Monday, July 29, 2013

Remember Me?

I had all intentions of getting back to posting at least 3 times a week. Things happen though and I got sidetracked. My 72 soon to be 73 year old brother is in hospital. He was in ICU for over a week with chemical and fungal pneumonia. One lung was filled with fluid and they couldn't suction because it caused his heart to go crazy. When he coughed his heart rate when crazy. The first few hours they didn't think he would make it and called family in. He is now in a regular room as of yesterday. He had been moved before but had to be moved back to ICU. He is doing lots better today and hopefully will go home next weekend.

Though our garden flooded we were able to go pick a little more corn, tomatoes, and watermelons. We then cut down all the corn stalks to dry for fall. Daughter wants some for her fall wedding and we will have some for sale at Flock Swap meets. I have been freezing corn, making and canning spaghetti sauce all last week. We also were given several loads of firewood that we had to go load and then bring home and unload. Lets just say that I really felt the heat from this wood without even burning it! It was so hot and humid while working with this wood but it will come in use this winter.

We have a new kitty around the homestead. We saw him first a week ago at the end of the driveway and he was so tiny and skinny. Couldn't get our hands on him. A few days later he was on the back porch eating Whiskers cat food. He ran when we went outside. A couple of days ago I was able to pet him while he ate but not pick him up. Now he lets me hold and pet him and is so sweet. We named him Pepper and he is now a barn kitty that spends a little time on the back porch. Whiskers is around 12 yrs old so doesn't seem to mind having Pepper around to catch mice. We shall see.

William has volunteered me to help him stain a customers deck this week so am off to help him. Things around the homestead need doing but will just have to wait. This deck is big and will take several days and of course it is going to be hot and humid. That mountain cabin is calling my name and I cannot wait for fall so I can head back but until then its time to get to staining. Have a blessed day and I promise not to wait so long to post.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Time

I can tell summer is here. The heat and humidity has arrived in full force. The harvesting, canning, freezing, dehydrating is in full force here too. I think that is why I am a winter person. No heat and humidity. The busyness of food preserving has died down and there is more time to relax and enjoy life. Sit by the warm fire with a cuppa tea, reading a book, or just doing nothing. Yes, I am counting days until fall and winter make their appearance. Today will find me in the kitchen canning tomatoes, making dill pickles, and cutting off corn so I can freeze creamed corn for winter. That along with the usual feeding and watering and making sure the animals stay cool will be my day.

A couple months ago a lady at Tractor Supply called William to take care of a baby Canadian goose. The nest had gotten wiped out along with the goslings siblings and parents. I called Wildlife Rescue to see if we were allowed to care for it and we were. Geese once they find a place they can continue to get fed will stay and not fly south or north. Wildlife said the gosling would bond with us and any animal around it. William put the gosling in with 6 baby chicks. They think they are all sisters! Lucy Goosie use to be tiny when she came here. She was only a few days old. Now she is big and so sweet. She will eat out of your hand, talk to you, and follow you around like a puppy. When she gets older we are going to get her a mate from a guy down the road that has a flock at his pond. At least we think Lucy is a she. That is why we are waiting on a mate until we are sure. Have a blessed day everyone!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bad Snake

We have a rat snake staying in our feed room and I haven't minded because he keeps the mice from eating our goat and chicken feed. He usually is coiled up on one of the high shelves or stretched out behind the electric fence charger. The other morning he decided to not play nice and wrap himself around the light outlet. Not only that but he rested his head on the on/off switch with his tongue sticking out. What is the first thing I do when I open the door to the feed room? Reach around and turn on the light. Well lets just say a 60 year old woman squealing and running like a girl isn't a very pretty sight. And no, there weren't any pictures because I ran away too fast and I also scared the snake as we haven't seen him since.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Homestead Sweet Homestead

Made it home Sunday night late after helping grandson celebrate his first birthday.

It has rained every single day and night since I have been back. Can you say mud pit! But inbetween showers we are trying to get some outside chores done. Catching up on laundry and housecleaning as William just didn't have the time to give them more than a lick and a promise.

Have a very Happy 4th, be safe and please remember to bring your pets inside tonight. Fireworks are the biggest reason for pets running away and getting lost. 

Have a blessed one!!