Saturday, February 4, 2012

Greenhouse For My Herbs

I was given a greenhouse! William is building a greenhouse which will be used for plants for the vegetable gardens. The greenhouse given to me will be used for all the new herb plants for my herb garden. I am so excited! A neighbor stopped by to ask if we would go look at her pregnant ewe that is sick. After checking her out, treating and vaccinating her she seems to be on the road to recovery. Purchased the supplements  for neighbor to give ewe and showed her how. Also have and will continue to go check on ewe each day. Neighbor was so happy we helped  that she ask me if I wanted the greenhouse. Of course I said yes! She only used it a few weeks before going back and getting a much larger one. This one is 10x20 and is perfect for herb plants I have started to grow in until its time to plant in the herb garden. I can also use it next winter. I had been trying to wait patiently for William to finish building his greenhouse and knew I would have a small space for my herbs as he has over a 1000 tomato seedlings he is growing. He sells tomato and pepper plants every spring. Now we each can have our own greenhouse. What a blessing!

While treating the ewe we moved her from where she was laying into a shelter. I was walking backwards in front of the ewe while William and neighbor were walking on each side. Of course we all forgot about the big tub of water in the pen. And of course I fell backwards right into it. It was a early chilly morning so I got a nice cold bath to start my day. It was about an hour in wet clothes before I could come back home, have a hot shower and dry clothes. Hope I don't get a cold from it but if I do it was worth it.

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts for Megan and grandson. Things are still stressful but there is a light at the end of the tunnel peeking at them. Please continue your prayers and if you will add my stepdaughters husband to your prayers. He just found out he has cancer. He has a large mass on the left side of his large intestine. It is going to be a rough road for him and his family.

Precious and the twins are doing wonderful. The little doeling is already a handful. She slips underneath the gate of the stall and explores while Precious is having a fit because she can't get the doeling to come back where she belongs. When she is in the stall with momma and brother she hides behind the water bucket or underneath the hay where momma can't see her. Precious will cry and call her but little one will just lay still and not answer. I have to go out and get her so Precious can see she is okay. I have a baby monitor so can hear when Precious is upset which means little one is up to mischief. Have more photos of them that I will post tomorrow. Just too lazy tired tonight. I also have photos of our new addition to the homestead. Think you will be surprised we got it. I was at first as we talked about it for 2 days before deciding it was the right thing to do. Am glad we did as it fits in perfectly and I am already in love.

Was asked about menus and know I have been slack in posting but so much has been going on the past few days with family and homestead. Think it will be easier for me and you if I just post a weeks menu each Monday. I can also post recipes at the bottom of menu posts. Thank you for being interested and asking. I will also be posting a  list of the new herbs seeding I have in case anyone nearby might want some. Hope you are counting those blessings. I know though all that has happened this past week God has truly overflowed my cup with blessings.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the greenhouse for your herbs, Peggy! Oh that is a wonderful blessing.

You have really been busy. I hope you won't get sick from your cold bath.

Will continue to pray for your family. Take good care.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

That greenhouse is going to be awesome, Peggy.. You will love it.. I've never had one --but would love one. William is doing a great job...

Glad Precious and her babies are doing well.

TexWisGirl said...

the free greenhouse is awesome! you guys never sit still there! :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! We have a green house over our porch.


amelia said...

Oh Peggy, life is never without it's troubles is it. Can they operate on the cancer or is it past that stage?

Congrats on the greenhouse, I would love one but it's just too cold to keep it heated in the winter here.

Glad that Precious and her babies are doing well even if they do keep you on your toes.

Buttercup said...

The greenhouse looks great. Adding my prayers for all of your family's requests.

Marigold said...

Oh, a greenhouse! The Goatmother is so jealous! :)

Crunchy Creamy Sweet said...

Peggy, I have a surprise for you on my blog so head on over to claim it! Hope to see you there :) Hugs!

Terry and Linda said...

I've always wanted a greenhouse...lucky, lucky you!


JoyceAnn said...

I saw one of those greenhouses on e-bay the other day , they look pretty nice. Dh is wanting to build one too , but I think it would be cheaper and easier to purchase one.

Will pray for your family , sorry to hear about the health issues.

Look forward to seeing what's new to Hidden Haven.

Blessings , JoyceAnn