Monday, May 23, 2011

Still Here

I have been popping in to visit my blog neighbors though I haven't left many comments. It has been a crazy, busy time here at the homestead and most of my time has been spent caring for animals or working in the gardens. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am just praying its not a train!

I feel like old McDonald and his farm at the moment. Babies everywhere with more due. Dotty had 7 piglets and they are the cutest things. They are enjoying all the water and mud from our severe thunder storm that left 2 inches of rain in 40 minutes.

 Daisy Duck has her 15 babies out for their evening meal
 Another white goat that I have been taking care of  had twin boys. They are very sweet and lovable.
 Plus they get into everything and are only 2 days old.
 Petro is still stealing milk from every mommy goat he can sneak up on besides the milk he gets from Blackie and a bottle. His mom still doesn't have enough milk for him. His brother with the broken rib died. He lived for a few days and wasn't in pain. Got lots of loving and will be missed but I am okay with it.
 BJ still hasn't delivered! She watches the other goats kid and seems to look so sad that it isn't her. If she gets any bigger she won't be able to walk!
 Rose the Spanish Rose Comb had 5 tiny chicks. She is very protective and will flog you in a New York minute if you get near her babies.
Have another birth on the homestead I will post about tomorrow. It was a surprise.  I raked and cleaned up the front yard yesterday. Got all the wood chips from the part of the yard next to the driveway where William had stacked firewood during the winter. Was patting myself on the back for how well it looked when the storm came in. God has a really good sense of humor is all I can say. With the down pour it flooded like crazy around here. The whole place looked like a lake. When the storm passed and the water went down all the wood chips and leaves from the woods on the other side of the driveway where William has wood stacked now washed over to the front yard. The yard I had spent the day raking and cleaning up. Guess what I will be doing tomorrow. Today I spent cleaning up the goat stalls and pens from the storm. They thought I was coming in to give the treats and mobbed me. I got caught between them and the gate so am carrying bruises on one side of my body. That wasn't enough. When I went in the pig pen Dotty ran between my feet knocking my legs out from under me. I ended up covered in mud and pig poo from head to toe. Had to laugh at the way my day was going. I didn't bother to clean up and change clothes until I was finished feeding all the animals. I can tell you they did not appreciate that. You would think they wouldn't mind the smell as long as they got their food. LOL 

I have a very dear friend "Corky" that lives in MO. Her home didn't get hit by the tornado but the basement flooded. Her grandson's family are all okay but their home was destroyed. They didn't even get out of the house with shoes. Like most of us they were relaxing at home without their shoes on when the tornado hit. They lost everything. I will be posting a paypal link soon if anyone would like to donate anything to them. Corky and I have been on the same homestead forum for years. She and her husband Milt came to visit me when I was living in the mountains. She is a very, very, wonderful lady and a awesome friend.

Now that things are slowing down just a tad I will make a extra effort to leave a comment when I visit you. I have really enjoyed reading what you have been up to and seeing all the wonderful photos. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget...... Count those blessings... no matter how small.


amelia said...

Peggy, with all the destruction in Joplin I have been taking stock of my own life. I swear I won't complain as much any more even though I am bitten and swollen with black fly bites. Usually I'll moan to anyone who will listen but I think I'm over all that just by looking at the news.

I hope life gets a little easier for you soon and that William will be home a little more to help you.

texwisgirl said...

yes, when you see the news reports of Joplin (and along the Mississippi and Japan and Haiti, etc. etc.) it sure puts life in perspective. Glad you could laugh at your bruises and poo!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

OH Peggy, I am so sorry to hear about your friend and their grandson and family. Joplin looks like there's NOTHING left there.. How sad!!!!!! I will keep all of them in my prayers.

Glad you are back. I can only imagine how busy you are these days with all of those babies. They are all so cute though.

Take care.

Mike said...

Glad to see you posting again. I thought about stopping by or calling you just to see if everything was okay.

Granny said...

With all the babies you have around your place I don't know how you find time to breathe. I love that picture at the top. That's a game of Kind of The HIll for sure. lol

Glad things are going well for you and your critters. I'll try to get that post emailed to you soon. I've had a bad case of "my get up n go got up n went".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!


Anonymous said...

hey stinky haaaaaaaaa it was so good to read ur blog and see all the wonderfull pics. i lmao when u fell in the mud an pig poo keep up the good work luve and miss u wendy