Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday's Wonderful Blog Neighbor

Because I think I have the most awesome blog neighbors I wanted to share some with you. Each Wednesday I will post one of my blog neighbors and hope you will drop by their blog for a visit. You don't have to follow them or even leave a comment (though that would be nice). Just stop by and check them out. Who knows you might like them so much they become your neighbor too!

Today I am sharing Smiles and Trials blog.

 I think you are really going to be amazed at this lady! She and her husband are parents to 17 children! Some are adopted. Some are special needs but they are all their children and their family is overflowing with love. When you visit her blog and see her header it will show 15 of her 17 children. They just got back home in July from adopting 2 young boys from Ukraine.

 This mom home schools some of her children while others attend public school. While keeping her beautiful large home clean, laundry done, meals prepared, and making sure to spend one on one time with the kids she makes sure each child gets the medical, dental, surgical needs met. This lady does more in the first hour of rising then I can get done all day. She is a inspiration to all of us. Her faith carries her through the trials with a smile on her face, knowing God is with her every step of the way. I think you will like this blog neighbor of mine and find her blog a  blessing to read. Please take time from your busy schedule and pay her a visit.  


Thistle Cove Farm said...

I'm headed over there for a visit; they sound like an amazing couple!

Christine said...

Thank you for the kind words. They picked me up at the right moment! Have a wondeful day!