Monday, January 23, 2012

Goodbye Cabana Boy and Love Around The Homestead

Saturday we sold 7 roosters and one of them just happened to be the young cabana boy rooster that Tessa the turkey was hanging out with. She wasn't very happy for a couple of hours but as soon as Fred saw EJ was gone he started puffing up and strutting around. I opened the gate and he walked out of Elvis pen without even a goodbye or thank you. He walked right over to his and Tessa's pen and waited on me to open the gate before walking right in and strutting his stuff. Didn't take them but a short time to forgive, forget, and fall back in love. They seemed very happy to be back together but unfortunately this afternoon I had to move Fred back to Elvis pen. Seems he got a little too frisky and cut Tessa under her wing in the process. When I went out to feed she was bleeding and his leg was covered in blood. I didn't know what was wrong. After checking things out it was easy to see what had happened. I cleaned Tessa's wound and put antibiotic on it. Also gave her something for pain and put pro biotic in her drinking water. Fred was pacing up and down the fence wanting to get back to his lady love but is going to have to wait a few days to let her heal. She is now resting under a heat lamp with Fred roosting where he can keep an eye on her. Poor Tessa never knew love could hurt so much.  Why, you ask are there no photos ... my camera batteries died and I didn't come back inside to recharge them.

More on love in the air... The rabbits are all paired up and  happy. Am listing what buck is with which doe more for my lack of being able to remember once they have their babies.
This is the one photo I got before camera died
Angel and Smut
Rocky (New Zeland) with Prissy (New Zeland)
Jack Sparrow (Rex) with Dreamer (California Giant)
Dutch (Dwarf Dutch) with Sara (mini rex)
Smut (Rex) with Angel (Rex)
Harry (Lion Head) with Porky (New Zeland)
Lionel (Lion Head) with Princess (Lion Head)
Cinnamon (Rex) with Freckles (Rex)
Chipmunk (Mini Rex) with Sweet Roll (mini Rex)

Hopefully all 8 does will have healthy babies that will be ready for new homes at Easter. Last year we sold all our baby bunnies to Tractor Supply and could have sold more if we had had them. Not sure if we will be selling baby chicks this year as we need to raise some for laying hens to replace the ones of ours that are getting old. Anyway, looks like love is in the air for most of the animals here on the homestead. Spring should have baby goats, baby bunnies, baby chick, baby ducks, and baby geese running around. I just love animal babies!!

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TexWisGirl said...

poor tessa! :(

you're gonna be busy, busy, busy with babies!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling some chickens though! I remember bunny days.


Kelly said...

I'm glad that everyone is happy and paired up. So sorry to hear the Tessa was injured. We lost our only turkey hen to a predator. Now we only have 2 Bourbon Red Toms. They are hanging out with the chickens and don't seem to have any complaints. I do miss those turkey eggs. They make great baked goods. spring. Much Love.

Buttercup said...

Nothing like a love story or two! Your bunnies are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Do you mind sharing what you got per head from TSC? When I used to sell 8 week fryers I could get $5 per, but that's after a longer time feeding them than you probably had put in.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My Goodness... Poor Tessa... I'm sure that Fred didn't mean to get so frisky.... ha

I love reading the stories about your furry babies and how they find 'love' --just like we humans do...

Sounds like you will have a bunch of little ones being born --who will bring joy to families on Easter...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Peggy. I always enjoy reading about all your animals. The bunny photos is so sweet! Hope Tessa feels better soon. Wishing you a wonderful day dear friend.

Marigold said...

I always wanted a cabana boy, but I may have to reconsider now.

PEA said...

Love is in the air indeed at the homestead:-) Poor Tessa, she may not let Fred get close to her again! lol I do hope her cut is healing properly. Glad to hear that the bunnies are also all happy and in love:-) Baby animals are so adorable, it's no wonder you can't wait until Spring when they all start arriving!! Love ya sis. xoxo

Terry and Linda said...

I always enjoy reading your adventures about your animals.