Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boring Post

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It rained off and on the night before and yesterday. It was a little cooler so I didn't mind working in the rain. Today not so wonderful as we are back to the awful hot and humid days with no end in sight. Records of triple digit temps have been broken and have a feeling we are going to be breaking even more. The cookout;/ pig roast for William's birthday has been postponed until fall. Hopefully we will have a cool fall so we can sit around the firepit and enjoy roasting a pig without roasting ourselves. So this weekend will find me baking a cake and cooking a birthday meal to enjoy inside with the a/c. It has been noisy around the homestead the past few days. Momma goats are weaning their babies and the babies aren't happy. They go around crying all day long. The only time they are quiet is at morning and afternoon feeding times. They are eating grain and hay really well but still want mommas milk to wash it all down. Hopefully they will get adjusted to not nursing in a few days and things will be quiet again. I separated the bucklings from the herd. They are now in their own pen and not happy about that either. I still have the goats I was caring for  but think the problem is about solved and they will be going to new homes in a couple weeks. The gardens are all but dried up. There are still a few tomato plants hanging on as well as cucumbers and peppers. Am hoping the fall garden will do much better. Grandson H is still with us but will be going home this weekend. I know why you have children when you are young. I am wore out at the end of the day keeping up with him. Yesterday I was working in the yard when he tried to take my shovel and pitch fork. I told him to leave them alone as they were grandma's tools. His answer to that as he kept dragging them away was: Sorry, but I can't hear you. He keeps me on my toes both physically and mentally.  Sold all the baby pigs and will be taking Porkchop and Dottie to be butchered this fall. Susie Q is due to have piglets any day now. Have already sold her and her babies but waiting to move her to her new home till after babies are born and a few days old. I have been painting the kitchen from white to a country beige. Guess I should have went with something different as no one has noticed yet and its been painted a week. Can't really say anything because their isn't that much wall space to see with the shelves, cabinets and appliances. Will paint the diningroom in a few days. This summer has really been the summer for baby chicks. We have had hens hatching chicks everywhere and still have another hen sitting on 13 eggs and one sitting on 3 turkey eggs. Tessa and Baby (turkey) have their nest with eggs in them but haven't started sitting yet. Daisy Duck has been given a new name... Fertile Myrtle. She hatched 3 ducklings early spring, then 15 ducklings late spring, and is now sitting on another nest full of eggs. Am going to have to start selling some ducks. A week from Saturday we will be taking part of Pets Day at Tractor Supply. They are setting up a nice shady fenced in place for us to bring baby goats, ducklings, bunnies, and chicks for children so see and pet. We may take Tinker or Bella but not sure on that yet. Of course Rusty will go. Tractor Supply is his favorite place to go. As soon as we walk in he goes right to the cashier and stands on his hind legs and begs. He knows they have doggie treats under the counter and he wants one when he goes in and when we check out.  Haven't canned very much this past week but have frozen creamed corn and kernel corn. Looking for green beans so I can can more as we and the kids use lots of these in the winter. As you can tell from this rambling post not a lot is going on. Am thankful for each day and still counting down the days till fall arrives. Have a blessed night my friends and count those blessings.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

HI Peggy, It's great to hear from you. I know you (like me) will be so happy when this hot summer is over. My biggest fear is that it's only July... Wonder what is in store for us in AUGUST. Yipes!!!!

You are smart to put off William's party til Fall. I have a card for him.. Do you want me to hold it 'til the party?????


Granny said...

It sounds to me like you've been real busy, especially with the help of H. I know what you mean about no one noticing the difference in the paint. Grampy painted both our bathrooms this spring, going from white to beige and no one noticed it either.

Denise said...

It sure sounds to me like you have lots going on.......just adding the 4 new little peeps has added work to my day and you have so many more little ones!

Mike said...

Hey, come over here and I'll show you boring. Anybody watching a toddler doesn't have time to be bored. ;)
Do you have any silkies or wyandottes? I'm not ready for them I'm just researching.
Wasn't the rain marvelous? I got tired of it after the 2nd day. lol

carolina nana said...

Sounds like you are having a busy summer,noy boring!
I had to laugh when you said what your grandson said about your tools,that sounds just like my little one.He is getting so sassy.
Maybe the weather will give us a break soon. We are so hot and dry here it is awful.
Blessings to you

Kelly said...

I don't see where the boring is. You make me tired. I agree on the part about having kids when you are young. We have our grand daughter Jasmine this summer. She is 8 and I go to bed tired. They talk alot! LOL

Anonymous said...

The weather such has been a trial for lots of us. 104 here today with high humidity. We we able to ge the hay in so that is a blessing.


PEA said...

Hi sis, I'm finally back to visiting again! After being away for 5 days it takes me a week to recover! lol We've been having some hot days as well, not as hot as you but very hot for us here. With the humidex it's up in the high 90's every day and no rain to speak of in over a month and a half so everything is pretty dry. I can't get over that your garden is almost finished, you're so way ahead of us. We've just started getting cucumbers and the peas and beans should be ready in another week or so. Tomatoes won't be ready for another 2 or 3 weeks yet. It sounds like you've been as busy as ever...I don't think you know what it is to sit down for 5 minutes!!! hehe Love ya! xoxo

Buttercup said...

I don't think this is boring at all. I live a totally city life and I enjoyed reading about all of your activities.