Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Chatter

This Chuckie. My neighbor Chuck called me the other day asking if my pig was out. What pig? We didn't have a pig. Seems after checking surrounding neighborhood and no one claiming a pot bellied pig and no one has reported losing one on any sites or Vet office we now have a pig. At least for a little bit. Chuck and I think someone set it out after it got so big. He hasn't been fixed or house trained so is very smelly. We named Chuckie after neighbor found him. He loves having his belly scratched and after being afraid of the Pyrenees he has made friends with Jenny and stays close to her. Still hoping we can find his owners but if not we will find him a good home. Should have named our place Misfit Farm instead of Hidden Haven. If a person or animal don't fit in anywhere else seems like they always find their way here.

Suppose to have ice in the morning. Haven't had much winter yet. Hoping it arrives soon and hangs around for a bit. I don't even mind thawing rabbit water bottles or feeding in the muddy mess. Winter is such a wonderful time of year.

Seed catalogs are starting to show up. I hate thinking of all the extra work spring and summer bring but we have been talking and planning this years gardens.

Grandson Will is home. Doing out patient therapy. He can walk a little bit but has wheelchair to use when he is tired. The nerves in his face haven't came back yet. He can't smile or wrinkle his forehead.  Hopefully those nerves will get stronger soon. He is very blessed to be alive!

I am enjoying a nice mug of chamomile caramel tea by the woodstove before heading off to bed. Have lots of laundry to take care of tomorrow and want to work on my bedroom. I still haven't unpacked everything from Minnesota!

Stay warm and have a blessed night.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Grandson Will

For the past 7 weeks grandson Will has been in the hospital with Guillian-Barre Syndrome.  He almost died, had to have trach, feeding tube, but came back fighting. He has been in rehab a few days but hopefully Friday he will be heading home to continue therapy.  Will is a fighter and is determined to beat this and come back even stronger.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Enjoying The Homestead

Got home on the 22nd of December and haven't slowed down. When you leave your husband and 2 hired hands with the house for 4 months it takes longer than that to get it back in order. Trying to get back in routine with all the animals and paperwork.  Its good to be home.