Monday, October 17, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know you can make your own washing soda? Lots of my blog friends make their own laundry detergent and have problems finding washing soda. Well now you can make your own!

Did you know I absolutely love oven roasted tomatoes? Did you know they are very easy to make? Did you know they are more addictive than chocolate? You should really try this recipe!

Did you know I have about 200 cloves of garlic to plant? Did you know fall is the time to plant? Did you know its easy to grow garlic and you will always have plenty of garlic handy when needed?

Did you know we are getting another Great Pyrenees? I met a lady at our yardsale Saturday that works for Hoke County Animal Shelter. They have a older female Great Pyrenees that they have tried to find a home without any luck. She was to be euthanize tomorrow but will be coming to live at Hidden Haven. Her name is Hilliary and she is around 8 years old. Her owners used her for breeding and she never got a break between having puppies. She is worn out and feeling abandoned. She loves people, children, other dogs, cats, and most all animals. She loves going on walks and being petted. I hope she loves it here and thinks of it as her forever home. The extra special bonus is the adoption fee ($90) is being waived. She will be spayed, given all her shots, and microchip before we pick her up tomorrow.  I am so glad she isn't going to be put down and I am hoping she will be glad to be part of the Hidden Haven family. Also hope we are able to put a little weight on her.

Did you know that my grandson Q played his football game with a broken wrist, broken growing plate, broken thumb, and damaged tendons? No one knows how he was able to continue playing like that but he sure must have a high pain tolerance. He has a nice red cast from his thumb all the way to his elbow and will be off the field for awhile.

Did you know I didn't get enough stress from having the yardsale over the weekend that I have agreed to have another one with a neighbor in two weeks? I am so crazy!

Did you know there is a chance of snow later this week in the mountains of NC?? And I won't be there? Grands have promised pictures if it does snow. Kinda early for snow but I am hoping it means a cold, icy, snowy, windy, winter this year. Hey, I can hope can't I?

Did you know my friend Lisa is facing the challenge of cancer? She is sharing her journey with us. All the ups and downs. She is such a blessing to everyone. Won't you stop by her blog for a visit and tell her Peggy sent you.

Did you know it is late but I have tomatoes to can and laundry to fold and put away? Well I do so goodnight my friends. I am off to count all the wonderful blessings of the day. Don't forget to count yours!!


Granny said...

Reading your blog always brings a smile to my face. I'm so glad Hillary is not being put down and will soon be living the life she deserves at Hidden Haven. Bless you for giving her a loving home.

I think your grandson has some of your grit and gumption to withstand the pain he did and finish the game.

I've added your friend in my prayers.

Have a good day.

Denise said...

Welcome to Hillary, she is one lucky dog! There was snow on Mt Washington in NH yesterday, I know I'm not ready yet. Will you please share how to make washing soda, I can find it here but I'm always interested in learning something new.

Have a great day.

TexWisGirl said...

congrats to your newest adoptee! i hope she is a wonderful addition to your home! God bless you!

i tried to go to your friend's link but it wouldn't read for me. i hope good healing for her!!!

Anonymous said...

We just planted garlic for the first time on Sunday afternoon!



Patty said...

What a great bunch of things to know! :)

Anonymous said...

Hillary is such a sweetheart and I know you all will be so good for one another. Bless you all, Peggy.

Rain said...

And do you know that you are LOVED!!!!~~Rain