Monday, August 15, 2011

What?? I Can't Hear You

Yeah, it is noisy around the homestead right now. The bucklings are now living in their own pen and are voicing their opinion on the matter.... LOUDLY. Not to be outdone the momma goats are standing at the fence crying for their babies. These little fellas are weaned so there is no reason for them to cry for their mommy. They are also big enough now that they are starting to notice the does. This causes them to do the mating thing of peeing on their face and rubbing that into their body so they smell "attractive" to the female. Believe me they stink! And rutting season has just started. Andy our main buck is keeping the little ones in tow so hopefully things will quieten down in a couple days and we can hear ourselves think.

We had a wonderful rainstorm last night! We got almost 2 inches of rain and cooler weather. It was only in the 80's today and the nights are suppose to be in the low 60's for the next few days. I can just feel fall around the corner. Looking forward to getting the long sleeves and sweaters out. Picked the last of the tomatoes today. The gardens are done. The rains came too late to help them. The herb garden is still doing well and I have lots to cut and dehydrate still.

William has a summer cold and I have a sinus infection so we both have not been up to par. Having to force ourselves to get chores done. I still have the extra goats. Thought they would be gone by now and hate that I had to leave a nasty message to make sure they are gone by the 31st. If not I will accept they belong to me and will sell them to make up for the money spent on grain, hay, vaccines, meds, and care. I will not be taking in anymore pregnant goats. I will go to where the goats are and help deliver if needed but not bring anymore here to the homestead. The momma pig and piglets are still here. The guy that wanted them all and called several times and even had me send photos no longer answers his phone or emails. I don't understand why its so hard if you change your mind to let someone know instead of just ignoring them. We will keep the piglets until they are weaned and sell them. We have a waiting list and will see how that works out. The momma pig will be butchered this fall with Pork Chop and Dottie. That will get us out of the pig business thank goodness!

Have started working on Family Christmas Weekend. It takes a lot of work to get the treasure hunt bigger and better than the year before. Hopefully all the family will make it and have a blast.

Am reading a couple of good books when I can stay awake to read. Also working on some handstitched work for gifts. Will try to surprise myself and get them finished this year. I am still having problems leaving comments. I get a message saying I am not approved to read the blog even though I just read it and was trying to leave a comment. I can't see any of my follow lists nor find a way to follow new blogs I find. Am unhappy with blogger at the moment but at least its free. This post sound like a whinny post but its not meant to be. Each day has things that go wrong and lots of things that go wonderfully. I choose to count my blessings on the good things and learn from the bad ones and just enjoy each day. Life is a blessing that I am very happy to have! Don't forget to count those blessings.... even the small ones.


TexWisGirl said...

sorry blogger is giving you fits. it seems to go in rounds.

good luck with those little goats! i would hate separating young from their moms - even if they are nasty little stinky boys! :)

Mike said...

I hope you can sell the stock you need to, soon. Maybe now with the cooler weather, folks will turn serious.
I'm sure some of my posts sound whiny. Sometimes, there's some sentences that are. But, for the most part, it's just me jabbering trying to look at my thoughts in concrete terms. Or, after a long enduring spell, it's a post of relief. You two get well, and get them kids washed off. lol

Granny said...

It sounds like you're meeting yourself coming and going these days. Fortunately things will slow down a little for you when cooler weather gets here. I'm having problems with blogger. Some blogs I open and the page freezes before it gets completely loaded. Others I can't comment. As you say, the only thing good about it is that it's free.

Anonymous said...

I switched to from blogger and it works better for me.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, So glad you got some rain. We have the cooler weather (isn't it just awesome?) but we need rain. The rain just keeps going all around us.

Sorry that you and William are under the weather. It's not fun to feel bad physically during the summer (or anytime for that matter). Take care my friend.

We are on our way to Tullahoma to see G's Dad. My blog did not publish on the reader/dashboard today... Grrr...


Carolyn Renee said...

Sorry to hear you got stuck with the pigs and goats. I say go ahead with selling them, try to get your money out of it and then let it go. I know, it's hard to. Been burned a few times like that myself with livestock, "Oh, I'll pay you next week" or "I'll return your hoof trimmers".

I've had to deny some people either help or materials, but really, if they are honest people, they DO understand. It's the ones who throw a fit that you won't "help" them that are usually the ones you get burned by.

Keep on keeping on!

Terry and Linda said...

I've had trouble with blogger off and on. I also understand about getting out of the pig businesss.. they are delightful animals, but boy can they eat.


melissa said...

Hey sweet thing. Glad that the cooler weather that passed over us headed your way. Makes a heap of difference, I know.


You take care, and hope you both feel better soon. :)

Valerie said...

People are so rude!!!

Hate ya'll are feeling poorly.

Very jealous of the rain! As Betsy from Tennessee said, we got the lower temps but no rain.

Feel better soon!