Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mutterings From The Homestead

Skyler had the flu Christmas morning but still managed to have fun. Santa had left him trucks,toys,books,balls, but the one thing he would not put down was his Duck Commander duck caller. Megan said he even used it while his brothers were reading the Christmas Story. He finally fell asleep with it and everyone got a break.

I am trying something different. I am dividing up my tasks into time slots. I give myself an hour cleaning around the animal pens a day. An hour cleaning up one certain part of the yard. An hour decluttering one dresser, closet, cabinet, etc. and the rest of the day is for everyday chores. Hopefully this will help me get things done without being overwhelmed. There is so much to go through and get rid of. I just need to keep William from bringing more in.

Have been working over the food budget. Going through pantry and freezers to see what we have and making menus from that. Using up what I have so I don't have to spend more at the grocery store. Having some really good meals with little cost. Tonight was flounder, crab cakes, slaw, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and blueberry pie. The flounder and crab cakes were given to us this summer along with other fish that I put in freezer. The slaw was made from cabbage given to me by friend with farmers market along with the potatoes. The corn I froze from our summer garden and pie made from blueberries  I froze this summer.

I added my reading list to my side bar. I have a couple friends asking what I was reading so thought I would put my reading list up. Will try to do a small review as I finish a book in case you might want to read it. Hopefully I will remember to add and remove as it changes.

The buck we borrowed has done his deed with 3 of our 4 girls. Buttons, Lil Vicki, and Rosemary will be kidding early April. Mammy didn't come in this time but will try to catch her next time and get her bred. Snowflake went back home to his family and things have settled down in the goat pen.

That is what is going on around the homestead today. Hope you are having a blessed one!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Blessed Christmas To You

Wishing your Christmas a overflowing with blessings! I am sorry I have not been blogging. Things just seem to take my time and when I do sit down to blog I am at a loss on what to post. I seem to have gotten away from the animal stories and the frugal, homesteading things going on around here. My New Year resolution is to get back to blogging the way I did when my first blog was created. Thank you for hanging in and hope you will follow along as I post  (more often I promise) in 2014.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heading Back To The Homestead

Heading  back to the homestead tomorrow. I have been up at the mountain cabin for a couple weeks enjoying the daughters and grands. We have our family Christmas weekend this past week and it was so busy but fun! It was so great to have us all together for the entire weekend at Melody's. We played family games, watched Christmas movies, made ornaments, made cookies and candies that we delivered to shut ins as we Christmas caroled one night. We had a scavenger hunt that was so hard but so much fun it took most of a afternoon and didn't end until after dark. We had tons of food, snacks, our annual red and green pancake breakfast , Happy Birthday Jesus cake. We started with the youngest opening presents so that took a long time but was so much fun to watch as each one opened their gifts. Love our family Christmas weekends!

Melody and I did some Christmas crafts and now the cabin is all decorated. We also spent a entire day decorating the church for Christmas. The pastor said the church had never looked so beautiful. That made my day as I was worried they wouldn't like it. I got to babysit Skyler today. He had a rash and Megan didn't want him going to daycare. We had a fun day. Walked down to visit the neighbors goats and spent some time outside. We read books, played with toys, put puzzles together and just enjoyed being together. He is such a happy little one.

William has been overwhelmed with firewood orders. Trying to cut, split, deliver, and stack wood along with all the other homestead chores is a bit much. He is looking forward to my getting back to help. Bella is doing much better and actually walking on all 4 feet with just a slight limp. William says the wound is healing. I am sure I will have lots of laundry, dishes, and housework to catch up on as well as helping with the firewood. This has been a nice break but now its time to get back and try to get things done so we can get up here full time.

Granddaughter Kristine is switching to East Tennessee University this spring. Grandson Woody leaves for Ft. Benning January 21st for bootcamp. Am so glad he doesn't have to leave until after the holidays. Granddaughter Hope finishes up her senior year in a couple weeks. She will still walk across the stage with her class at the end of school year. She just doesn't have to go to anymore classes. She has a fulltime job at Drakes Software and seems to enjoy it. She wants to go to college in Wilmington, NC next year. All the other grands are busy in school and after school activities. It was great having the weekend to catch up with them and just have fun.

We had one day where it snowed enough to cover the ground but has mostly been warm while here. Next weekend is suppose to be icy so guess its a good thing I am heading back tomorrow.

Hope your Thanksgiving was the best and that your days are overflowing with blessings!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Around The Homestead

Little Chick is finally big enough to join the other chicks outside in the heated chick house. They are really wanting out as the stand in the little windows and look out at the big world. In a few weeks we will move them to a chicken tractor with a heat lamp in the closed in side. I wonder if Little Chick misses his You Tube momma and siblings? LOL

Didn't make it the craft fair/food/clothing drive at Tractor Supply last Saturday. Bella (our Great Pyrenees) got her left hind foot caught in a steel trap. It was cut really bad and she made it worse by pulling on it until she got free. We spent a couple hours looking for her as we thought she did her wandering thing again. But she was doing her patrolling of the woods behind our property. She walks the fence line along the goat and chicken pens where she has chased a few fox off. She goes down to the swamp and walks around . There are coyotes in the woods so the owner of the property likes for Bella to walk the area. He even leaves his chained gate opened a bit for her to go in and out of. Well someone decided to overlook the no trespassing signs and set trap/traps. She is on antibiotics  and pain meds for 14 days but hopefully will be okay. Her foot looks really bad but she is a sweetie each day as I clean it. Please if you set traps make sure you let anyone in that area that has children or pets know.

I will be leaving tomorrow for the mountain cabin. Will be gone a couple weeks. William and I were suppose to go up next weekend for our family Christmas weekend. Since Bella is hurt and unable to travel that far he will stay here with her. Megan has to take Gabby for a root canal 3 hrs from here tomorrow so William is taking me to meet and ride to the mountains with her. I will get to enjoy keeping Skyler happy in the car as he doesn't like to ride very long. I am looking forward to taking a break from firewood. For the past couple of months seems like all we do is cut, haul, split, deliver, stack 7 days a week. Love the extra money but man am I tired and so far behind other chores. Been rushing around the past 2 days packing, cleaning, getting things set up so it will be easier for William while I am gone. Glad we had our Thanksgiving dinner last week but he has plenty of leftovers in the freezer. He will be playing Santa for a friends school while I am gone so need to find his santa suit and freshen it up. Rusty(my Pom) will be staying here this trip. He and Bella are buddies since she is staying inside for now. Think she likes his company and he thinks he is a big dog around her . Hey, let him dream. LOL

Buttons, Lil Vicki, and Rosemary are bred by Snowflake. Mammy has come in season yet but when she does and Snowflake does his job he will be going back home to get spoiled by his human mom that misses him. April will have us with baby goats, which is good as it won't be too cold or too hot. Perfect kidding weather. We have all of our roosters sold except the 3 we are keeping. We just need to catch the others one night after they roost. We also have someone wanting the hens we aren't keeping so when I get back I will work on getting them caught and delivered. Still need to find homes for some of our ducks. We have 18 and want to keep only 4. Lucy and Ricky the Canadian geese are doing really well. They both have grown and look so good. Lucy gets mad at me and pushes the gate to her pen with her foot if I don't bring her greens when I feed. I usually feed grain before I feed greens but with her I must do greens first. Such a diva attitude this goose has but I love it.

