Sunday, June 1, 2014

Post A Day For The Month Of June

I am going to try and jump on the band wagon for posting every day for the month of June. Busy around the homestead and my stepdaughters husband is dying from colon cancer. I just got back from helping with her boys while she stayed at hospice with him. Her mother is there now. He is only 29 so please keep their family in your prayers.

Gardens are doing great. Already picking peppers. Beans are blooming and still getting lettuce.

Grandson Skyler caught his first fish last week. He turns 2 next month so his mom had his hair cut. He no longer looks like a baby. He looks like a 4 yr old. Makes me sad to see him growing up.


Kelly Mosley said...

Peggy I'm so sorry. He is so young, how sad. I will pray for their family ♥
Skylar looks cute with his new haircut!!!!

Peggy Lineberry said...

Thank you Kelly