Thursday, November 13, 2014

This and That

12F this morning with a dust of snow. Hope before I head back to the homestead in a few weeks I hope I see one big snowfall.

Things back on the homestead are staying busy. William heard a bobcat scream last night and Bella our Great Pyrenees took off running to protect and defend. Bobcat ran off before William had a chance to shoot. Hope it knows with our dogs it doesn't stand a chance and won't come back. Have had a fox getting a few chickens early mornings past few weeks. Time of year where wildlife needs extra food to stay warm. Bella likes to come inside late at night so when the fox comes she has to wait for someone to open door to go after it. Buster is in goat pen so can't get out to give chase. Wonder if we can talk Bella into going out before daylight???
I have all kinds of plans to declutter,paint, and change rooms when I get home. Will keep me busy this winter. Looking forward to going home.

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