Sunday, December 11, 2011

Forgotten Photos

I had mentioned I would post photos of my 40th class reunion. I didn't get to attend but classmates were so good about updating on all the things going on that weekend and how everyone was doing. One classmate I really wanted to see was Alice. She and I have been friends since 1st grade. And of course there are Sandy, Carolyn, Ruth, Frankie, Sandra, and Shirley that got me or me them into lots of trouble in high school. And Robert was there. He was my very first boyfriend (6th grade) and gave me my very first friendship ring. So many of them haven't changed hardly at all and a few like me look older. No matter the age their love of life,fun, and friendship hasn't changed a bit!

If you live anywhere around western Tennessee be careful on the roads. My granddaughter K is now driving!

She is a A-B student taking honor classes but in life she has her blond moments. Sorry Teeny, but I had to say it.

And my granddaughter H (Hoppy) has her first paying job and I now have Santa connections. Hoppy works as a elf. She is earning nine dollars an hour doing something she really enjoys. I am sure most of that money is being spent on clothes. That girl loves clothes!

I am sure her science teacher has something stupid to say about this but I will have a few things to say to him Friday!


TexWisGirl said...

too cute! :)

Buttercup said...

Cute pictures! I've got my 40th college reunion this May and I am looking forward to it. Seems impossible that 40 years are gone by!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!


Anonymous said...

It's always fun to catch up with old friends.

These are cute pics of your granddaughters.

Have a great day, Peggy.

Marigold said...

Can't wait to see how 'the teacher' fares with Grandmother on Fire! You go! :) If I was there I'd butt him a couple for you! Have a very safe trip!

PEA said...

My goodness sis, I must apologize for not having visited in so long but now that I'm completely ready for Christmas, I'll have much more time for visiting and commenting:-)

What a shame you couldn't go to your class reunion but no doubt you enjoyed seeing the pictures. Not long ago I met a gal I went to school with and it was so weird to see her all grey and wrinkly...she's my age! lol

Congratulations to your granddaughter K on acquiring her driver's license!! H looks so cute as an elf! hehe They've grown so much since you first started blogging, I remember seeing pictures of them as little girls:-) Love ya sis xoxo