Friday, November 21, 2014

Still In Minnesota

Melody was out of town last week on business and again this week. I have been trying to fix things for supper Justin will eat. He is one of a couple of my grands that is a picky eater. Its hard not saying too much as my girls had to eat a spoon full of everything on the table and weren't allowed to fix something different if they didn't like the meal. Hoping he will start trying more things since he enjoys cooking.

There is snow all around us. though we have the extreme cold temps there is only a inch of snow. William will be flying up the 18th of December to drive us back to NC. I sure hope to see snow before then.

Melody will be out of town the first part of the week so instead of cooking Thanksgiving dinner we are going to go work at the soup kitchen. I am looking forward to it!

Not a lot to post as my days are spent reading or online since there isn't much to do in daughters apartment. I tell her I am going to be too lazy to work when I go back home. Lol i really am enjoying my time here but look forward to taking care of my animals and homestead.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to count your blessings.

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Sarah Suwalski said...

Wow! Only an inch of snow is surprising! I'm sure you'll be able to expand Justin's palate a bit! Can't wait to hear how things are at home!