We had weather in the upper 70's for a few days but winter type weather has returned. It is suppose to get down in the 20's again this weekend. Now if we just had some snow!

That's it from around the homestead..... Have a blessed one!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Saturday

Since Little Chick has no one to play or talk with I found a video on YouTube of a momma hen and her babies. Little Chick seem to enjoy talking to them. After this next cold spell coming through I hope to move Little Chick out with the rest of the baby chicks. Think he will enjoy the room of the heated little house over a cardboard box and heatlamp.

Finally replaced all the rusty stove pipe and got everything cleaned and put back together. Stove is humming along and keeping us and my tea kettle nice and warm. We still have plumbing to do. Have to replace the pipes underneath the house and have some rewiring to be done. Things keep us busy and behind all the time. Firewood is still selling, so we are still cutting, splitting, and hauling. Money is good but my back doesn't like it.

I am picking one spot each day outside to work on to get cleaned up, repaired, etc. Now if I can just keep William from piling stuff back where I have cleaned!

Weather forecast for next weekend is snow!! I know it probably won't happen but I am enjoying thinking about it.  Have a blessed one!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Am A Mommy

This little chick hatched from a forgotten egg under the heat lamp after the 7 other chicks were moved. They were over a week old when we moved them and the several eggs left I forgot to get rid of or turn the lamp off. This little one hatched out and is too small and young to go with the others so I am being his mommy, talking to him, cuddling him, cleaning his poop butt, and making sure he stays warm in his box house with a heat lamp. Making sure he eats and drinks and gets lots of attention. I think I am in love.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Just Chatter

We have been so busy delivering wood, checking and cleaning other peoples chimney or stove pipes that we just got around to checking ours today. Found we need to replace a elbow and one section of pipe so no fire for us tonight. Hate using electric heat as I can just hear the meter buzzing. Tomorrow we will have it all put back together and cleaned. William is cutting wood tomorrow with a friend so I get to stay home and catch up. I have a couple more loads of laundry, lots of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping to keep me busy for a bit. I also have the back porch to clean as a few hens have decided to roost on a porch railing. Once I get it clean I will be taking these hens to a chicken pen to stay. Most of  the chickens are in pens but there are some that free range. I don't mind as long as they leave my flowers and plants alone and don't leave poop where they have no business being. Once they break the rules its in the pen for them.

I was such a dumb bunny last night. Before I went to bed I went around changing the time on all the clocks in the house. William waited until I was finished to tell me I had moved them UP an hour instead of back. I still can't believe I did that as I have been waiting so long to turn back the clocks and get that extra hour of sleep each morning. I am glad he caught it last night instead of this morning.

Have a baby chick that hatched a week after all the others. The other 7 that hatched are outside in a small heated chicken house. This little one is here in the house under a heat lamp. I pick it up and talk to it but it is lonely. Hopefully it will grow fast and can go be with the other chicks soon. I sure hope we are done with baby chicks till spring.

 A friend called wanting us to take 2 Toulouse geese. William wants to of course but I have said no. We already have Lucy and Ricky the Canadian geese and 16 ducks. We are going to keep the geese and 4 ducks but selling the others so really don't need 2 more geese to feed or move.

With helping William with the wood business I have been slacking on good meals lately. Have better meals planned for this next week that hopefully will work out. Going to make some meals ahead so I just have to pop them in the oven at last minute and some crockpot meals planned. I feel better eating a good meal sitting down at the table but lately I have been fixing hotdogs, pizza, subs, for us to eat on the run. We were delivering wood around suppertime most days. This next week I have our wood deliveries scheduled before mealtime. Most customers work so its late evening before we can deliver. This week so far looks like we can do afternoon deliveries.

Still haven't found a buck for my girls yet. Am hoping to work that into my schedule this week. Have a friend I need to go talk to about borrowing her buck for a couple weeks.

The craft fair this past Saturday was a little slow but we did get lots of food donations for the church food pantry. The church feeds 148 families from the pantry so it was nice to be able to be a part of a great thing. Will be doing another craft fair the 16th that is also a food/blanket/coat donation for the homeless. Hope that one is as big a success in donations

The girls are planning our family Christmas weekend for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it. We will be having it at Melody's this year. Hoping for snow but it may be just a bit early for that.

Have a book calling my name so will end this chatter, take my hot chocolate and book to bed. Have a blessed one!

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Already

Getting closer to winter!! Love winter weather. Love being able to rest a little. Love having a nice fire. Love drinking hot tea and cocoa. I just love winter!!!

October was a very crazy busy month. Megan's wedding which was really nice and bringing back memories of life on the farm. Williams daughter Lisa and her husband renewed their vows and had a beautiful small ceremony and dinner. Justin healed from his surgery and now back at school doing great. Grandson Woody joined the Army. Grandson Wayne graduated Naval bookcamp in IL and will be there until Feb training in Sonar. He will then be heading to San Diego for 3 yrs. Since I have been back at the homestead we haven't stopped cutting, splitting, stacking, hauling, and restacking firewood. This seems to be the winter everyone is wanting plenty of firewood. Good money but my poor aching back. We also have been hauling hay from a friends field and stacking it in barn for winter. Again, my poor aching back. This along with getting the animals wormed and vaccinated for winter, cleaning and raking pens, getting all the waterers bleached and cleaned for winter. Cleaning out and giving fresh straw bedding in all the houses and stalls. We have been coming inside around 9 or 10 each night and I am so tired I shower and go to bed. Winter will be here soon and I hope to rest but we are going through all the chickens so we can advertise and sell the ones we aren't taking to the mountains. I have to list the rabbits I am not keeping and the ducks. The goats are all figured out except for renting a buck to breed ours before they go to the mountains. Don't think we will be in cabin fulltime by Thanksgiving but hopefully before winter is over. So much to declutter and so many things to pack to give to kids, etc. At least when we get to cabin there won't be a lot of stuff! Have a blessed one!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

More Wedding Photos

The bridal party enjoyed a hayride to the reception hall.
 Lots and lots of food, yummy filled wedding cupcakes, and wedding cake.

Each guest went home with a couple guest bars of goat milk soap.
Great wedding. Great reception. And more photos to share later!

Wedding At The Farm

 While rehearsal was going on for the wedding.

This was going on around us. 
The wedding took place on the old dairy farm where Megan was born and raised. The wedding was actually on the same spot where the dairy barn stood years ago.

The hay bales were were covered with family quilts
And went to good use as seating for the wedding

Megan placed a photo of her dad on a antique milk stool knowing he was there in spirit watching over her.

