I had thought it was 14 but finally found them all asleep and able to get a good count and she has 15! Will be putting some up for sale soon. Bonnie the goose is sitting on her eggs. She didn't hatch her first sitting as Tinker got out of the goat pen and scared her off the nest and she didn't go back. Hopefully we will have some little gosling's soon. Mr Black the rabbit that climbed and chewed through metal wire to get to Prissy has believe it or not tried to chew a hole on Porky's condo floor. Porky is Prissy's (New Zeland rabbit) sister. Guess since Prissy is busy with his babies and his hole to her was repaired he moved on to try to get her sister. Caught that one in time and repaired so he is just sitting below their rabbit condo's being moody. BJ the dwarf finally had twins. She had been huge forever and seemed to get so depressed when the other goats had theirs. She had a buckling and a doeling and is such a loving momma. She didn't need any help from me delivering and didn't even moan or cry when giving birth. I am still waiting on the owner to come pick up all his goats and their babies. Some of the babies are weaned already and eating with the big goats. I have decided I won't be a goat midwife again. Oh, I will help anyone that calls and even go to their farm but as far as bringing their goats here to stay its just too much and not fair to my little herd.
The gardens are doing well despite the heat. I am picking yellow squash everyday and it seems to reproduce faster than a rabbit. Also getting peppers and the tomato plants have tiny green tomatoes on them so it won't be too much longer and we can enjoy a fresh tomato.  Just every day things going on around the homestead. The to do list never seems to get smaller and there never seems to be enough time but each day is a blessing in itself so I can't complain. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to count those blessings!