Saturday, June 2, 2012

Goodbye Puppies

Puppies have new homes! We delivered 2 of her puppies

 to a beautiful farm ( thank you David and Terry) in Wagram, NC Friday night after dropping one off near the homestead where we sold another one. Another was picked up by a lady for her mom who lives in Wilmington. This morning had us up at 5:30 to get morning chores done so we could head to Sanford to a flock swap there. We sold the last of the puppies . One went to a farm family that has a Vet Tech mom. One went to a awesome family with goats and young children. One went to live on a 100 acre farm and another went home with a young farm family. I am very happy and at peace where each of Bella's puppies are now living. Sometimes when placing one of our animal family somewhere else I just don't feel right and will change my mind and not let it go. Every one that took Bella's puppies made me feel it was the right choice. Not only do the puppies have good homes part of the money went to pay off the last of Olivia's vet bill.  After getting home today we had time after feeding to trim goat hooves, rake, and clean up some of the mess in one of the goat pens after all the rain we have had. A lot of  things got done off the to do list and that always makes me happy. We have 3 of Tinker's puppies left which we are keeping one for Tramp, one is going to the lady we got Tinker from and one we will be finding a home for. No more trying to walk without stepping on puppies when we go out to feed. No more little puppy faces peeking under the gate waiting for their food. No more puppy breath. Going to miss the puppies but also going to enjoy having life in the goat pens with Bella and Tinker back to normal. Just a few of the many blessings around the homestead.


goatpod2 said...

Glad you found homes for the puppies!


TexWisGirl said...

i hope every one of them have great lives. :)

Mike said...

Congrats. I never would've thought you'd find homes for them all.

Maybe one day I'll be able to Flock Swap.

carolina nana said...

Those puppies are so cute ,wish I lived closer and could have gotten one !!

MamaDragon said...

So adorable. I'm so glad you found so many wonderful homes.

Amy said...

The picture of the puppy with the badger marking looks like my Sammie did when she was little...I miss her being a puppy. Now she is a big lump, but I love her!!!