Carrying the rings was hard work for little Skyler!

Mr and Mrs Barry Browning! The wedding was simple but beautiful. Will post more photos in my next post.

Monday, September 23, 2013

First Week In The Mountains

I am really enjoying my time here in our mountain cabin though it has been busy. Grandson Justin is doing really well. He is off his crutches and his wound has healed really well. He still has his picc line in and has IV meds 3 times a day. I do the 2PM ones each day and fix his lunch. His nurse comes on Mondays and his teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the weekends I am helping Megan get things ready for her wedding though Saturday Melody and I spent the day doing crafts. We now have beautifully fall decorations on the front of our homes. I will take a picture after I finish painting my front door. It has been so nice and cool here. I am enjoying sleeping under my quilts and wearing long sleeves. Rusty is getting settled to the cabin. The first few days he did not like it at all. Granddaughter Gabs lost her pig Elliott for 6 days. He got outside and ran off after getting home from the fair. We think the fair stressed him with all the people wanting to see and touch him. He won a blue ribbon for most exotic animal but Gabs said she wasn't taking him again. We had search parties roaming the woods looking for him. A neighbor called that saw him in their yard. They fed him biscuits and then put a trashcan over him until we got there. He is back home and happy and so is Gabby. William found a lady that had hatched some Canadian goose eggs. He bought a young goose that he hopes is a boy from her as a mate for Lucy Goosey. They are walking around and hanging out together so hopefully they will work out. Lucy has started laying eggs so we know for sure she is a female. Son in law Joseph has been working on the chicken pen getting it ready for our chickens. He is anxious for fresh eggs. We have been going through our hens seeing which ones we want to keep for here and which ones we want to sell. We have a lot to sell and a lot of ducks for sale also. William found someone with a ram to breed our sheep Mary before she comes to the mountains. We also are going to breed Lil Vicki and Rosemary before bringing them up. We just need to find homes for Mammie and Buttons. I think we have found the perfect home for Buttons if it works out.  Have been spending some of my evenings making soaps for a craft fair I am going to when I get back to Fayetteville. Time here seems to be going too fast but I really am enjoying every second. Enjoying being back at our little church and being with my daughters and all the grands. Skyler had a bad cold so I got to babysit him for 2 days. We had such a fun time. He loves walking down to the neighbors to see their goats. I can't wait until our goats are here and he can just step outside to see them. Wishing you a very blessed day!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Week Of September

This has been a busy and another hot and humid week. We have cut, split, loaded, hauled, unloaded, and stacked 3 pickup loads of wood.

One lady gave us a hickory tree and a guy gave us 2 oak trees. We still have more of both those to cut, split, and haul home. We have sold 2 cords of firewood so far so looks like it will be a good season for firewood. We have also mowed, weed eated, trimmed, edge, and raked 2 customers yards and have one more to do this week. We have flowerbeds to redo along with pouring a cement slab, and a few other repair jobs for another customer. These things all fit inbetween morning and evening feedings, housework, laundry, and making soaps and things for the craft fair this Saturday. I have to finish the soaps and other things I am taking up to the mountains next Sunday. Megan's wedding is Oct 5th but I am going up early to help her and to help with grandson Justin. He had another bone infection and had surgery last week. Hopefully he will go home Tuesday but with a PICC line so we can give his meds through IV. He is doing lots better today but will be out of school a month and on crutches for awhile. They brought a service dog around the pediatric ward over the weekend and Justin really enjoyed that.

I can't wait to get up to the mountains to help the girls and grands out but also enjoy some cooler weather. Looking forward to spending some time in my little cabin. Just have lots to do between now and then. Am sure it will all work out. Have a blessed one!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Blur

August has come and gone in a blur. All I remember is the heat, humidity, rain, and mud. Unfortunately September is starting out the same way. Lisa and Harvey spent Labor Day weekend with us. She helped us getting hay out of the field. We were on our way home from Sanford with the last load when a rainstorm pops up right over top of us. Of course the hay got wet which is just our luck. The customer I did the flower beds for last year is having to use a walker now. His wife has dementia so it is hard for him to take care of the both of them. He has a lady that takes care of his wife, cooks, and cleans during the day but needed someone nights. He really wanted me and I felt guilty telling him no but did find 2 nice women that I think will work out for him and his wife. I don't have enough hours in the day to get things done and didn't want to commit to helping someone when I will be leaving for the mountains in 2 weeks. As for us getting moved totally to the mountains, that seems to be taking a slow pace. We had hoped to be moved by Thanksgiving but doesn't look like it. We will be coming back and forth for awhile yet. Hopefully the animals will get moved by Thanksgiving and I will be able to stay there and William come back and forth to finish decluttering his stuff. Getting animals ready for the farmers swap meet this weekend and things ready for craft fair next weekend. Still working on soaps for daughters wedding guests gifts. I also getting things together to decorate for her outdoor wedding. She is getting married on our old farm where the dairy barn use to sit. Now it is a nice grassy hill overlooking the pastures below. She is going to have a picture of her dad with a antique milk bottle on a old milk stool near the archway. I think that will be perfect and know he would be very proud of her.  My grandson Justin that I spent a couple months taking care of after surgery last spring is having problems again. He had a bone infection and ended up having 2 surgeries and a wound vac. Well this time it is his other leg and they found 2 pockets of fluid on his bone. Not sure what they are or why they are there so is having a MRI today along with more blood tests. He is hurting so hopefully they will find out something today. We are hoping its not another bone infection and that they won't have to do surgery.  On a funny note, my granddaughter Kristine started college a couple weeks ago. This is the college where they held her HS graduation. Where she and her dad went and spent a day walking around to check out. Where she and her mom went and walked around where she would be having classes. And where she got lost. LOL First she couldn't find where she parked her car and after 30 minutes she finally ask someone to help her. Then she got lost going home. For her to go home all she had to do was turn right out of the parking lot and stay on that road ALL the way back to Newport. She went some other way and took her forever to find her way home. Everyone has had a good laugh with her but she is settling down now and doing well without getting lost. Grandson Woody was going into Air Force but changed to Army and will be leaving I think in October.  Grandson Wayne is in Illinois at Navy boot camp. 1 yr old grandson Skyler is out of the baby room at daycare. He went to his first day in the 1 yr old room and loves it. He remember some of his little friends from the baby room and has a new friend that is redheaded like him. He is growing up so fast and walking everywhere. I talk with him on the phone but he sure pitches a fit when mommy takes the phone away from him so I don't talk to him often.  Looking forward to being in the mountains soon and enjoying the cooler weather there. Hate William and the animals have to stay here for now but as William says.... its taking time but we will get there. Looks like rain is coming in again so best get outside chores done early. We had a bad storm yesterday with 2 inches of rain. The goats hate the mud but not much I can do about that.  Have a blessed day everyone!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

