Saturday, April 20, 2013


No planting the garden today. After a night and day of ran it is far too wet and we also had frost last night with more coming tonight. Though I love the cold weather it is going to hurt the flowers and trees blooming as well as the gardens already planted and coming up.

Cabin is coming along great. Need to hang the ceiling fan and 3 lights, put the baseboards and things can start being moved in. Am excited to get things settled and make it home.

I am such a bad grandma. I got so busy the Thursday working in the cabin I didn't give Justin his IV meds at 2. I forgot! It wasn't a big mistake but I sure felt like a failure. I now have my cellphone set to crow like a rooster at 2PM week days. He is really healing fast. He had a hole drilled into his bone with a tube inserted and attached to a med vac. It pumps out the infection, filters and puts back marrow, etc. The bone infection is clearing up and his wound is healing. The pump should be removed May 1st if all goes well. He still can't go back to school this year but has a teacher come her 2 days a week. He will still have to have his IV meds for awhile. He can't be around lots of people because his immune system is weak but is getting his energy and appetite back. Justin can do things for himself and now only needs me to give his meds. Yesterday I supervised his big brother Woody while he gave them. They both liked that.

Tonight is Prom Night here. Woody gave us a preview of his tux last night. Hope is waiting until this afternoon after hair and nail appointments to show her dress. I will make sure to take pictures before they head out for their big night. This is Woody's senior prom so am sure it is special for him. He graduates May 30 on his birthday and will be going into the air force.

William has his hands full back at the homestead. Between taking care of the animals and his handyman business he is very busy. Gathering the eggs wasn't at the top of his list so now he tells me we have quite a few hens sitting. Not very happy about it but nothing I can do but wait till they hatch and sell lots of baby chicks. Our egg customers might not be too happy. When I get home I plan on selling lots of hens as we are only going to keep 20 to 30 to bring here. William is at the flock swap today selling our bucklings, some hens, ducks, and hopefully a few rabbits. It is hard for him to get up extra early to feed and milk and get there by 8 but am sure he will do his best.

I caught a cold right after I got here and though I got over the fever and aches of it pretty quickly I still have this horrible cough. Don't feel bad just cough a lot. Not even home remedies seem to stop it. Debating on going to church tomorrow as I don't want to start coughing during service. Will wait and see I guess.

After being in the hospital and getting stuck so much Skyler is afraid of people. He lets me hold and play with him and even feed him but when he gets tired or sleepy he starts crying and not wanting me to hold him. He is use to Melody and Joseph as he has seen them almost every day so I can babysit Skyler until he is sleepy and then one of them has to take over. Hopefully he will get use to grandma soon and I can babysit him without help.

Rusty is depressed. William told me Rusty just lays on his blankie or under the table most of the time. He did this one other time when I didn't bring him with me. William is being extra nice to him and since Rusty loves to ride is taking him with him when he can. That makes him happy for a little while. I even talked to Rusty on the phone and that cheered him up for a bit. Aren't I a crazy animal lady! Couldn't bring him with me with Justin's open wound but he will be coming with me next time. William says the sand fleas are out in full force with all the heat they have had. He has been giving dog baths to all to help as well as flea and tick treatments. I will not miss the sand fleas at all when we get moved!

So as you can see nothing really new or exciting going on. I look forward to getting settled in the cabin and posting about living in small spaces, frugal living, and of course animal posts. Soon I hope.  May your weekend be filled with blessings.


TexWisGirl said...

little by little, progress...

Betsy Adams said...

Glad to hear from you.. Glad Justin is doing so well--and Skyler. I'm sure you'll get photos of the prom kids.. Such a special night for them.

Poor William. He misses you I'm sure. AND Rusty definitely misses you... They'll all make it --but I'm sure you both will be glad when you both get moved...

Hope you have a good weekend. It's cold here too--with frost advisories last night and tonight... Gads!