Sunday, May 11, 2014

Around The Homestead

My grandson Woody graduated AIT in the army and is now stationed at Ft. Stewart. Feels so old having a young man as a grand. The photo is him with his sister Hope and brother Justin. They are so proud of their big brother.

Mothers Day was quiet here on the homestead. I will see the girls and grands at the end of the month when I go up for family reunion. I broke my brand new galaxy mega phone when I dropped it on the marble counter top. Insurance is a big pain but that is another story for another day. Anyway the girls and I did our Mother Day chatting on facebook instead of by phone. Megan got the best present ever for Mothers Day. She got lots of gifts but this one really is perfect. Who wouldn't love handprint flowers from this sweetheart?

Here is a photo from a few years back on my last Mother's Day with my mother. Hope (the one in the first picture with her brothers) was just a wee little lass back then. 4 generations.

Still bottle feeding baby goats. Some feedings I am alone and have to make do. LOL

We have a momma fox and her babies getting some of our chickens. Can't catch her in the live trap and the dogs can't get to her. She knows exactly where they are and makes her attack around 4 in the morning when Bella is up front because our neighbors are going to their cars to go to work so she has to check that out. Buster is in goat lot and can't get to fox or chickens and Rusty and Honey Bear are sound asleep in the house. We are hoping she has moved on as we haven't heard her in a couple nights but we shall see.

Here is one fella I helped move on to the swamp. This rat snake was wanting one of my eggs for supper. He didn't get it but I dropped and broke it. I did get him into a trashcan and took him to his new home in the swamp. Truth be told he probably beat me back to the homestead. LOL

One of the local lawn and garden stores threw away 76 rose bushes. All colors and some climbing  so of course William brought them home. They were wilted bad so we tilled up the old hog pen and set all of them out there. Will see which ones survive and I will move them this fall and give some to the girls. I drew a diagram so I would know what rose was what and what color. They also threw away 4 flats of marigolds which I placed in the shade and watered last night. Today they are all perky and pretty which means I need to go get busy setting them out. Happy Mother's Day to you and have a blessed week!

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