Things are always happy around the homestead. There are things that break, go wrong, don't get done, etc every single day. Most of the time I just choose to look at the blessings of the day and go on. There are times when I just can't get past the aggravating things to look at all the blessings. We have had so much rain that is is really a mud pit everywhere you step here. The goats hate and I mean hate coming out of their houses because they have to walk in the mud to get to their feed buckets. We are actually putting their hay under the big shelter so they can stand in the dry while eating. The chickens feet are so muddy and they all look like they need baths. The ducks and Lucy Goosey are the only ones happy around here. Not much yardwork is getting done here but we are still mowing customers lawns. They all have the nice sod lawns that don't seem to make mud pits. I get so jealous while mowing their lawns. I can't keep laundry caught up. Bella is still in heat so is still staying inside. I put sheets over the two sofas in the livingroom, the love seat and chair in the diningroom (gathering room as I like to call it). I hate to have a dog smell in the house so I am changing the sheets twice a day as well as sweeping and mopping the floors in the mornings and evening. I also have to walk Bella, Tramp, and Rusty several times a day as I can't just let them out like I usually do. Bella hates thunder and when I wasn't home yesterday when it thundered she got mad at me and jumped up and peed on MY side of the bed. In all the time we have had her she has never had a accident inside so I know she purposely went to my side of the bed and peed. Luckily I had a blanket laying on top of the bed and she got mostly that wet. But we were scrubbing and changing the bed before I could even start supper. Pepper the kitten has decided my laptop is his favorite toy. He logged himself on as guest and made a file named hhhhhhhh and then started my malware which kept popping up that it couldn't find the hhhhhhhhh file. I had to fix that, find all my bookmarks that he moved, and log out of yahoo because he opened up a chat with someone I didn't even know. Came back to find this person typing hello????????? are you there??????? Didn't have the heart to tell them they were talking to cat so just closed the window and logged out. Pepper will turn my laptop or post nonsense by just walking across the keys. He loves to lay across and just look at the screen. This year has truly been the year of the snake. I have never seen as many snakes as I have this summer. I think because of all the rain they are coming up out of the swamp. We had the water moccasin on the back porch. Had the rat snake on the light switch in the feed room. We have 2 black snakes in the hay barn and one big snake I have no idea what it is that has fallen when I open the feed room door at my feet. It has done that twice! I am so afraid one day it is going to fall on me! There are 2 snakes that were sunning on the corn stalks we cut to use this fall one snake I saw crossing the driveway the other day. Rain and snakes aren't my favorite things. Even with the rain it has been so humid that our clothes are wet as soon as we go outside. Looks like we took a shower with them on. Rained out our flock swap last Saturday and all the rain has kept me from cleaning pens and nesting boxes. Two of our push mowers broke but thank goodness William is good at repairs. Our riding mower got a oil leak today so he is going to have to fix that tomorrow. A dear sweet older lawn customer wants me to sit nights with his wife who has dementia and stays up all night so he can get some rest. As much as I would love to help him and the pay is fantastic I just can't. I don't have enough time to get things done here and I am going to the mountains next month for a few weeks. I am behind on getting things done for Megan's wedding and things ready for the craft fair I am committed to next month and in October. There are some things going on with family that has me praying and thinking about a lot. William is behind on repair projects and work projects and we are both behind on getting our chickens sold we aren't taking with us as well as some rabbits and ducks. The price of feed has jumped and its hard buying chicken feed every week or so. We have way too many chickens. So you see life isn't always sunshine and rainbows around here. I just try not to write about the bad. We all have things happen in our lives that are hard to deal with but if we take the time to count our blessings one by one, no matter how small..... We see we are truly blessed!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snake, Rain, and Mud Oh My

Had tossed some throw rugs (guess that is why they are called throw rugs) on the back porch so I could shake them out before tossing them in the wash. After sweeping and mopping I went out and started to pick up the rugs only to find  a small but angry snake. William checked him out and it was a water moccasin. Guess with all the rain he wanted a dry vacation. He curled up and struck at me when I tried to shoo him off the porch so I went back inside and watched through the door as William took the broom and swept him off the porch into a bucket. He carried him down to the swamp and let him go. Now everywhere I step I am looking for the rest of the snake family.

We are having rain again and its suppose to rain the rest of the week. Goats aren't happy and when they aren't happy they make a lot of noise. As in stand in the milk stall right under the baby monitor and let it be known they aren't happy with all the rain and mud. Buster (Great Pyrenees ) thinks he needs to bark and whine with them so someone will come out with treats to make them all hush. Buster will hush long enough to eat his treat or bury it depending on his mood , then he is back singing the blues with the goat choir.

I have been making and canning plum jams from plums given to us. I am also making  goat milk soap gift bags for my daughter Megan's wedding. She is having a fall outdoor wedding at our old farm  so trying to make the soaps, gift bag, and tag look fallish but nice. Made the tags today after showing Megan a sample and getting her approval. I am enjoying being involved in the wedding planning and making things.

Have  the flock swap this weekend so am working on getting ready for that. Just every day busy things around the homestead. Hope your days oare fillled with blessings!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trying to Trick Blogger So I Can Post

  I guess it worked. I can't see past the first paragraph to see if the rest of the post is there. But at least something showed up before the ad.

I am so fed up with blogger! I keep getting video ads when I try to post, when I try to read other blogs, and when I was trying to change my background I couldn't get to the edit button for a ad. There are no places to click to make the ad go away, so it just stays there in your way. I have been using Firefox but was told if I use Google chrome I can use their pop up blocker to get rid of the problem. Am going to try and see how that works. I have goggle chrome on my laptop but just haven't taken the time to get use to using it. Right now I am writing this post in Microsoft words and will move it to post and see how that goes. Thanks everyone for all the advice on how to get around the problem. I know blogger needs to make money and don't mind the ads in the corner I can click to delete. I just hate having ads I didn't choose stay in front of things I need to do or see and have no way to delete or see around them.

Around the homestead is busy as ever. Trying to get a lot done before I head to the mountains the end of September. I will stay up there a few weeks and then come back for a wedding and a few things here before heading to the cabin for the winter. William hopes to be there by Thanksgiving. We are still slowly selling chickens. With the price of feed no one is buying more than one or two at a time. We want to get down to 15 or 20 to take to the mountains and have a ways to go. We have so many here because we have big egg customers that buy 10 to 15 dozen at a time. We won't have that in the mountains. We also have a few more rabbits to sell and several ducks. We are going to wait until the very end to sell Mammie and Buttons as we are using their milk. Will be taking Lil Vicki, Rosemary, and Mary with us. Hope to have them bred before they go up.

Garden is completely gone now. After being underwater so long from all the rain most if it died and the rest we just finished picking last week. We are going to have a small fall garden or at least try. I have been canning everything I can get my hands on. Want to be ready for a good old mountain winter! We have also been splitting and hauling firewood for here. Whoever is here will need firewood to heat the house and we will be back and forth a few days at a time and want to make sure there is plenty of wood. Have been helping William with some of his handyman jobs so that has slowed me down on homestead projects. There is a craft fair September 14th that I am trying to get ready for. Hope to have some handpainted signs and well as my soaps for sale. William is wanting to make laying houses for chickens. I think they will sell too. Just like everyone else we have lots to do but not lots of time. Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer and your days are filled with blessings! I am counting down till fall !!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Blogspot has been crazy the past few days. Each time I start a post I get maybe 3 sentences and then a ad pops up and there is no way to delete it. It won't move nor will it let me type anything else on my post. I have several drafts that are waiting to be finished but can't because the dumb ads pop up.

