Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snake, Rain, and Mud Oh My

Had tossed some throw rugs (guess that is why they are called throw rugs) on the back porch so I could shake them out before tossing them in the wash. After sweeping and mopping I went out and started to pick up the rugs only to find  a small but angry snake. William checked him out and it was a water moccasin. Guess with all the rain he wanted a dry vacation. He curled up and struck at me when I tried to shoo him off the porch so I went back inside and watched through the door as William took the broom and swept him off the porch into a bucket. He carried him down to the swamp and let him go. Now everywhere I step I am looking for the rest of the snake family.

We are having rain again and its suppose to rain the rest of the week. Goats aren't happy and when they aren't happy they make a lot of noise. As in stand in the milk stall right under the baby monitor and let it be known they aren't happy with all the rain and mud. Buster (Great Pyrenees ) thinks he needs to bark and whine with them so someone will come out with treats to make them all hush. Buster will hush long enough to eat his treat or bury it depending on his mood , then he is back singing the blues with the goat choir.

I have been making and canning plum jams from plums given to us. I am also making  goat milk soap gift bags for my daughter Megan's wedding. She is having a fall outdoor wedding at our old farm  so trying to make the soaps, gift bag, and tag look fallish but nice. Made the tags today after showing Megan a sample and getting her approval. I am enjoying being involved in the wedding planning and making things.

Have  the flock swap this weekend so am working on getting ready for that. Just every day busy things around the homestead. Hope your days oare fillled with blessings!


Carolyn said...

Ooo, I LOVE Fall & Outdoor Weddings! We had one & it was decorated with colored leaves & I had a mum boquet in fall colors. Hope Megan's wedding plans are FUN! And post a picture of your gift bags when you're finished, won't you? Or the wedding! I LOVE wedding pictures :)

TexWisGirl said...

i hate those 'surprise' snakes.

Betsy Adams said...

Too much rain!!!!!! We have been a little luckier the past few days --with not so much rain!!! BUT--overall, this summer we have had ALOT of rain. The good news is that it was been mild.

Today's weather here (and tomorrow) is fabulous---feels like FALL. It's very cool and clear and just gorgeous... Hope you will get some of this this week...

THEN-the rains come back on Friday.... Crazy!!!!

I hate snakes too... Luckily, I seldom see them around here. Be careful!!!


Lisa Mcnaron said...

EWWW SNAKES!!!! ughhh.. something I don't miss about Fayetteville at all <3 glad Dad didn't get bit!