Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where My Time Is Being Spent

Don't you just love the only girl hugging her brother while napping! Tinker spends more time away from her babies during the day.

Bella still stays very close to her pups. If they aren't nursing she is washing them.

Though I caught him with his eyes closed, Tinker's puppies are opening their eyes and starting to crawl around.

Bella's are still small but adorable.
I spend a lot of time between Tinker, Bella, and their puppies. You know you can't just cuddle one and not the 17 others. It just wouldn't be fair and who can resist all those soft, furry, little cutie pies!

And I also have been having to spend time feeding the "vultures". You risk bringing you hand out minus fingers when you reach in to get their feeders. They may be small but don't let size fool you. In a matter of minutes every grain of feed is gone in all feeders. Tomorrow they get moved to their own "big chick" pen. They will have more space along with roosting poles they will quickly learn to use. The only bad thing is I will have to go IN the pen to feed and water them. I hope I don't look too tasty but if you don't hear from me the "vultures" ate me!

Some of my time has been spent with Mary. Mary was a little lamb but now she is a 2 yr old ewe. She belonged to the neighbor that we tried to help with one of her ewes that was in labor. She only had this one left and it was lonely. She ask if we would give her a home so she is living with the goats and seems content. We put a collar on her but haven't taken the rope they had on her off yet. The first day she was naturally shy but today she ate out of my hand and followed me around while I fed the goats and dogs. She didn't have a name so I named her Mary after the nursery rhythm. Instead of Mary having a little lamb, she was the little lamb once upon a time. Going to find her a little ram lamb to get attached to so when he grows up they can have their own little lamb.

 And of course all my extra time is being spent checking on Buttons. She is due to kid tomorrow but all the signs show she might go into labor tonight. The baby monitor is on and birthing cabinet stocked and waiting. She actually looks small in this picture but is huge. Am hoping for triplets but we shall see. Meanwhile I am on baby watch. It's not like I don't have a abundance of baby animals around here already. So that's how I have been spending my time, what about you? Don't forget to count those blessings!


TexWisGirl said...

the 'vultures'. sounds dangerous! :)

the pups are darling, of course.

goatpod2 said...

Nice pictures!


Marci said...

I always LOVE coming to your blog. :) I love the farm theme and music as well. The puppies are adorable!!!

Angie Berry said...

Only one girl in that whole litter? Such a cute picture of her with her little arm around her brother, that's priceless! Adorable babies! Wish I could come help you love on them, lol.

Oh my goodness, that's lots of vultures! I don't think I could risk going in their pen, I'd send the kids in do to it, haha. They're still at a cute baby chick age.

Mary's a cutie too! How fun to have all these babies to play with it! Hope you got triplets from Buttons and all are well.

Enjoy all the new fun around the farm~

MamaDragon said...

Thank you for coming by my blog.

Wow, are you one busy lady. So much cuteness, how do you squeeze it all into each day? I can't wait to find out what Buttons has. Best wishes to you and all your beautiful babies and their mamas.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are truly amazing, Peggy... Are you going to name all of those new babies???? They are all adorable....

Can't imagine you having enough hours in your day to take care of all of the animals... God Bless You for what you do for them.