So far things are okay posting today. In other things around here. I moved Lucy Goosey and all the ducks into one big pen. They all seemed to be doing well together. They have 2 kiddie pools and one bathtub to swim around in and lots of room to walk and be out of each others way.

I made a batch of strawberry jam today. 8 half pints and 2 pints. Wanting to make a batch of grape jelly and one of apple butter and that should be it with what I already have left from last year. The ad is back and making it impossible to type below the picture of  the jam. So I will cut this post short and try another one later with what else has been going on around the homestead. Have a blessed one!Wa

Monday, July 29, 2013

Remember Me?

I had all intentions of getting back to posting at least 3 times a week. Things happen though and I got sidetracked. My 72 soon to be 73 year old brother is in hospital. He was in ICU for over a week with chemical and fungal pneumonia. One lung was filled with fluid and they couldn't suction because it caused his heart to go crazy. When he coughed his heart rate when crazy. The first few hours they didn't think he would make it and called family in. He is now in a regular room as of yesterday. He had been moved before but had to be moved back to ICU. He is doing lots better today and hopefully will go home next weekend.

Though our garden flooded we were able to go pick a little more corn, tomatoes, and watermelons. We then cut down all the corn stalks to dry for fall. Daughter wants some for her fall wedding and we will have some for sale at Flock Swap meets. I have been freezing corn, making and canning spaghetti sauce all last week. We also were given several loads of firewood that we had to go load and then bring home and unload. Lets just say that I really felt the heat from this wood without even burning it! It was so hot and humid while working with this wood but it will come in use this winter.

We have a new kitty around the homestead. We saw him first a week ago at the end of the driveway and he was so tiny and skinny. Couldn't get our hands on him. A few days later he was on the back porch eating Whiskers cat food. He ran when we went outside. A couple of days ago I was able to pet him while he ate but not pick him up. Now he lets me hold and pet him and is so sweet. We named him Pepper and he is now a barn kitty that spends a little time on the back porch. Whiskers is around 12 yrs old so doesn't seem to mind having Pepper around to catch mice. We shall see.

William has volunteered me to help him stain a customers deck this week so am off to help him. Things around the homestead need doing but will just have to wait. This deck is big and will take several days and of course it is going to be hot and humid. That mountain cabin is calling my name and I cannot wait for fall so I can head back but until then its time to get to staining. Have a blessed day and I promise not to wait so long to post.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Time

I can tell summer is here. The heat and humidity has arrived in full force. The harvesting, canning, freezing, dehydrating is in full force here too. I think that is why I am a winter person. No heat and humidity. The busyness of food preserving has died down and there is more time to relax and enjoy life. Sit by the warm fire with a cuppa tea, reading a book, or just doing nothing. Yes, I am counting days until fall and winter make their appearance. Today will find me in the kitchen canning tomatoes, making dill pickles, and cutting off corn so I can freeze creamed corn for winter. That along with the usual feeding and watering and making sure the animals stay cool will be my day.

A couple months ago a lady at Tractor Supply called William to take care of a baby Canadian goose. The nest had gotten wiped out along with the goslings siblings and parents. I called Wildlife Rescue to see if we were allowed to care for it and we were. Geese once they find a place they can continue to get fed will stay and not fly south or north. Wildlife said the gosling would bond with us and any animal around it. William put the gosling in with 6 baby chicks. They think they are all sisters! Lucy Goosie use to be tiny when she came here. She was only a few days old. Now she is big and so sweet. She will eat out of your hand, talk to you, and follow you around like a puppy. When she gets older we are going to get her a mate from a guy down the road that has a flock at his pond. At least we think Lucy is a she. That is why we are waiting on a mate until we are sure. Have a blessed day everyone!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bad Snake

We have a rat snake staying in our feed room and I haven't minded because he keeps the mice from eating our goat and chicken feed. He usually is coiled up on one of the high shelves or stretched out behind the electric fence charger. The other morning he decided to not play nice and wrap himself around the light outlet. Not only that but he rested his head on the on/off switch with his tongue sticking out. What is the first thing I do when I open the door to the feed room? Reach around and turn on the light. Well lets just say a 60 year old woman squealing and running like a girl isn't a very pretty sight. And no, there weren't any pictures because I ran away too fast and I also scared the snake as we haven't seen him since.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Homestead Sweet Homestead

Made it home Sunday night late after helping grandson celebrate his first birthday.

It has rained every single day and night since I have been back. Can you say mud pit! But inbetween showers we are trying to get some outside chores done. Catching up on laundry and housecleaning as William just didn't have the time to give them more than a lick and a promise.

Have a very Happy 4th, be safe and please remember to bring your pets inside tonight. Fireworks are the biggest reason for pets running away and getting lost. 

Have a blessed one!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Packing Up

Got the few clothes I am taking back with me all packed along with bible, devotional book, and a few CD's. The cabin is all cleaned, bed linens washed and back on bed. Fridge has been emptied and cleaned out as well as other foods that would go bad before I get back taken up to Melody's. I have spent the last few days getting lots of Skyler love and spending time with Quintin, Gabby, Raigun at Megan's house. Today I got to spend time with Hope and Woody looking at old photos. They didn't recognize some of their own baby pictures nor a couple of when this grandma was younger. LOL  I sure am going to miss all the grands but will be back soon. I am so excited to see Rusty, Bella, and the goats. I am even looking forward to all the chores waiting on me. Seems like I have been away forever. William isn't feeling well but am hoping he gets past this bug and is feeling better by the time I get home.  He is having lots of heavy rain there so the goats aren't very happy with all the mud. We are having scattered storms here but its not bad. The humidity at the homestead is really bad. William says it was 76F the other morning but the humidity made it feel so much worse and his clothes were soaking wet from the sweat. I am not looking forward to that part of going home but will deal with it while we work on getting downsized to move up here to our cabin. The gardens are coming in so will be busy canning when I get back. I will take lots of pictures to catch everyone up on the animals and their adventures as well as all the awesome food we will be preserving for next winter
  Hope your day is overflowing with blessings!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

