Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Blessed Weekend

Today has had me cleaning the animals water containers and adding apple cider vinegar to their fresh water. Doing a little raking in some of the pens and catching up on laundry. It is so quiet here today. My Labor Day weekend had the house full of laughter, talking, and eating. My eldest daughter Maggie with her family came to visit from Tennessee. I LOVED having them here and wish they could have stayed longer. They are planning on coming back next month and maybe even taking Lil Vicki and Harley (the young goats) back home with them. Maggie, Brannon, Kristine, and Raigun were up early every morning to help feed and water the animals. They spent lots of time playing with the goats and petting the bunnies. They did leave the farm for a night to visit my stepson and family on the coast. Kristine had to get a little beach time in!
It was just good having a chance to sit down and catch up on all their news and just enjoy my daughter. I had a very blessed holiday weekend.

The heat of summer is still here along with the humidity. Only a few minutes outside and I am dripping wet. William said he was not going to complain this winter no matter how cold it got after the heat we have had this summer. I am just hoping we have a winter. Didn't have much of one last year. As I was feeding the animals yesterday afternoon I said a little prayer asking for fall to please show up soon. When I came inside and was watching the news, the weatherman showed the temps for next week. Seems we are going to get a major cold front from Canada which will bring us temps in the 70's during the day and low 60's and even high 50's F at night. I think I can suffer through the rest of the week with a taste of fall to look forward to soon. The fall garden is coming along nicely. Green beans are growing so fast! Already have peppers on the bell pepper plants. Broccoli and other plants are starting to take off. Planning on having lots to harvest. We shall see.

Time to go rake more chicken pens and give fresh straw in the nesting boxes. Have a very blessed day!


TexWisGirl said...

glad you had some great family time! awesome!

Rain said...

Missed you all summer peggy-being away from the internet at camp! What a wonderful visit from your daughter and family! Enjoy your days!
Fondly, Rain :)