Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Warm Sunny Day Of Fun

Lexie and Earl are enjoy spring by running, jumping, climbing and playing tag. Daisy Duck decide to lay her eggs in the middle of the goat pen in the spool the goats climb and play on.

We put a milk crate over her nest and put some metal fenders around the spool to keep the goats from bothering her. She seems content even when the goats are above her stomping and playing.

Brownie found the perfect spot for her babies Lo Man and Dena to take a afternoon nap.

Inside the dog igloo. Nothing or anyone can bother them in there.

Blood Hound the goat (yes I named her that as her owners had not named her and she acts and sounds like one) is always climbing and getting into things. She also bays at the moon like a blood hound. She is the loudest goat I have ever been around. She hopefully will be going home this weekend.

Buttons is still pregnant and unhappy about it. I was looking back over my day planner and did see where I had posted Little Man was trying to mount her on October 23. If he did then she is not due till March 22. I am not going to be the one to share that little bit of information with her!

Bella is doing wonderfully! She is off the runner fulltime now. She doesn't even want to leave the goat pen.

She has also made friends with Tinker who has been off the runner for a week now without getting into trouble. Maybe Bella is teaching her how to behave. They do have lots of fun together.

Seems like everytime the flowers bloom one of the critters find them and want to scratch in that very spot. You can't see?

Here is a closer look of  Louise and her 9 chicks. She brought them off the nest yesterday and took them straight to the front yard and the flower beds. She and the chicks are now safe and snug in their own little house and pen.
Yes, the critters here at Hidden Haven are really enjoying this spring weather. Now that its warming up I am sure they are going to find lots of things to get into and keep me on my toes.


Lynda said...

I love all the things you have going on! Your animals are a hoot!

amelia said...

Bella and Tinker are so cute and I'll bet they're happy to be free! I hope Bella is spayed or you are going to have more babies at Hidden Haven!!
What will happen to Louise and babies if you get hard rain? Do they just get wet and get on with life or do you take them in?

Granny said...

I love all the critter pictures, especially those of the baby goats. I'm glad Bella and Tinker are getting along well. Poor Buttons. If she doesn't give birth until the 22nd, that's gonna be a long 12 days for her. Bless her little heart she looks ready to pop now.

Lib said...

Love this post.Thanks for sharing!
Have aGreat day!

Rain said...

Oh they are all so wonderful!! Cant wait for spring to be closer here!! All these critters are definitely going to keep u on your toes!! In a good way!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! No sunshine here. My parent's and I did enjoy 10 sunny days in Florida though from the 24th of February to March 3rd 2011.


JoyceAnn said...

The animals all look content and happy , well everyone except Buttons. I know she's starting to feel very uncomfortable , but she's not alone. Jazz nor Jo have gave birth yet either. Jo's ligaments are getting very low/loose or whatever the correct terminogoly is (LOL).

~ Be Blessed ~

HomesteadingSteward said...

This is the first time I've been to your site...very nice. Is Bella a Pyrenees?
We have a Pyrenees pup that won't stay home and we are debating putting her on a run. We want her to guard chickens and goats.
Any other suggestions would be great!