Monday, July 11, 2011

Surviving The Summer Heat

                                       What do you do to keep cool on these 100F degree days?
             Have a nice green salad with wheat bread and cozy up to a frozen water bottle?

                                         Bite into a nice cold, juicy cantalope?

                                       Enjoy a nice, long, cold, drink of well water?

                                        Or just hide out inside in the air condition?


Kelly said...

No AC here but I sure would like to cuddle with the water bottle. Stay cool!

texwisgirl said...

the dogs and i definitely do the last one (luckily in Texas we're sort of used to these hellish summers...)

like your new header - the chicken with the scarf?! i'm sure i missed a story there...

Granny said...

Your critters are so fortunate to have you for a caretaker. We're having a bad heat wave also. It's 96 degrees here today with a heat index of over 100.

carolina nana said...

Whew !! It's hot here also and the humidity makes it almost unbearable to be outside for any time.
I'm constantly giving fresh water to me animals but they are dealing well with the heat.
Friday's high is supposed to be 79 ,that's going to feel like fall after the next few days.
Blessings to you,stay cool

JoyceAnn said...

It has been hot , glad you all are doing well.

~ Be Blessed ~

Connie said...

I love the new picture at the top. The chicken with the scarf on her head. That's so cute.
Every time I see goats, I think of you dressing them in shirts.
You take such good care of your animals. They are so fortunate that they have been placed in your care.
Take care of yourself too! This heat is terrible for everyone.
Love you,

Mike said...

Yep, I broke out the ice bottles again. Freckles likes to get between it and the box. I'll get a pic if I can catch her in the act again.

Anonymous said...

I mainly stay in the A/C and if I do go out in the heat it is just feeding the critters.

If I go out on errands I have been wearing skirts and dresses.

We have been eating lots of salad here lately.


PEA said...

I'm definitely with the dog, inside in the air conditioning! lol We don't get temps in the 100's but we have had them in the 90's and even that is way too hot for me. It's only 70 here today but with bright blue skies so it's perfect:-) Love ya sis. xoxo

Mike said...

Hey we got a small thunder storm today. Did you? Do you have to do anything special for chickens during the winter months? I'm thinking maybe next year I'd like to try a few layers.

Linda said...

I think Rusty has the right idea...hang with you. You know just the perfect thing to help everyone through.


Sophie said...

I'd hide inside with air conditioning, and then snuggle up to that fluffy dog of yours!