Monday, June 20, 2011

Remember Me?

I am the tired old lady that has been shucking and cutting off corn to make cream corn for the freezer. I am the tired old lady that has been trying to save the gardens by watering everyday since we have not had rain since that wonderful shower I last posted about. I am the tired old lady who is blessed to have  granddaughter R spending a couple weeks to help around the farm. She has taken over the care of the rabbits for me and also helps with the chickens. We are having some good times in the kitchen as well as she bakes cakes, helps cook breakfast, and other goodies. I am the tired old lady that still has 10 goats with babies that aren't mine here. The last pregnant one had triplets Saturday. I was in the middle of giving 6 dogs their baths and flea treatment when I heard that all knowing scream. Knew a goat was in labor so I ran to the pen in my wet clothes to find her in the middle of the pen laying in the dirt having her first kid. Needless to say after it was all over I was covered in dirt that stuck to my wet clothes and in the muck from delivering the other two goats. She had two boys and a tiny little girl. Still not sure how to handle the goat situation so I can get back to my small herd but hope to figure something out soon. I am the tired old lady that took two 10 year old girls to Fantasy Lake for the day and came home sun burned. I am the tired old lady that is trying to help the bunnies fight the heat by hauling out frozen water bottles each day and hauling them back in each night. I am the tired old lady seems to always have a load of clothes to wash and a load of clothes needing folded and put away. I am the tired old lady that's kitchen looks like a disaster zone from all the freezing and canning going on in between meals and dishes. I am the tired old lady never seems to get caught up on her to do list. I am just a tired old lady!


texwisgirl said...

you made me exhausted just reading about all this! i'm sorry you still have all those goats that you were mid-wifing. i hope you can find a safe home for them soon.

carolina nana said...

Sounds like you have a reason to be tired. But it also sounds like a wonderful fulfilling life to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Sure have missed you but certainly understand the endless summer chores keep you too busy. Makes me a tired old lady just to read about what you've been up to! Love you - take care.

Marci said...

You may be a tired lady, but you are still a very special one!!!

Hang in there. Get some of the grandchildren there to help you catch up!!!

Granny said...

I hope you get the goat situation settled soon. I can only imagine how much extra work there is for you with ten extras and all their kids.

I wish I lived close enough to help you out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been a busy tired old lady! We had some rain yesterday.



Ms Martyr said...

You are the second person I've read about that has taken in goats temporarily and then it turns into a permanent arrangement. Is the owner paying for their feed and upkeep? If not, can you sell/give them away?

Just reading about all you do makes me tired.

amelia said...

I'm tired just reading this!! I complain about being tired and I have NOTHING to do compared to you!!
I hope you can soon sort out the goat problem and start to, at the very least, get back to less chaos!!

Terry and Linda said... is exhausting, sure works out for nice for winter. You are such an gift to all the little animals in the world.


Sarah said...


Wow! I'm just tired reading your post but I sure am glad you posted! Reading everything you do inspires me so much! I do hope things settle down for you soon!


Connie said...

Dear Peggy,
I don't blame you for being tired. She should be - you are working very hard giving of yourself to animals who love and trust you to provide for them. You are earning stars for your crown my dear. You are such a compassion, loving person and I am so happy to be your friend even if its through cyberspace. DH and I would love to come visit your farm someday.
Sending you (((((((((((hugs))))))))).

Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaaa peggy ur just the best TIRED OLD LADY i have had to pleasure of ever knowing ( LOL ) that little baby goat is so beautiful.

PEA said...

Hi sis, you sure have been missed but I can understand how very busy you are at this time of year! I really don't know how you do it, you amaze me. It's no wonder you feel so tired, you're having very long days of non stop work but I know you're also enjoying every minute of it:-) Love you sis. xoxo