Thursday, April 3, 2014


For Lil Vicki. Buttons was the one due but Lil Vicki decided to be early and give us twin boys. One has long ears like his mom and the other is white and short ears almost like his dad. The dad was Lamancha and looks like he has no ears. This little fellow has short ears. LOL All are doing well and are healthy. Back to waiting on Buttons to kid before she explodes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April

I am still checking goat backsides. Lil Vicki and Rosemary have decided to show some signs of early kidding. I think they and Buttons have decided to take turns faking labor symptoms to keep me running out to check them at all hours of the day and night. I actually have seen Buttons laughing at me.

It was 83F here today. Guess we are going from winter to summer. I so hate the heat and humidity that will soon be here. Just have to try to get through until fall and winter. Hope summer flies by.

We had a freeze over the weekend where it got down to 29F. Looks like my broccoli and kale got bit. Hope they come out but if not I will be planting more. Onions are doing great and am planting potatoes today. The temps we are having will have the ground warmed up soon and can start planting the rest of the garden.

 Did the polar plunge for grands to earn money for their mission trip. It was 29F when I did it but wouldn't you know it was 63F when William did his.

Off to check backsides. Maybe I will have goat baby pictures to share soon. Have a blessed one.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's Been Taking My Time

Every night I have good intentions of sitting down to blog. Honest! Then I remember I have to go close up the baby chicks for the night. Make sure the heat lamps are on in both brooders. I check to make sure Buttons is settled down for the night and not in labor. Also check to make sure baby monitor in her pen is on and working. I come in again thinking I will blog but see the supper dishes waiting on me. I do the dishes and when I finally sit down to blog... I fall asleep on the sofa. Here are some photos of what has been taking up my time.
Checking on Buttons even though her due date is April 4th.

Getting a squirrel out of Stanleigh's cage because I forgot to latch the door.

Checking on Buttons (even though she isn't due till April 4th)

 Trying to figure out out to be a bird whisperer like my brother Don

Checking on Buttons because you know she is due to kid April 4th.

Getting the squirrel out of Stanleigh's cage again because I forgot to latch the door... again.

Checking on Buttons because even though she isn't due until April 4th she is going to pop if she gets any bigger.

Playing with the baby bunnies so they are nice and friendly when they go to their new homes at Easter.

And playing with more baby bunnies.

And another baby bunny.

Making fruit and dip for a baby shower.

Still trying to figure out how to get the birds to eat out of my hands like they do my brothers.

Writing to my grandson.

Quick trip to the mountains to see Skyler, go to a gala with my oldest daughter, and celebrate Kristine, Melody's and my birthday.

And check on Buttons because even though she isn't due until April 4th she is having discharge,losing her ligaments, and her babies have dropped.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still Here

I have been so wrapped up in following grandson through basic training on his company facebook page. It has been checking every photo trying to find him. I have let blogging and other chores get too far behind. When I am not stalking grandson I have been helping William with handyman projects and firewood. We still have 5 loads of wood to deliver this week as well as William having home repair for 2 customers and some outside maintenance for another. He is looking for someone dependable to help him but until that person comes along I am his hired hand. His brother came down from Lexington today and I got the day off to catch up things around here. Feels good to be able to stay on the homestead and tackle things around here. I have deleted all but one army facebook page and all but one friend I made thru Woody's army company. It got so out of control being ask to join this group and that group and so many wives, mothers, and grandmothers asking to friend me. I got caught up in all of it and it soon was taking all my free time. Now I just check the main page and the photo page daily. I messaged one sweet lady that has a husband in the same company as Woody and we chat about everything but army stuff. LOL I have time now to get back to the things I need and love to do.  Buttons has gotten HUGE but still not due till April. She is waddling around but doing well otherwise. I have also gotten some more rabbits. 3 females and a male that came from my friend Mike. That is going to be a post in itself once I find the photos I took. By the way Mike they are doing really well Cadbury is real friendly and letting me pet her. The others are still a little timid but coming around. Now I am off to feed the animal family around here and start supper. Having field peas (frozen last summer) creamed corn (frozen last summer) homemade mac n cheese, fried cabbage with smoked sausage. A good meal costing pennies... the best kind of meal!! Have a blessed one!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Soldier In Training

Grandson Woody left processing on Jan 30th and headed to F Co 1-50 IN  for his basic training. He is one across the soldier in glasses. So good to see a picture of him and have a address to write. He is loving it. Can't wait to see more photos as he progresses through. The army now does facebook pages for the families but it is a strain on the eyes trying to find him. LOL Thank you for your prayers and please keep them going.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Scribbles From The Homestead

The snow is all gone and we have had rain for several days. That means we are back to a muddy,soggy, mess around here. Doesn't do any good to mop the floors as much as the dogs,cats, and us go in and out. We also have a new puppy. Honey Bear is a lab mix that was found on the side of the road by a couple. They live in a duplex and already have 2 dogs so tried to find the owners without any luck. They posted Honey Bears photo asking someone to please give her a home so she wouldn't have to go to animal control. Yeah, I saw her photo and messaged my stepdaughter that if they hadn't found a home for her by the time Lisa was heading this way she could bring Honey Bear here. Well no one else ask about her and she is now part of Hidden Haven family. House training and picking up everything she drags out to chew on has keep us on our toes. She is a smart puppy so hopefully training won't take too long. Rusty thinks he has a baby to mother and helps a lot with potty training.
Grandson Woody is doing well in basic training. We should have his address in a day or two to write. He is able to call his mom once a week. When he first got to Ft Benning  he was in processing for a couple weeks until they got enough in to start basic training. He started on Feb 3rd. So happy he is liking it. His sister Hope signed a contract with the Air Force last Thursday. She will find out where her basic is soon but already knows she will be air traffic control. Grandson Wayne finished basic in IL and is now stationed in San Diego for the next 3 years. All our family needs now is someone to join the Marines. LOL

Buttons is getting huge. I need to take another photo. Poor girl is not going to be able to move around by April kidding season. Lil Vicki and Rosemary are looking pregnant now. We are only milking Mammy and hope she will come in season now that her foot is healed.

Firewood is still keeping us busy almost every single day. We have 3 loads to deliver this week once the rain stops. Trying to start some plants indoors so they will be ready for spring planting but that is almost impossible with cats and dogs running through here but it will work out.

We let a grandson borrow our little cabin in the mountains for a couple months. He is saving money for first month and security deposit on a place. He is the daddy to my great grandson. Was unexpected but happy to help him out. Gives me more time to work on decluttering around here. It is harder than I thought trying to get rid of stuff. William doesn't like to let go so I try to do a lot when he isn't home. The bigger things will be hard to get by him. LOL  Things happen for a reason so will just take each day the Lord gives me and do the best to be patient in getting totally moved.
 That's all that is going on around this homestead. Hope your weather is good and your life is filled with blessings!