Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still Here

I have been so wrapped up in following grandson through basic training on his company facebook page. It has been checking every photo trying to find him. I have let blogging and other chores get too far behind. When I am not stalking grandson I have been helping William with handyman projects and firewood. We still have 5 loads of wood to deliver this week as well as William having home repair for 2 customers and some outside maintenance for another. He is looking for someone dependable to help him but until that person comes along I am his hired hand. His brother came down from Lexington today and I got the day off to catch up things around here. Feels good to be able to stay on the homestead and tackle things around here. I have deleted all but one army facebook page and all but one friend I made thru Woody's army company. It got so out of control being ask to join this group and that group and so many wives, mothers, and grandmothers asking to friend me. I got caught up in all of it and it soon was taking all my free time. Now I just check the main page and the photo page daily. I messaged one sweet lady that has a husband in the same company as Woody and we chat about everything but army stuff. LOL I have time now to get back to the things I need and love to do.  Buttons has gotten HUGE but still not due till April. She is waddling around but doing well otherwise. I have also gotten some more rabbits. 3 females and a male that came from my friend Mike. That is going to be a post in itself once I find the photos I took. By the way Mike they are doing really well Cadbury is real friendly and letting me pet her. The others are still a little timid but coming around. Now I am off to feed the animal family around here and start supper. Having field peas (frozen last summer) creamed corn (frozen last summer) homemade mac n cheese, fried cabbage with smoked sausage. A good meal costing pennies... the best kind of meal!! Have a blessed one!


Mike Johnson said...

Cadbury was always on the friendly side. Stanleigh may come around, too. Abner likes to have a sample of feed before you reach in and fill his bowl. Alice has taken charge. Esther seems to care less about anything. Leaving the goose to being bottom of the pile, where she's always been.

Melissa Smith said...

Hey darlin'.....our son is doing Victory Forge this week, and graduates next week! Talked to him Saturday, my own highlight. You know I undestand. Btw, the link to my other blog is
Thanks for wanting to follow. Trying to keep it separate from other blog for now.