Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hidden Haven Prison

Yep Hidden Haven has a prison. I worked there most of the day. We had to build a prison for our bad chickens. There are some chickens that no matter how good you feed and treat them will escape. They will always go to your flower beds, veggie gardens and scratch all the mulch away from the plants. They will get on the porch and leave a nice smelly present that you have to scrub like crazy to get up. So we built a prison that is escape proof. John Henry is the prison guard. He is the very first rooster we got years ago so has some age and experience on him. He is a kind but firm guard with the ladies.
Besides bread and water the lady prisoners get grain, veggie, and fruit treats.
They have roosting poles around the prison yard as well as nice straw bedding and laying boxes. They are serving life though and will never get parole. We tried paroling a few, clipping their wings, and putting them in a regular pen. They beat us out of the pen and went straight back to scratching where they shouldn't be so no more parole. We even have a warden living at the prison with his family.

Mr and Mrs. Rose Comb and their 4 children. They may be very small chickens but they run the prison with iron feet. Mr. Rose Comb will give the lady prisoners a firm talking to if John Henry has his wings busy elsewhere. We also have a juvenile wing at the prison. Yep, some of the young chicks think it is fun to escape and run around all day teasing the dogs and cat.
Mr. Frizzie is the guard in that wing. He doesn't take any silliness from any of those chicks. The good thing is the young ones get pardoned when they start acting like a adult. They get to go live back with the civilized chickens and hopefully will never have to go back to Hidden Haven Prison again.
There is also a nursery at the prison. John Henry does take liberties with some of the ladies and they end up with babies. The babies stay with them for a week and then are moved to the nursery till they are big enough to go into a regular pen near the civilized chickens.

Today I was the grounds keeper. I turned all the yards over so they would have fresh clean dirt to scratch around in. I bleached their water bowls, cleaned and filled their food bowls, and gave everyone watermelon and cantaloupe for afternoon snack. Also made sure each pen had fresh grit to snack on. Working at the prison was hot and sweaty work but got to listen the lady prisoners chatting while they snacked. Got to talk to Mr and Mrs. Rose Comb about moving their children out on their own. Got to check out the young prisoners and see if any were ready for parole and got to enjoy playing with the babies in the nursery. Yep, I actually had a fun day at prison today.  Hope your day was filled with blessings!


Granny said...

I love your critter stories. I remember well trying to wash the chicken poop out from between my toes when I'd go barefoot when I went to collect the eggs.

TexWisGirl said...

such a cute post! you're a very good warden/prison keeper!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Call it a prison (since that's what it is) but at least, they are safe there --and your yard is protected. You are such a good Mama to all of your babies....

Anonymous said...

LOL! We've had to do that for our escape artist goats.


Lamb said... the prison nursery! We have no escapees here as our rooster rules with an iron talon! If any of his ladies try to escape, he herds them back into a corner and gives them a stern talking to!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

A pretty cozy prison: more on the Norwegian model than the American one.

Valerie said...

I agree with Betsy: my mom paid major $$ to have her chicken pen fenced in and over!!! Now her chickens come and go as they please and are safe from hawks. Peggy, please contact me @ I need to get an address to send your home-canned treat. Love your blog!

Terry and Linda said...

I love your stories! You are so very gifted in helping us see what your life is and how delightful your animals are.