Thursday, February 17, 2011

Twin Boys


I could tell Nannie was in the early stages of labor when I fed this morning. She wouldn't eat. Stayed off by herself and would stare off into space during contractions. I kept an eye on her throughout the day and had my birthing kit sitting on the table outside the goat pen ready and waiting. This afternoon she would do some crying and stretching. Some laying down and getting up episodes so I knew it would be soon. I was giving the goats some wheat bread as a treat when she really cried out. After checking and seeing this:

  I grabbed the birthing kit and camera. I had tried putting Nannie in a stall earlier but she did not like that at all so let her out and she picked underneath the spools the goats climb on to give birth. I put down bedding so everything would at least be clean for her. The kid was coming head first still in the sack. I popped the sack and cleaned out the kids mouth so it could breathe.
 After a few more pushes and a little bit of pulling from me Nannie had a baby boy.
 I finished cleaning its mouth and was drying it off when Nannie gave another cry and out popped baby boy number two! I grabbed him up and cleaned out his mouth and started drying him off. Nannie finished cleaning baby number one and then took over cleaning baby number two. No one can clean a baby better than mommy.
  After a nice bowl of warm molasses water and a bowl of feed for Nannie and a little milk from mommy for the babies everyone is resting in a goat stall. She finally let me move her and the babies so they could have some alone time. The other goats all wanted to meet the babies so Nannie was happy to take the babies to a nice warm stall away from prying eyes.
Nannie and boys will be going back to their home soon. I promise not to get attached and try to keep them here. Afterall the owner of these goats might not let me take care of his goats if I am going to try to keep them all. LOL    Now if Hayley and Buttons would get busy we could have Hidden Haven babies!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Peggy, That is super!!!! Congrats to Miss Nannie for her two precious baby boys. Glad you could help, Peggy...

Can't wait for Buttons to give birth.. She was BIG a month ago.. Bet she is REALLY big now...

Thanks for sharing... OH--the miracle of birth.

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

What cute baby boys and what a good midwife you are!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! It would be hard for us to give back those cute goat kids. We're not breeding or doing kidding season here anymore & we're not selling goats anymore either.


JoyceAnn said...

Look , at those handsome little bucks. Thanks for posting the graphic pics , it's a big help to me , so I'll know what I'm looking for (LOL), if the girls ever decide to birth. Glad to hear all went well.

~ Be Blessed ~

Denise said...

Congratulations to Nannie! So nice of you to help.

Ms Martyr said...

Glad you were there to help. I'm especially taken with the boy that is half black, half white. I'm sure it will be hard to let them go back to their owner.

amelia said...

Wonderful pics Peggy. You are the best mum to your animals and I'm sure they know that.

I wouldn't want to give them back either!!

DayPhoto said...

You are magic, you know!

Darling kids...really


Barbara said...

Oh that is so precious, I love them baby goats, so cute too, thank you for this wonderful new glance at life, hugs my friend, Barbara