Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows

Things are always happy around the homestead. There are things that break, go wrong, don't get done, etc every single day. Most of the time I just choose to look at the blessings of the day and go on. There are times when I just can't get past the aggravating things to look at all the blessings. We have had so much rain that is is really a mud pit everywhere you step here. The goats hate and I mean hate coming out of their houses because they have to walk in the mud to get to their feed buckets. We are actually putting their hay under the big shelter so they can stand in the dry while eating. The chickens feet are so muddy and they all look like they need baths. The ducks and Lucy Goosey are the only ones happy around here. Not much yardwork is getting done here but we are still mowing customers lawns. They all have the nice sod lawns that don't seem to make mud pits. I get so jealous while mowing their lawns. I can't keep laundry caught up. Bella is still in heat so is still staying inside. I put sheets over the two sofas in the livingroom, the love seat and chair in the diningroom (gathering room as I like to call it). I hate to have a dog smell in the house so I am changing the sheets twice a day as well as sweeping and mopping the floors in the mornings and evening. I also have to walk Bella, Tramp, and Rusty several times a day as I can't just let them out like I usually do. Bella hates thunder and when I wasn't home yesterday when it thundered she got mad at me and jumped up and peed on MY side of the bed. In all the time we have had her she has never had a accident inside so I know she purposely went to my side of the bed and peed. Luckily I had a blanket laying on top of the bed and she got mostly that wet. But we were scrubbing and changing the bed before I could even start supper. Pepper the kitten has decided my laptop is his favorite toy. He logged himself on as guest and made a file named hhhhhhhh and then started my malware which kept popping up that it couldn't find the hhhhhhhhh file. I had to fix that, find all my bookmarks that he moved, and log out of yahoo because he opened up a chat with someone I didn't even know. Came back to find this person typing hello????????? are you there??????? Didn't have the heart to tell them they were talking to cat so just closed the window and logged out. Pepper will turn my laptop or post nonsense by just walking across the keys. He loves to lay across and just look at the screen. This year has truly been the year of the snake. I have never seen as many snakes as I have this summer. I think because of all the rain they are coming up out of the swamp. We had the water moccasin on the back porch. Had the rat snake on the light switch in the feed room. We have 2 black snakes in the hay barn and one big snake I have no idea what it is that has fallen when I open the feed room door at my feet. It has done that twice! I am so afraid one day it is going to fall on me! There are 2 snakes that were sunning on the corn stalks we cut to use this fall one snake I saw crossing the driveway the other day. Rain and snakes aren't my favorite things. Even with the rain it has been so humid that our clothes are wet as soon as we go outside. Looks like we took a shower with them on. Rained out our flock swap last Saturday and all the rain has kept me from cleaning pens and nesting boxes. Two of our push mowers broke but thank goodness William is good at repairs. Our riding mower got a oil leak today so he is going to have to fix that tomorrow. A dear sweet older lawn customer wants me to sit nights with his wife who has dementia and stays up all night so he can get some rest. As much as I would love to help him and the pay is fantastic I just can't. I don't have enough time to get things done here and I am going to the mountains next month for a few weeks. I am behind on getting things done for Megan's wedding and things ready for the craft fair I am committed to next month and in October. There are some things going on with family that has me praying and thinking about a lot. William is behind on repair projects and work projects and we are both behind on getting our chickens sold we aren't taking with us as well as some rabbits and ducks. The price of feed has jumped and its hard buying chicken feed every week or so. We have way too many chickens. So you see life isn't always sunshine and rainbows around here. I just try not to write about the bad. We all have things happen in our lives that are hard to deal with but if we take the time to count our blessings one by one, no matter how small..... We see we are truly blessed!


TexWisGirl said...

still planning to move to the cabin?

i think you need to close your laptop, for sure. :)

Sunnybrook Farm said...

We have cut way back on chickens over the last year. It wouldn't be so bad if everyone who sells eggs would raise the price to match the increase in feed but no. There are people selling eggs for 1.50, like the price of feed was 5 dollars a sack. I have been mixing scratch feed and laying pellets. If we would stop burning corn as fuel, so silly. We are being told that 4 days of sunshine are coming so that will be good for hay.

The Homestead Lady said...

Sounds like some 'real livin' goin' on at your place! Like you I try to find the roses amongst the thorns, the blessings amongst the trials(which are plenty)! We too have had copious amounts of rain this season! We needed it here in our area, but I am also glad to see the sunshine finally find its way back! Have a great day!

Betsy Adams said...

Bless your heart... I was hoping you two would just finish things up and get moved... Quit taking on more projects IF you ever want to move.... Just my opinion... Love you!

I hate rain too --but luckily, I don't have any animals to worry about these days. We've had our share of rain --but at least, that has kept the temperatures down. It's been a fairly mild summer.

Hope things are okay in your family. We all have our family issues, don't we? GADS!!!!

Take care and don't try to do so much!!!! (Famous last words)


judie said...

Even through the rain and the mud, your love for your animals shows through.