Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Am I Shocked?

Last night I was talking to my oldest brother Marshall on the phone when he brought up his age. For some reason it has shocked me for loss of better word. I am the baby of the family. Marshall is 71 so that would make Don 67
Marshall, Don, and Mother before Gaye or I were born

 and if my sister Gaye were alive 63 and in a few weeks I will be 59. We are all 4 years apart. I have no problem whatsoever with turning 59 but my brothers shouldn't be getting old!! My siblings teased and tormented (in my opinion) me when I was little. They also taught me how to play poker with matchsticks at the age of 5. They took me fishing and hunting. They played hide and seek with me though their idea was for one of them to hide me in a "really" good hiding spot and then would leave me there while they went off to do something else. I fell for it every time. Marshall and Don took the head off my doll to use as a ball when they couldn't find their baseball. I got a beautiful 2 foot doll with long hair for Christmas one year and let Gaye talk me into giving it a haircut. Have so many fun and not so fun memories of our childhood and our times together as adults. My mind just can't seem to wrap around the idea that Marshall is 71. He should still be the older brother waking me up at midnight each Saturday night to watch roller derby with him. I don't want my brothers to grow old.


TexWisGirl said...


my oldest brother is 17 yrs older than i am. he's 2 yrs older than our father was when he passed... so odd.

Kuma's Mom said...

Age is just a number. They will be forever young in your heart.

Mike said...

Well, I'm shocked because my next post, in draft, is pretty much along the lines of age, too.
Want me to tell William about the chicks at TSC? hehe

IanH said...

Yeah, I know how you feel! It's like help, I'm a young guy trapped in an old body. It hit my wife hard the other week when she realized our oldest is turning 40 this year.

goatpod2 said...

You're younger than my parent's! My Grandma will be 90 on Saturday which she doesn't know that anymore since she has some kind of dementia.


Kathleen said...

Your life is just starting ! I'm the oldest of 5 and when I turned 50 my brother was merciless... ! Sometimes I do wish the clock would stop so my mind could catch up with my body but then a gain... I'm 29 at heart and don't plan to change :)

dayphoto said...

How is the little goat doing now?