This and That

A nice quiet morning is a perfect way to start the day. Have been busy helping Megan the past few days as well as getting things cleaned and done around the cabin. If things go as planned I will be heading back to the homestead next Sunday after Skyler's first birthday party. I still have a cough from that awful flu that took forever to leave and I still get tired easy but am blessed each day to be a little better. William is already gathering cucumbers from the gardens so I see making and canning pickles in my very near future. I am so looking forward to eating lots of fresh veggies and putting away some for winter. Can't wait to see all the animals and see if they remember me. I sure have missed them all. I dread the heat as I haven't even turned the AC on here. I have a fan in one of the windows and leave the door to the cabin open and it stays nice and cool day and night. I sleep under a blanket which won't be happening when I go back to Hidden Haven. That is the one thing we both hate about living there. The heat and humidity seem to drain us more than it use to. Part of getting old but it sure is hard to handle every day. William says  the customer I did the flower beds for last year is anxious for me to get back and do a little work on them. William has been weeding them but said the customer wanted me to add a few more here and there and give it a special touch for the summer. I also have lots of things for the Farmers Swap Meets and sure have missed being there. Especially being able to talk with friends while swapping and selling. See you soon Sebine! Next week will find me finishing up helping Megan with her home and spending more time with the grands. Sure going to miss them but happy to know one day we will be back up here for good. Hope each of you have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can You Help

A dear homesteading, prepper friend has just had her world turned upside down. She has been self sustaining  for years now. She grows her own coffee and tobacco! Well her soon to be ex husband broke into her home destroying everything he could with a baseball bat. You can read more about it here . She never asks for help and has gone long periods of time in the heat of the summer without electric but making sure her animals had everything they needed and lots of love. She has given so freely of herself to anyone that needed help, answers to questions, or just encouragement. Now is a chance for anyone that has ever had a good deed done for them to pay it forward. This lady has came up with a plan to turn her kitchen into a commercial kitchen so she can make, sell, and even teach others to make cheese along with canning, baking, soapmaking, and just about anything you would ever want to learn. Please go to her blog Self Sustained Living and read her story and plan. If you can pay it forward with money (even a dollar would help), with prayers, and with sharing her blog with others then please take a moment. We have all at one time or another in our life been blessed with a helping hand in some way so come on lets pay it forward and help someone that has always been the helper but now needs a little help herself. Please share Self Sustained Living with your friends.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shadows Walk

Shadows Walk is walking history tour of Franklin, NC with a little haunting, ghosts, and spirits thrown in. My daughter Megan got a group of us together for the 10PM until Midnight tour one Saturday night. There are lots of towns starting to do these and if your town is one you should really go. There was so much history told along this tour that I never knew about our town. Over 36,000 people in villages throughout Macon County were burnt and villages destroyed. History has smoke being seen from this for 3 months. The story of a slave girl killing her husband and then hanging herself. Because of her killing herself she couldn't be buried in a cemetery and the custom was she had to be buried at a crossroads 10 feet down with a stake in the heart. The reason was if the spirit somehow came back it would be confused in which direction to go. For many years I have driven right over that crossroad and never knew the story. Or the story of the end of civil war right on main street in Franklin when the confederate flag was taken down and the shooting that erupted by some not accepting the end of war. Gregg Clark is a excellent story teller who has researched each story he tells to make sure the facts are there. He takes you back like you are actually seeing, hearing, and smelling the story firsthand. As for the scary part of the tour that really brought out goose bumps!. We has stopped in front of Macon Bank while he told the story of the family that sold the house and the land where the bank is now. When they sold they told the buyers they would not be responsible for anything that happened if the buyers tore the house down. The buyers went ahead and tore the house down and built a big beautiful bank only to have lighting strike and burn it to the ground. When Greg got to the part of the story about the lighting strike out of the dark sky a lighting bolt popped right behind the bank. It couldn't have been planned any better. Of course we had to make a mad dash to the Historical Building to wait out the rain but got to hear more stories of people in Franklin's history.  We took pictures of empty windows where ghost were suppose to been seen. Granddaughter Gabby captured something in the corner of her window that wasn't seen in the photo of the same window at the same time by friend next to her.

 The tour is by appointment and its not the same tour each time as there are so many stories to share. There are also sit ins where you go and sit and listen to the stories of that building or home while enjoying snacks and drinks. This is one of the most awesome ways to learn and enjoy the history of   our town. I hope if your town has one you take the time for a walking tour. You won't regret it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Survived

For the past 9 days I have thought I would have to die to get better. I got hit by a horrible flu bug. For days I couldn't keep food down but ice was my friend. I couldn't get warm yet had a fever. Coughing seemed to be a never ending thing no matter what I tried to take to calm them which meant there wasn't much sleep. Today I am coughing but not as bad. I am blowing or wiping my nose every few minutes but fever is gone and I actually had energy to do my laundry. I still have photos and a post to share about  a historical spooky walking tour a group of us went on late one night. Now that I am among the living  that post should be here soon.

While I was in the midst of being sick William lost his dear sweet Tinker. Though Tinker was our guardian dog for the goats she was Williams. He is still very, very devastated over losing her.  When I head back to the homestead it is going to be so strange not to have her licking my face and wanting me to rub her belly.

RIP Tinker

Monday, June 3, 2013

Steven Woodrow Stewart

Not only did grandson Woody turn 18 on May 31st he graduated high school! The first photo is after graduation with his sister Hope who will be graduating next year. Am so very proud of Woody. He is a quiet one but when he does get started talking he will keep you laughing. He really does have a great sense of humor and always has a smile on his face no matter what he is doing or what may be on his mind.
Woody works 3 jobs and most times I see him he is coming in the door from one job to shower and change for the next job. Most kids went to all night parties after graduation. Woody was invited to several but instead he chose to go to a swimming party for a couple hours then come home and go to bed. He didn't ask off from his jobs to celebrate and got up day after graduation and went back to work. He and friends were going on a senior trip together but he decided not to go and just save his graduation money. He plans to work and have a little fun this summer before going into the Air Force this fall. I sure am a blessed grandma to have such a level headed but fun to be around grandson! One grandson (Wayne) graduating and it will all be over until next year.

I also have a fun post about a history tour daughter Megan took a group of us on. Will post that one tomorrow. Have a blessed day everyone!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Emotional Weekend

Friday night my granddaughter Kristine graduated high school. She is my oldest grand and the first to graduate. Though it was a happy and proud time I cried. I am so very proud of her. Not only did she graduate she graduated with honors (3.0 GPA for all 4 years). She also kept 3.0 all the way through her school years. She will be majoring in Criminal Justice in college. She loves CSI (TV show) and wants to do something along that line. She may change her major but for now that is what she wants. I was so very proud to be there (Newport, TN) in person to see her walk across the stage. It was late when the ceremony was over as it was a HUGE class so we spent the night with daughter Maggie and family. We sat up late talking and going down memory lane. Kristine's school had a senior lock in at school. Each senior and a guest could pay $10 at the door and were locked in at 11PM. They had games, movies, food, etc with teachers chaperones. They gave away money as door prizes and game prizes as well as each senior getting $70 cash as they left the next morning at 6AM. It was to keep seniors from going out partying and ended up drinking. Kristine came home the next morning and we had a nice big breakfast before heading back to NC .

