Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Time

I can tell summer is here. The heat and humidity has arrived in full force. The harvesting, canning, freezing, dehydrating is in full force here too. I think that is why I am a winter person. No heat and humidity. The busyness of food preserving has died down and there is more time to relax and enjoy life. Sit by the warm fire with a cuppa tea, reading a book, or just doing nothing. Yes, I am counting days until fall and winter make their appearance. Today will find me in the kitchen canning tomatoes, making dill pickles, and cutting off corn so I can freeze creamed corn for winter. That along with the usual feeding and watering and making sure the animals stay cool will be my day.

A couple months ago a lady at Tractor Supply called William to take care of a baby Canadian goose. The nest had gotten wiped out along with the goslings siblings and parents. I called Wildlife Rescue to see if we were allowed to care for it and we were. Geese once they find a place they can continue to get fed will stay and not fly south or north. Wildlife said the gosling would bond with us and any animal around it. William put the gosling in with 6 baby chicks. They think they are all sisters! Lucy Goosie use to be tiny when she came here. She was only a few days old. Now she is big and so sweet. She will eat out of your hand, talk to you, and follow you around like a puppy. When she gets older we are going to get her a mate from a guy down the road that has a flock at his pond. At least we think Lucy is a she. That is why we are waiting on a mate until we are sure. Have a blessed day everyone!

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Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like life is going well for you all at the homestead... What's the latest on getting totally moved????? Hope you get there before winter gets here.

I don't like summer either...I'm ready for Fall ---and then, SNOW... ha ha

Take care of that new Lucy Goosie..... Cute!!!