Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Spring Time In January

The calendar may say January but Mother Nature is making everyone and everything think spring is here.
Flowers are blooming. My butterfly bush is getting leaves on it and some of my herbs are starting to pop up outta the ground.
Momma hens are showing up everywhere with babies. Here are the latest two. We still have another sitting on eggs and two other hens with chicks that are a couple weeks old.

 Sorry first one had her back to the camera. She was clucking and gathering her little ones under her. She had 8.
This momma has 7 little ones that though they are only a few days old get into everything and keep momma and me on our toes.
Since spring like weather is here love is in the air. Tessa is still being a cougar and chasing her cabana boy E.J. around her pen.
And Fred is still upset and staying over with Elvis in his pen till Tessa comes to her senses and wants him back. Or so he hopes she will when the desire to make baby turkey hits her.

Elvis remembers when Tessa had the hots for him and flirted through the fence at him. He keeps telling Fred to go home and I use to take Fred back to his pen every morning only to have him fly back over so gave up. He and Tessa will hopefully make up before the real spring gets here and by summer have baby turkey running around the homestead. This is whats going on around Hidden Haven. How are things in your part of the world?


Anonymous said...

Sweet pics, Peggy. That is crazy about your flowers/bushes! It has been warm here too with lots of rain. I hope it won't be one of those years where the trees begin to put out and then get nipped by the cold. Have a restful night.
I got lots of teas for Christmas and wish you were hear to share a cup.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures even if the year says 2013, LOL! No flowers popping up here but it has been warm and have rain today.


Marigold said...

I think everyone at your house is confused. Are you confused too? I think the Goatmother is confused. In fact, I think she spends most of her time that way, even without the influence of the weather.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, YES---you do have spring going on at Hidden Haven... Amazing --what the weather does to plants/flowers and to our critters....

We haven't had much winter here either yet... BUT--they say the cold front will get here tomorrow and we'll get some snow flurries... I'd love to have at least ONE nice snow this winter....We shall see!!!!!

Thanks for sharing what is going on in your area..

Carolyn Renee said...

Our weather has been weird-warm lately also.....although as I speak now (3 am in the morning) I hear the howling of the wind and noticed, while running out on the porch in PJ's to get more logs for the fire, that there is a dusting of snow on the ground. I hope the long warm days didn't mess up the fruit trees!

HossBoss said...

It looks like early spring around here too. We had such a long HOT summer and no rain. We're having a mild winter (so far) and rain every 7-10 days so things are greening up. I sure hope we get good rains through the spring and summer. Hay prices around here have doubled!