Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simple Day on the Homestead

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 Precious is in early labor. She has dilated about 3 with a discharge and her udder is so huge she can't walk without having her hind legs spread way out. I had her in the new maternity pen but just came in from moving her to a closed stall with lights and the birthing kit. This will be her second kidding. Last year she didn't know what was happening to her and just dropped on the ground screaming. I ran out to find her terrified and the kid having a hard time getting out. I had to reach in and move Little D around. It took Precious several minutes after Little D was born to realize what happened and that she had a kid. She ended up being an awesome mom. This time around I think she knows what is going on and though she is nervous think she will do lots better with this delivery. So I am just waiting by the baby monitor between trips out to check on her. Not sure if she will kid tonight or tomorrow but will make sure I am ready if needed or at least there to take pictures!
Today was a good downsizing day. We sold 8 ducks, 6 roosters, and a goat. The guy that bought them is also coming back to buy 2 pigs. That only leaves us with 4 baby pigs to sell and we will be out of the pig business!! So happy about that.  Sold 4 rabbits the other day and 7 roosters a couple days before that. Slowly getting things downsized and it feels good. Finally have 1 rooster for each pen of hens. No more fighting roosters. No more mad hens having to run from so many roosters. And no more hearing over 30 roosters crowing at 4:30 every morning!

Also did the monthly grocery shopping today and ended up spending $155.15. Prices sure have gone up since last month. I try to stay at $150 or less. I didn't even need to purchase meats this month as I have plenty left from the sales I got last month. Since the goats are dry we are having to buy milk and with the Farmers Market closed I am buying some fresh veggies though I have lots canned and in the freezers. Since we don't have goats milk right now I have been buying Nestles instant hot chocolate. I like hot chocolate made with milk but don't want to use too much store bought milk as its so expensive. After making the hot chocolate with hot water I add flavored creamer. Right now I am using French caramel. I buy the big canister of hot chocolate (makes 39 cups) for $4.58 and the powdered creamer is $2.38. The hot chocolate lasts me a month and the creamer about a month and a half. The rest of my grocery list was mostly staples with a few "treats".
25lb sugar
1 gallon of vegetable oil
5lb cornmeal
2 lb butter
4 lb pinto beans
5 gallons orange juice
4 oz vanilla
12 bars of soap
box of laundry detergent (usually make own but this was a good sale)
bottle of bathroom cleaner
gallon of maple syrup (a purchase that lasts us about 7 months)
5 lbs of american sliced cheese
1 lb shredded cheddar cheese
1 gallon of milk (will go back to purchase more as we need it. Like it as fresh as possible)
4- 2 liter sodas ( a treat as was on sale for 84 cents each and these will last us a couple months)
8 cans of catfood (whiskers had plenty of cans left from last month)
8 cans of dogfood (Rusty had cans left from last month)
Box of Cheerios ( love cereal for bedtime snack)
Bag of Fritos ( a treat)
Head of cabbage
Bell Peppers
1 package of steaks ( on sale and couldn't pass up)
5 lbs brown rice
5 lbs white rice
1 lb coffee beans
1 box of onion soup mix ( use it when I make hamburgers)
1 box of tomato/ herb bouillon

I buy in large containers when I can so it will last longer. I buy a couple of things extra each month to stock for emergencies. We try to keep enough supplies to last us 6 months if something were to happen. My grocery list didn't contain eggs as we have plenty of fresh ones here on the homestead. It didn't contain bread as we get a excellent deal at the bread store. Much cheaper than I can bake it though I still bake biscuits, cornbread and sometimes sourdough bread. I cook from scratch most of the time. By making sure to keep full pantry, and things frozen and canned from the garden as well as buying extra meats and things when on sale really help keep our food bill down. The only thing we will have to purchase from the grocery store the rest of the month will be milk. I will cook at least 2 meals a day and will try to remember to share my menus each day. I tried this before but got busy on the homestead and didn't follow through. Several have ask me to post menus so they can see how I spend what I do and have filling meals each day. I promise to try harder this time.
Breakfast was egg and bacon sandwich on whole wheat toast with juice and hot chocolate
Lunch was leftover salad
Supper was buffet at Western Sizzlin ($16.92 for the both of us. We try to treat ourselves once a month to a meal out)
(Funny  as in funny that this should have been finished days ago!)
The greenhouse should be ready soon. I have so many new herb seeds to get started. Am excited about this years herb garden. My nettles, oregano, lemon balm, and pineapple sage is already coming up. I cut some of my rosemary and lavender yesterday and have it drying in the dehydrator. We are enlarging our vegetable gardens this year so am planning on what will be planted in these. I enjoy canning,dehydrating, and freezing things and want this years gardens to keep me busy doing these things.
 One of my daughters and a grandchild are going through some stressful things at the moment. If you would, please keep them in your prayers. Have a blessed night and don't forget to count those blessings!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this post! Prayers for your daughter and grandchild.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post very much, Peggy. I agree, groceries have really sky rocketed in the last few weeks.

Praying for you and your family. Love you.

TexWisGirl said...

groceries, feed costs, everything's up...

hurray for downsizing your animals! :)

amelia said...

I wish I could shop the way you do. I can't imagine only spending 150.00 for a month. I spend at least 200 a week. That includes all the animal food as well and bird seed for the outdoor birds.

I hope all goes well with Precious. Glad it's not me in labour again!! Poor baby, I hope she gets through it without too much trouble for her and you!!

Marigold said...

Oh! Can't wait to see baby pictures! :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, We all need to learn from you when it comes to being frugal... We spend much more than $150 a month on groceries...

I noticed that you bought OJ... That has really gone up in price --along with milk, butter, etc. etc. etc... Scary what is happening in this country.

I will pray for your daughter and grandchild.


Leila said...

Thanks for posting! God bless you all.