Friday, June 3, 2011

I don't know what is up with blogger lately. I have been playing catch up on some of your blogs and wanted to leave comments but blogger won't let me. I move on to another blog and have no problem. Just can't figure it out but I have been visiting and love the chickpea recipe, am trying to feel sorry for those of you having cold days. I am actually jealous. I am feeling really sorry for those having the hot and humid days with no rain. I feel your pain. We are 11 degrees hotter than normal this time of year. With temps 99F and 100F I have stayed busy giving the rabbits frozen water bottles to snuggle with and dumping out all the animals water every 3 or 4 hours to give them fresh cold water. Their drinking water gets warm so quickly. To those enjoying to sights and sounds of hummingbirds, crickets, and frogs while enjoying sitting on your porch or in your new house... I am right there with you in my mind. Those of you posting pics of all the work you have done in your garden made me get out and work more in mine. Those with a sick kitty, dog and other furry family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Those that are battling their own medical, financial, personal problems you have my love, thoughts, and prayers. Being in this blog neighborhood is like being part of a big family. There is so much love, concern, happiness for each other. It warms my heart to be able to sit for a few minutes and find out what's new with you.
Seems like every hen has baby chicks or is sitting on eggs. Never had this many baby chicks at one time here on the homestead. Daisy Duck is doing a great job of raising her 15 ducklings. I had thought it was 14 but finally found them all asleep and able to get a good count and she has 15! Will be putting some up for sale soon. Bonnie the goose is sitting on her eggs. She didn't hatch her first sitting as Tinker got out of the goat pen and scared her off the nest and she didn't go back. Hopefully we will have some little gosling's soon. Mr Black the rabbit that climbed and chewed through metal wire to get to Prissy has believe it or not tried to chew a hole on Porky's condo floor. Porky is Prissy's (New Zeland rabbit) sister. Guess since Prissy is busy with his babies and his hole to her was repaired he moved on to try to get her sister. Caught that one in time and repaired so he is just sitting below their rabbit condo's being moody. BJ the dwarf finally had twins. She had been huge forever and seemed to get so depressed when the other goats had theirs. She had a buckling and a doeling and is such a loving momma. She didn't need any help from me delivering and didn't even moan or cry when giving birth. I am still waiting on the owner to come pick up all his goats and their babies. Some of the babies are weaned already and eating with the big goats. I have decided I won't be a goat midwife again. Oh, I will help anyone that calls and even go to their farm but as far as bringing their goats here to stay its just too much and not fair to my little herd.
The gardens are doing well despite the heat. I am picking yellow squash everyday and it seems to reproduce faster than a rabbit. Also getting peppers and the tomato plants have tiny green tomatoes on them so it won't be too much longer and we can enjoy a fresh tomato.  Just every day things going on around the homestead. The to do list never seems to get smaller and there never seems to be enough time but each day is a blessing in itself so I can't complain. Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to count those blessings!


texwisgirl said...

glad all is going well at your house with hatchlings and births!

as for comments, if someone has their comment setting as 'embed below post' it causes problems. you have yours set to 'pop-up box' which is an ideal setting...

i've found that i can comment on all the blogs if i leave the 'stay signed in' box unchecked when i first sign in to blogger. otherwise, it won't let me comment and keeps flipping me out to 'anonymous'. so try that and see if it helps... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Yes, blogger has been driving everyone nuts for a few weeks now. It's good to see an update from you and all that is going on. I don't like the heat but I sure do enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies this time of the year. Hope you have a nice weekend and you, my friend, are one of my blessings I am thankful for!

The Tame Lion said...

Wow, a wonderful post!
As for comments, well, 'pop-up box' is good.

Deb said...

Really enjoyed your post today. We have 3 dogs, squirrels running everywhere,probably some mice, hubby found where one had been in his boat (dangerous). Love all your animals. I want to get some chickens. Check out my blog, just started in May.

Kelly said...

I have been having the same problems with blogger. They need to get their program straight. I am glad that all is well with you. Sorry you are having such warm temps. Just think how wonderful your garden is. I am not complaining about our cool temps. Take care. Can you let me know if you are having problems with my blog? Thanks.

Granny said...

I was having trouble with commenting on blogger until I unclicked the box that says stay signed in. Now I'm able to comment again.

It sounds as if you've been really busy with babies of all type at your place. Hope things continue to go well for you.

Mike said...

Good to hear a nice long post from you. I was worried about you and William and almost stopped by to check on you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Peggy, Yes---Blogger has been giving some people fits. Those with embedded comment forms are the ones having trouble. The pop up one (like yours and mine) and the fullpage one are fine...

Sounds like, even with all of the heat, that your critters are all busy having babies and taking care of babies. WOW--you have alot going on now, don't you?????

Have a nice weekend and try to stay COOL.

amelia said...

Busy as usual for you!! I don't blame you for not wanting to be a goat midwife when you have so many of your own to care for.
That's funny about your rabbits wanting so badly to be with the ladies!! Typical man eh?

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Peggy ~ Enjoyed reading your update about the farm. I've been having a problem trying to leave comments also , had to click on your comment box 3 times before it let me leave a comment. Like you , I've been so busy with the animals , garden , herbs , and grands that I haven't been blogging much. I did popover the other day and read your post about the contest over at " Girls Gone Trashy ". I entered the contest with a lampshade makeover from last Fall. Glad all is well with you and the farm.

~ Be Blessed ~

Anonymous said...

It does take awhile for my comments to post but they do go through eventually though! I don't even use blogger anymore though. It has been about 100 here as well in Ohio.

When we raised rabbits we would do the frozen water bottles too, we had a separate freezer for them though.


carolina nana said...

Hi Peggy,
I am enjoying reading your blog,sounds like we have a lot in common, plus our love for our animals. I used to have goats and am thinking about getting some again. There is nothing cuter than kids in spring.
It is very nice to meet you and especially meeting another North Carolinian.
Hope you have a blessed day

LindaGay said...

I also have had problems with blogger letting me post. I thank those who gave you ideas and will try that as I visit blogs.


Barbara said...

I am loving your blog my new friend, I am following now, and will list you as one of my favorites, love all the animals you have, wish I were younger I would have many more than we have for sure. Hope you have a glorious summer day, and stay cool, these temps are way too hot, we spent bout two hours out in them yesterday, and the lord provided a cool breeze for us, and it was time to come in, my face got burnt and now It is buring, lol oh well, good to see you stopped by my blog thank you dear. Hugs for your day
Barbara from

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy,
Just catching up with you. I have a new blog . Stop by when you have time and visit.
Have a blessed day.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is always fun to read of your comings and going on the homestead.

We ahve gone through a week of warmer and dramatic rain storm weather. The worse was south of here where they had record hot temperatures and even a couple of tornadoes. The cooler weather has returned here 12 C right now. June 9. Pleasant for working outside.

Mary said...


It was so nice to stop by and catch up on all your news. I have missed visiting you. Stop over to my Writing Nook if you get a chance.