Friday, December 2, 2011

Tis The Season

But it sure doesn't feel like it. In the 60's during the day and next week is suppose to be in the 70's. It is December for gosh sakes, bring on the wind,cold,ice, and snow! I will be going to the mountains on the 15th to spend the holidays with my daughters and grands. I am so going to enjoy the cold weather while there and hope for snow. Packing my long johns just in case.

Trying to get so many things done between now and then but not marking off very many things the to do list. William is going to be gone next week helping his son in law which will give me some extra time. We seem to start projects that lead us into a different project to do before we can finish the first one. Sure you know what I mean. I am also trying to cook and freeze meals so William won't have to worry about cooking while I am gone though he is a good cook. Rusty still doesn't know he isn't going. He has never spent time away from me since I got him so kinda worried how he will do. If I take him he would have to stay with one of my other daughters when I am at Megan's because she cannot have dogs or cats in her apartment. Plus we will be going to lots of Christmas events and other things that Rusty could not go to. He will be better here though he won't think so. Speaking of Rusty, I have been having a time with him for two days. My diningroom tree is decorated for a winter wonderland with some of my snowman collection under the tree. Rusty keeps going and getting one certain snowgirl and carrying her around and even trying to sleep with her. I keep putting her back and Rusty has beaten me back to the livingroom with her in his mouth. I have told him no. Held the snowgirl and told him no. Even tapped his nose with my finger saying no when I caught him grabbing her. He has always stopped when told no until now. He is in love with a 4 inch stuffed snowgirl.

Cheep Cheep is doing so well. You can tell he is a rooster now. He is growing and getting tail feathers. Cheep is still spoiled. Each time I open the door to feed him and Skate, Cheep hops on my arm and I have to hold him up and cluck to him like a mommy hen. I have to rub his head and tummy. If I don't he stands on my arm and scolds me. He will try to peck me in the face.Just picture me trying to teach William how to cluck and talk to Cheep so he will go back in his house and eat. William said I might get a call that he is having chicken for dinner. Skate likes to be petted but not held so he won't miss me. Cheep is going to have to get use to William being mommy. Life is never boring around here!  Off to drink a cup of hot chocolate and count my blessings. Don't forget to count yours!


Ms. Kathleen said...

You are busy and your pup is adorable! I've moved! Come visit! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

It has started feeling like December here but it looks like Saturday will be in the high 40's and Sunday it is supposed to be 50 degrees.


Mike said...

Be sure and remind William, no more goats. ;)

Rusty, what a character.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie Rusty is! I know William will do just fine with the animals while you are away. Hope you have snow while you are visiting the family.