Monday, July 8, 2013

Bad Snake

We have a rat snake staying in our feed room and I haven't minded because he keeps the mice from eating our goat and chicken feed. He usually is coiled up on one of the high shelves or stretched out behind the electric fence charger. The other morning he decided to not play nice and wrap himself around the light outlet. Not only that but he rested his head on the on/off switch with his tongue sticking out. What is the first thing I do when I open the door to the feed room? Reach around and turn on the light. Well lets just say a 60 year old woman squealing and running like a girl isn't a very pretty sight. And no, there weren't any pictures because I ran away too fast and I also scared the snake as we haven't seen him since.


Kelly said...

We just found a snake in one of our coops! I'm a maniac when snakes are around! It ate several eggs that were due to hatch in less than a week :( Our snake is dead and the mice live :/

Kelly said...

And I think I would have had a heart attack reaching around to turn on the light with a snake there! Ugghhh heebie jeebies, chills, and all that! Glad you scared it away!

TexWisGirl said...

i never mind snakes - as long as i see 'em first. :) geek!!

Betsy Adams said...

Hope the snake just eats what he is supposed to --and doesn't cause any other problems. I don't care what kind of snake it is---I do NOT like snakes!!!!!

Hope you are drying out a little. We finally are rain-free---SORTA. Did have about 15 minutes of rain last night about 6:30.


High Lonesome said...

Snakes have never been a favorite of mine... and to touch it when turning on a light makes me get the heebie jeebies too! I would bave been screaming my head off! We had a blacksnake fight a muscovy duck over her eggs... my husband had to shoot the snake before it would let go of the duck!