 I had food to get ready for the family reunion on Sunday. That was another emotional day. I have missed the past 3 years so it had been awhile since I had seen my aunts and uncles. I was blessed to have all 3 of my daughters and their families there with me. That hasn't happened in a few years either. This is my mother's side of the family and it is hard being there without her. She never missed a one no matter how bad she felt. My cousin Wanda that was really close to mother kept calling me Bonnie (mother's name) and then apologize. She couldn't understand why she kept calling me Bonnie when she knew my name as well as she knew her own. I told her it was mother's way of letting us know she was there with us. Mother's sister in law Mae (Wanda's mom) has always been the one to take care of everyone. She was there when grandma and grandpa Woody were sick and needed help. She was there when my sister had cancer and helped our family take care of her. She was there when my stepdad was dying with cancer, when my mother was dying with cancer. She was always there to help without being ask and always knowing what needed to be done and just doing it. My heart hurt for her and her family when I saw her Sunday. She has dementia and it really upsets her. She hates not being able to drive. She hates not remembering things and asking who someone is over and over when she knows she really should know who they are. Her family are adjusting to helping her when its always been the other way around. Her husband, my Uncle Elmer has heart problems and is on oxygen all the time. He is weak. My Aunt Elizabeth, mother's sister is very feeble. She can't walk without someone steadying her. This aunt always had so much energy. I spent a lot of summers at her house growing up. She lived on a farm and was always canning or gardening. Mother's sister Judy, brothers Pete and Kelly are still going strong. I enjoyed sitting and catching up with all of them but it was so sad to know that next year some of them will not be able to attend because of their health. I enjoyed talking with all my cousins and their families. We had such fun remembering all the things we got into at grandma's growing up. Most of the kids went tubing down Deep Creek while the rest of us sat around talking. The water is ice cold even in the hottest part of the summer so the kids were the only ones dumb   brave enough. There was so much food there! All of my mother's side of the family can cook so there was all kinds of dishes I had to sample and there was even one whole table full of desserts. I got to spend a little one on one time with my brother Don. I don't get to see him often though we do text and talk on phone. All in all it was a happy yet sad day. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful family and so many wonderful memories with each of them. I have been babysitting Skyler as he has a bad cold and can't go to daycare until he is fever free 24hrs. Tomorrow hopefully he will be able to go as he really loves it and they spoil him rotten.  This Friday will find me attending the graduation of grandson Woody..... I am too old to be crying so much!  May your days be overflowing in blessings!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back at the homestead William is feeding 3 wild baby bunnies. A farmer accidentally mowed over the nest and these are the only survivors. He has had them for 3 weeks and they are getting big and strong. Soon he will release them but hopefully I will be back before he does. William has been busy gardening and caring for the animals while we have been busy building rabbit houses, duck pen, and checking goat fencing. Trying to get everything ready to move the animals to the mountains. I know the goats will love the goat pastures as the grass is really thick and high and trees with limbs low enough for them to nibble on the leaves.

Tomorrow night my oldest grandchild graduates high school and it really makes me feel old and a little sad. Am very proud of Kristine and the path she has chosen but wish she wasn't growing up so fast. Sunday is family reunion on my mother's side. Sad that she won't be there because it was one of her favorite times of year. But she will be looking down and smiling over everyone. She only has 3 brothers and 2 sisters left from their big family and the reunion gets smaller each year. Just a happy/sad time for me and I don't handle emotions very well. Life goes on and blessings overflow each day. May yours be overflowing too.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catching Up

Got a message from my friend Corky that I needed to post as she needed a "fix". So here you go Corky.

Grandson Justin is home from the hospital and having his appendix removed. I sat with him during the day so Melody could work as she used all her sick days when he had surgery for the bone infection. His wound from bone infection is healing nicely. We drove to Asheville this morning bright and early to see his doctor there. He still has to take antibiotics for the rest of the summer but no skin graft as it is healing nicely. Instead of home health coming 3 times a week to change the bandage he has to go to the wound care center. That is 3 trips a week and his teacher comes twice a week to keep him up on school work. His schedule along keeps everyone busy.

Skyler has had a cold and slight fever. He can't go to daycare until he is fever free 24 hours. He is going to spend the day with me tomorrow. I have so much fun with him. I have been helping Megan clean walls and paint . She is fixing up her house and it is looking so nice. I have plans to help her some this week as well.

Had the best Mother's Day ever! The first time since 2006 that all 3 girls and I got to spend it together. We had a family cookout at Megan's. Grilled chicken and shrimp with steamed veggies, grilled corn on cob, pasta salad, and lots of finger foods to nibble on while everything was cooking. Also had choices of different cakes for dessert. It was so good being with the girls and families. We joked, laughed, and talked way too much fun but can't wait to do it again. I was blessed with so many gifts from them as well as beautiful cards. It was a Mother's Day I will never forget.

Since graduations are coming up this month as well as a family reunion my plans are to return to Hidden Haven at first of the month. Kristine graduates May 24th

 and Woody graduates May 31st. Anyone else notice graduation invitations are lot fancier than they use to be?

 The family reunion is the 25th so hopefully things work out and I will attend all these and then head back to help William on the homestead.

We have planted a garden here but have had a few days of cold weather and a little frost. Hoping it will still make it. The flowers I planted around the cabin are protected by the roof hangover and are doing really well. The humming birds have found my feeder and keeping me busy filling it. I have 2 others I brought with me that I am going to clean and hang tomorrow. I have the one feeder right outside the kitchen window and love watching them feeding. The air conditioner is in that window so I have a big pot of gerber daisies sitting on the outside part where the humming birds swarm to them too. All the posts down the goat fence next to the cabin has bird feeders on them. I keep them filled and enjoy watching all the different birds eating. Lots of cardinals eat from the one closest to the cabin but don't go to the other ones. They are beautiful.

Got a window box built and placed underneath the living area window. I am wanting to put mint in it along with a couple of flowers. Just think it would be nice to smell the mint when the window is open. I don't plan on turning the a/c on until I absolutely have to.

Granddaughter Kristine went to her prom last Saturday. She is a smart young lady. She got a beautiful dress but knew she would be dancing and wanted comfortable shoes. Her and her boyfriend wore sneakers! I just love this photo showing them off.

 So that's what has been keeping me busy since last post. Not much homesteading news though I did make soap for the girls for Mother's Day. I also helped Melody load firewood as Joseph split it last night but it didn't take very long. They cut wood all summer to sell in the fall and winter. Last year they sold out in just a couple of weeks even with all the cords of wood they had stacked so this year means cutting lots more. They have to save some for themselves and our cabin!

Hope you spring is going good and your gardens and animals are well and healthy. Have a blessed one!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This and That

Grandson Justin who was doing so well after his bone infection and surgery is back in the hospital. His appendix ruptured today. So looks like I will be at the cabin for a little longer this trip than planned. I was suppose to go home last Friday and it got postponed for a couple weeks so glad I was still here today and he wasn't home alone.

