Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August.. A Little Closer to Fall

Come on fall! Bring some wonderfully chilly, sweater weather my way. August should be the last of our very hot and humid days but as strange as the weather has been September could be even hotter. Am keeping an eye on Emily to see if she is going to come close enough to NC to bring much needed rain.

Still have Grandson H for another week. Since his brother is visiting his other grandparents we ask to keep Harvey another week so his parents could have some no kid time before the rush of school starting. He is up bright and early having juice and toast with Pop Pop before heading out to care for the animals. He helps for a few minutes until the wagon or his toy lawnmower catch his attention. He is playing so hard he is asking me for a shower and bed early in the evening.

Susie Q had 6 baby piglets!  We have her and her babies sold so they will be leaving in a few days. Dottie and Pork Chop will be going to be butchered as soon as cool weather hits. That will leave us with zero pigs and make me very happy. Now if most of the goats go as planned I will be very very happy!

Still getting tomatoes and peppers from the gardens. Everything else is gone but counting on a fall garden doing well this year. Herb garden is doing great. Have dehydrated all the dill and most of the parsley. The other herbs are needing cut and dried this week. Will have plenty of herbs this winter at least.

Thank you Juanita, Betsy, and Jenny for the birthday cards to William. He was very surprised and had a smile on his face most of the day. To my new friend Gina, I love your blog but am unable to leave comments because of the word thing. Same thing on SciFiChicks blog. She is having a awesome give away but I can't leave comments to take part. Each time I try on these two blogs it takes me to sign in on google over and over again.  I am reading blogs early morning and late evenings and will leave a few comments each day. If I don't leave one on yours hang on I will another day. I have way too many blogs I love to read but just can't bring myself to cut any out. And to my friend Connie, I love your comments when you stop by and anytime you and your husband are this way please do stop by in person! Now its off to give these animals some fresh cold water and of course a snack or two. The temp on the back porch in the shade says 102F.

Add Denise of Mountain Quilter to the list of not being able to leave a comment. Geez what has happened to blogger and what has happened to the follower list?


TexWisGirl said...

when you first sign in to google, uncheck the 'stay signed in' box and it should then allow you to comment without being constantly kicked out again.

cute piglets!

Mike said...

I have had the same problem leaving comments on newly followed blogs. I would venture to say Blogger is updating. When I was using AOL on a regular basis we always knew when something new was coming.

Did you get the pop down menu asking you to choose how you would like to sign in? That's what I got. I can pick 'anonymous' and have no problems.
I can pick 'url' and leave my blogspot url and can then identify myself. ie; Mike

If I chose anything else, I got the runaround with log in, magic word, log in. Never to leave anything but, frustrated.

Maybe that will work for you, too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Google now calls our Followers list the "Google Friend Connect"...

I've heard people say over and over that they cannot get on certain blogs... Seems like Blogger could get it fixed. Luckily, I haven't had any problems.

I'm like you ----I'm ready for FALL... It's still hotter than blue blazes here --and we haven't had any rain in over a week now... Yuk!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Peggy, I always think of you in the Autumn and Winter months. I know how you love the wood stove, hot tea or hot chocolate and a good book (when you have the time)! I'm taking a bit of a blog break but I'll be checking in with you. God bless you and your family.

carolina nana said...

Hope you are right about August being the last of the heat wave but don't hold your breath. It's awful to wish for a hurricane to get close to the coast but I'm with you on Emily. Bring her on and the rain she brings with her

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! It's starting to cool off a little here.


Mike said...

Hey, me and Higgins just got back from TSC. Nothing set up. I reckon we're just too early of a bird to get to see anything. Thanks for the info, sorry we missed you.

Terry and Linda said...

Terry has as hard time in the heat too. He wants to have it cooler, like you...even winter. I love the heat. I can stand the heat until oh about 97* then I'm done.


stampedconcrete said...

i like the photos .. the Susie Q looked a bit older .. thanks for sharing ..

Sophie said...

I still don't understand how people can send their own animals that trusted them to be killed and then eat them. I could not bare that! I try to eat as little meat as possible myself... but I guess it is everyone's own choice.