Sunday, April 14, 2013

In The Mountains

Arrived back in the mountains on Friday. A day earlier than planned but that is a sad story for another day. With lots of help from Melody and family we got the ceiling and trim painted on Saturday along with son in law adding another window for me. Tomorrow I plan on painting the first coat on the walls. I will also be giving Justin his IV meds and making sure he keeps his leg elevated and eats. Melody will be going back to work and the rest of the grands will be in school. Justin and I will be on our own. I have lots of plants and flowers needing put in the ground and hopefully will get that done tomorrow too. Went to church this morning. Love this little mountain church and pastor! We had a nice family dinner afterwards and did a second coat on the ceiling and trim. Church this evening where son in law sang and there was a guest pastor with a wonderful message. Melody had to leave church early because Justin's med vac was beeping and not suctioning. Home Health Nurse came out to the house and took care of the problem. The highlight of the weekend was getting to babysit Skyler while his parents went out to dinner Saturday night. After being in the hospital and being stuck so much he doesn't like being away from his mommy. Took him a little bit to get use to me but after that we had fun. I even gave him his first taste of baby back ribs!

He is doing great.  There are still lots to do before I start moving things into the cabin but I am enjoying the work. Next weekend Melody and I are planting our garden. I also need to work on the goat house before we bring the goats up. William is doing well taking care of the animals and chores around the old homestead. We both want to work to get everything moved up here before it gets too hot. It was 91F the day I left and so humid. I was sleeping with only a sheet covering me in Fayetteville. Here I have slept under a blanket and quilt. I love it! The days are nice and warm but the nights are still chilly and good sleeping weather. Hope your Monday is overflowing in blessings!


TexWisGirl said...

glad things are proceeding. i do hope all continues moving forward.

Betsy Adams said...

You sound so wonderful, Peggy.. I know you are THRILLED that this is happening.. AND--you'll even be happier when everything is totally finished and you are permanently in Franklin... Congrats...

Cute picture of Skyler... Glad you are there to help.

The cabin sounds fabulous.