Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rain, Beans, and a Little Boy

We got rain!! Wonderful thunderstorm yesterday afternoon and then it settled into a nice steady rain. I just love the sound and smell of falling rain. Everything looks so green and happy now that it got a good long drink of water. Hopefully it will help save the gardens but not sure if it is too late or not.

I spent yesterday canning green beans and carrots

. William went to Lexington, NC to be there for his grandson W's foot surgery so I canned all day inbetween caring for the animals of course. W had to have the bones broken in both his feet (2 different surgeries) and have pins and screws inserted. The bones were trying to grow up through the top of the foot instead of straight so he was having a hard time walking. Once he gets the screws, stitches, etc. out and both casts off his feet he will be as good as new. Anyway when William came home he brought grandson H with him. H's babysitter is on vacation so he will be staying with us until the end of July. He loves the farm and the animals. I do have to keep a close eye on him though as he is the one that let the goats out of the pen last time and thought it was funny. Right now he is relaxing and watching a movie after being outside a few hours playing. He isn't still very often.
Almost time for evening chores and then H is helping fix hamburgers and home fries for supper. We are going to finish it off with a scoop if birthday cake ice cream... H picked the flavor and says its yum yum.

Hope you are having a cool relaxing day. Don't forget to count those blessings! Even the tiny ones.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute little guy, Peggy.. I'm sure he loves being on the farm. There's just so much for little guys to do there!!!!!

Sorry about William's grandson's foot problems. Sounds like the doctors are taking good care of him though. I'll keep him (family) in my prayers.

Glad you got some rain. We got some about 3 days ago--and we LOVED it.


Anonymous said...

I can imagine the smell of the rain, Peggy! Those green beans looks delicious. They were mama's all time favorite (white half runners). Hope little W heals quickly. H sure is a cutie!

texwisgirl said...

the surgery sounds painful, but i hope the grandson is young enough to recuperate quickly and perfectly. and good luck with your little visitor! he's probably going to run you ragged!

Kelly said...

Hope he heals quickly. What a sweet little boy. He is at a great age. Keeps you on your toes. Happy rain.

Granny said...

I remember your tales of H when he visited the last time. Hope he doesn't get in too much trouble while he's her.

Rain said...

Oh Peggy-hope the little guy heals fast and properly! Little H is definitely a pure blessing! Those beans look fabulous-ours are a ways off yet before picking!! But did make a doz pts of strawberry jam with my daughter today-she was so excited-first time for her-finally into it at age 26!! Having a family of her own helped I think!! I'm counting my blessings!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie H is! My nephew isn't still very often either but every once in awhile he is very still though.


PEA said...

So glad to hear that you got some much needed rain, sis. We need some over here now, it's been hot and sunny for the past 3 weeks with no rain. It goes from one extreme to the other over here! lol

No doubt you are having a blast with H, he's such a cutie pie and I remember how he kept you busy the last time you had him:-)

My prayers are with William's grandson, H, that his feet heal perfectly.

Great job on canning those beans, I won't have to do that for another month or so yet:-) xoxo

Linda said...

Grandchildren are the best. Sometimes I think we should have had grandchildren first! :)

You have fun with him...I just know he is planning on having lots of fun.