Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where Is Fall

What happened to fall? It has warmed back up so no fire in the stove, no hot chocolate to warm me up, no jacket for early morning chores. I was so enjoying fall weather while dreaming of winter. My two pumpkins I have by the back steps are not handling the heat so will be cut up for the goats and pigs to eat. Guess I will just use my fake ones until cool weather comes back.

Got the outside decorated for fall and a little bit inside. Did a little yardsaling this morning and found a few goodies. Am also getting things together for a yardsale with my friend Gerda next week. Have a lot of stuff around here that needs a new home.

Also getting things ready for Costume Day at Tractor Supply on the 22nd. Thanks to everyone for the awesome ideas but have decided to go with Mildred's and have Rusty go as a cowboy and Petro as a indian. Rusty will be wearing Mildred's little cutie Harriet's cowboy hat.Rusty has a crush on Harriet. Have a shirt and bandanna for Rusty and a headband with feather for Petro along with a little bag for his back carrying a bow and arrows. If you are in the Fayetteville area on the 22nd stop by Tractor Supply on Raeford Road (Hwy 401) between noon and 5PM. There is a costume contest for kids and animals with a $25 gift certificate as a prize for the cutest. William and I will be giving hayrides during that time so would love to see you there.

Honey Bunny had 4 babies yesterday. She is the bunny that was temporary paralyzed. She got all better after a couple of days of that and a week later had 4 fat, healthy, cute babies. We are always blessed to have a bunny with babies when another one has and rejects her liter. Today Sweet Bun had 4 babies and would not nurse or have anything to do with them. I kept trying to put them on her teats so they could nurse but she would kick them away and not even make a nest for them. I took them this afternoon and rubbed them all over Honey Bunny and then rubbed them with Honey Bunny's babies before putting them in her nest. She hopped right over to the nest and let them nurse. Have checked on them every couple hours and all babies are doing fine. Honey Bunny seems to be happy with 8 babies and Sweet Bun seems happy to not be a mom. Sometimes that happens with the first liter. Will try her again in a few months and see if she does better. If not will sell her as a pet for someone since she loves to be held and petted.  Will be breeding some of the other rabbits this week so babies will be ready for new homes at Christmas. We usually spend Christmas Eve delivering baby bunnies and have even delivered a couple on Christmas Day. Lots of calls and coordination goes into getting bunnies under the tree at just the right time.Love it!

Have a great pumpkin muffin recipe for you! Very, very simple. Just get a box of spice cake mix and a small can of pureed pumpkin. Mix together and pour into greased or papered muffin tins. Will be thick but only fill half full. Makes alot unless you use the huge muffin tins. They are delicious!!

Just a normal weekend around the homestead. Enjoying all the many blessings and hope you are too!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Peggy, I know your home looks very festive decorated for fall. Hopefully, the cool weather will return soon. So happy you have 8 new bunnies. Your pumpkin muffins sound delicious and easy - I'll bet they smell wonderful baking. Take care and enjoy your day.
Rusty's cowboy hat is on its way - I can't wait to see he and Petro in their costumes!

Anonymous said...

It has warmed up here too! I have been enjoying all the blessings I have.



Mike said...

It's freezin' here. We had snow and an ice storm. Okay, we didn't. But, it's still too crisp in the morning for me. I'll try and remember TSC. ;)

Granny said...

We've had crazy weather also. One day I'm wearing a wool sweater when I go out in the morning and the next day it's back to short sleeves. I was hoping for a long fall season but guess we won't get it.

Those muffins sound delicious. I love almost anything pumpkin.

carolina nana said...

Hey Peggy,
I have a laptop that I take on vacation with me but can't get my photos in the correct place on the blog post on it so I write my poat each day and then when I get home I put in the photos and post from my desktop.
I sat up until after midnight last night to get it caught up.
We are getting some much needed rain up here in the mountains today with some cooler temperatures.

Sarah said...

see your having the opposite "where's fall" problem. YOu returned to the heat, and we're having snow already. Either way, Fall is hiding somewhere. I hope it comes back soon! Cute blog! Thanks for visiting mine andn I'm looking forward to reading more of yours. The Tractor Supply pet costume thing sounds fun! I love that store! And that is a great idea for muffins. Got to try it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, It's warmer here also---with no fires in the fireplace at night --and with fans still running.... GADS!!!!! I'm ready for more FALL too....We also are very dry ---and need rain. They say we 'may' get some this week. Hope we do!!!!

Have fun at the Tractor Supply Costume Party. I know you will!! Take pictures of Rusty and Petro...

Congrats to Honey Bunny.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

We are having a lovely Autumn here with war temperatures. They will be getting colder soon. The leaves are in full colour.

My friend John has posted some lovely pictures south of here in Algonquin Park

Terry and Linda said...

You always do the most fun things...sometimes (often) I wish I lived close to you and could join you in your adventures!