It has rained almost every weekend since I have been here and guess what... suppose to rain again this weekend. Going to a mother daughter church breakfast this Saturday and hopefully going to church Sunday with all 3 daughters.

Had a very wonderful time last Saturday when some of the church members went to a local nursing home and sang old time hymns. It was such a blessing to me and I met some really nice people there. They enjoyed us and we enjoyed their singing along and talking with us.

I have been going over and helping Megan paint and redo their house a few times a week. I realize I am too old to get up and down off the floor after painting baseboards and that my eyes don't work too good when painting after dark. Have fun with her though and get in some Skyler time.

My friend Debbi from LA sent me a box of VHS tapes. Had plans to watch movies with some of the grands Friday night but will have to wait and see how things go with Justin. Some of my grands are old movie buffs and love watching VHS tapes so we try to do that as often as we can.

Melody is finished with this semesters courses and passed all her classes. I look forward to having her home right after work instead of having classes and not getting home until 9PM. Know she and her family are happy about that too.

William is overwhelmed with things back at the homestead while trying to care for everything and still do his handyman jobs. Am hoping things calm down for him and that I get back there at least by the end of the month to start downsizing animals and taking over the animal care to free his time up. This delays our getting animals and things moved by the end of this month but that is okay. Things happen for a reason and I am learning to be patient (or least try to be patient) and accept things as they take place.

It has been so cool since we planted the garden I don't think anything is going to come up soon. It is suppose to get down to 35F at night next week. This week so far has been 38F and 39F at night and early mornings. which is too cool for gardens.

Bella and her puppy wandered off one day last week. William looked for them all day and our neighbor finally found them at the church. Well today (after me reminding William a LOT to fix the fence) they wandered off again and animal control picked them up. Cost us $221 to get them back. This was fees and fines for not having them on a leash and for microchips which they make all animals get that get picked up. The puppy also got a rabies shot which he was already scheduled to get May 14 so that is okay. Think after this hefty cost William will be out fixing the fence. Bella is lonely I am sure. She is my dog and follows me around all day. Sleeps in the floor of whatever room I am several times during the day and when she is outside she is right by my side when I come out the door. I think she just got lonely with William being busy and me not there and decided to go on a adventure. She has been staying in the yard all the time but is now back in the goat pens and hopefully the spot she found to get out of is fixed and she will be okay till I get home.

Life has its ups and downs but each day is a adventure I enjoy finding the blessings in.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good Result Day

Today I went with Melody to take Justin to 2 doctors appointments in Asheville. The first doctor took out his picc line which meant I no longer needed to give him IV meds during the day. The second doctor said his wound was healing good and that there shouldn't be a need for skin grafts. He can also go swimming the end of July which makes Justin very happy. He no longer needs the wheelchair and only needs crutches when he is away from home. That means I can make plans to head back to the homestead for a few weeks to get animals ready to bring up and get some more downsizing done. William will be happy to have some help with the animals and Rusty will be happy to have his "mommy" back.

Quintin (Megan's son) was in the hospital a few weeks back with mono and what they thought was Lyme's disease. He went to a specialist in Charlotte, NC today. They drew blood and sent it to Yale to check for Lyme's disease but the doctor thinks he doesn't have it. He is taking the antibiotic till the test comes back and they know for sure. He got the okay to go to football practices as long as he takes breaks and doesn't overdo. He still gets tired easy but hopefully will soon be back to his regular self.

While in Asheville we went out to lunch and to a Goodwill that sells its items by the pound. I loved it!! Some items were 59cents a pound and some were a dollar and a few cents a pound. Furniture, tvs, and heavy items were priced by the piece. I got a few things for the cabin and a few items for me. We are planning a trip back to Goodwill with Megan and Maggie once I get back up. We could have stayed there all day as they kept bringing out huge bins of items every few minutes. My kinda store!

 Granddaughter Hope has learned to play the ukelele. She has played it over the phone for me and then Sunday evening she sat and played and sang for me. She and Quintin are also learning to play the guitar.

Melody and family have finally got their garden planted. We went over to where it was tilled up last evening. Hopefully no more frosts are coming in to get the tomatoes. The flowers and plants I set out around the cabin are taking off and growing. I have a few seeds I am going to plant tomorrow and will be bringing more plants back with me. Think they will like the mountain weather much better than the heat and humidity and should do well here.
Things are going well as William and I work toward getting moved to our cabin. Still lots to do at Hidden Haven but we seem to be on schedule. Lots of blessing to be thankful for here. Hope your day has been filled with blessings!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Random 5 Fridays

{Random 5 Friday} where you share 5 random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!

1. Am going camping for the first time since 2009 this weekend. Leaving a cute cabin and warm bed for a tent and sleeping bag... go figure.

2. Slept the best I have in forever the other night. The rain hitting the tin roof of the cabin put me right to sleep.

3. I have filled the birdfeeders along one side of the goat fence and love sitting by the window next to it watching all the birds. I hung one feeder right outside the kitchen window. The finches love this one and I get a real close up view.

4. I am trying to read some of the books I have on kindle. Didn't realize my library was so full! The problem is I start reading and don't want to go to sleep before I finish a book.

5. Planting in the garden has been delayed till Sunday as Melody and Joseph are going out of town and I am going camping. Hopefully Sunday afternoon will find us getting our seeds and plants in the ground!

Nothing earth shattering around here but routine and quiet is good. How bout you? Want to take part in Random 5 Friday?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Spending my 3rd night in cabin and its actually starting to feel like home. Just need to get William,Rusty, and the animals up here to make it complete.

We took Justin to Asheville today so the doctor could check his foot. The home health nurse took the med vac out yesterday and doctor wanted to make sure everything was okay. He now has a brace on that leg so he can walk a little without crutches. The wound is still open but doctor thinks it will heal without skin grafts. We still have to give his IV meds 3 times a day for at least another month. He can't be around crowds because his immune system is low so he will not be going back to school this year nor swimming or vacations. He is fine with that as long as his foot heals without anymore surgery.

Prom was a success. Woody looked out for his sister Hope and they both went to the same after prom party. Had fun without getting crazy or into trouble. I am truly blessed to have such beautiful and smart grands!

William is a bit overwhelmed with things around the homestead. Hard for him to keep all the chores and animal care up along with his handyman business. Once we get the animals here it will be easier for him to work on downsizing his stuff and catch up on jobs for his customers. Hopefully things will move along on schedule.

Plans are to plant the garden this weekend. We have had a few frosty mornings but hopefully by the weekend frost will be gone till fall. After home health nurse comes by tomorrow I have plans to finish setting out the flowers and things I brought with me. I have planted a few of the flowers, the strawberries, and a rose bush but has lots more that needs to get in the ground. Megan also wants me to help her with some flower beds and also painting some rooms in her house. That will be done on weekends as she is at work all week.

Need to clone myself so I can help William at the homestead and be here to get things done and help where I am needed. Just need to breathe, be patient, and wait to see what God has planned. I find myself rushing when I should be waiting. All things work out in the end. Have a very blessed night everyone!