Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes, I Am Rude

Show up at the homestead before 9AM or after 4PM wanting to purchase eggs, a animal, ask questions, or for a tour of the place to meet the animals and you will probably encounter my rudeness. Most of you already know animals come first around here. When my feet hit the floor I am letting dogs out, turning on the spiget so the cat can have his drink, uncovering and feeding the birds, feeding 3 baby bunnies a bottle, cleaning their cage and giving the food and water. Letting the dogs back in and feeding them then getting dressed and out the door to feed goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, geese,  turkey,ducks, and dogs. All of this before I have even had a glass of juice or cup of tea. After feeding is watering and any medications that need to be given. Most times I end up cleaning a few cages or water bowls before I finally make my way inside to feed myself. Breakfast is usually brunch as its around 10 or 10:30 before I get a chance to eat. At 4PM I am back doing the same things again for evening feeding and making sure everyone has dry warm bedding for the night and plenty of water. When someone shows up during these times it takes me away from the animals feeding schedule. They are use to their routine and when I have to stop you can hear them all around the neighborhood voicing their opinion on the matter. Yes, they are spoiled and could wait but then that also means I have to wait even longer to feed myself and that means all the other chores waiting on me will be even later getting done or put off till another day. I love having visitors!  I also tell them when they call what is a good time to come. Most honor those time frames. A few don't and even a few of those thought I was rude because I wouldn't stop in the middle of feeding my animals to talk with them and show their children the animals so they could pet them. Saying it will only take a minute??? Yeah, only a minute to let a child into the goat pen where the goats are wanting to see a feed bucket and not little hands wanting to pet. Only a minute to walk to each of the rabbit cages, tell the kids the rabbits names and let them hold and pet them. Then to walk around to the pens so they can visit Baby the turkey that thinks she is human. None of this can be done in a minute. And in that time I have animals getting upset over not getting their food. I want to take time to show you around. I want to take time to answer your questions. I want to take time to sell you fresh farm eggs or a laying hen or baby bunny. I want to take time to enjoy your visit and for you to enjoy your visit too. But don't show up before 9 or after 4 when have been asked not to and then think I am rude for not stopping in the middle of feeding. I will gladly stop mucking stalls, cleaning cages, etc throughout the day to talk, visit, feel free to stop by. Any day of the week, I don't mind at all. Just don't show up at feeding times and expect me to stop everything just for you. Yes, I am rude and will never change.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

You are not rude, Peggy... You are making yourself available between 9-4 --and that's plenty of time for people to stop by.... Put a sign out front asking people not to stop by before 9 or after 4.. Maybe that will help. People (NOT YOU) are rude!!!!

Stay true to your beliefs.

Carolyn Renee said...

I understand your grief. Unfortunately there are those that do not have livestock to attend to just don't get it....or THEY are just being rude (not you).

We've had the same problems with a few "neighbors" who stop by with their children & think that our place is a petting zoo. I don't mind showing people around, especially if they & their children can learn something, but unanounced "Petting Zoo" visitors are not welcome (well, most of the time). And they call US rude.

Kelly said...

I have an idea. Put a sign up with the visiting hours. Anything before 9am or after 4pm you will be glad to give them a tour, however, there will be a fee of $50 per person. Oh, and if they pay give them a free dozen of farm fresh eggs. It would be worth a little lateness and the animals will get over it and the money will help pay the feed bill. You ain't rude sistah. You just busy. I think someone ruffled your feathers. ;)

Anonymous said...

Peggy, You are one of the kindest, most giving folks I know; you are not rude. You are faithful to your animals and you have a schedule to keep. You have the right to make the rules.

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

You just hit the nail on the head for me. Our feeding schedule doesn't take long, but people showing up unannounced messes up my day. Good for you!

amelia said...

Oh Peggy, I'm with you all the way!!
To a much lesser degree I do the same thing. Once out of bed, I brush my teeth and then it's on to the birds outside and our dog meds, a few of them are on permanent meds, then my indoor bird then my cup of tea!!
It's like having kids, they always come before mum!!
Good for you Peggy, keep on being rude!! :)

Ms Martyr said...

Animals love routine and it's just not fair to interrupt it for a non-emergency. I think a sign posting hours open to the public is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em! ;)

Next time, put the unwanted visitor to work.

PEA said...

Ok I'll remember to only come visit you when it's not feeding time! hehe I don't blame you at all, sis, and I don't think it's rude at all, especially if these people have been told not to come at certain times. Love ya! xoxo