Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Leaf Raking Kinda Day

Seems like I didn't stop all day but still didn't get anything done. Just one of those days. My friend Gerda came home from the hospital today. We took supper so she wouldn't have to cook and got some of her leaves bagged up. Her neighborhood watch complained about her yard being the only one in the neighborhood not raked. Not one of them or her neighbors volunteered to rake and bag them. She is a elderly lady with lots of medical problems. Her neighborhood is young families with a couple of middle aged families down the street. All able to help a elderly neighbor if they choose. Enough venting

. We got some of the leaves up and will try to finish tomorrow evening. My yard after the heavy rain is thick with leaves. Will get to it one day. Got 2 Christmas trees up. Up as in standing with lights on but that is it. Got some of the boxes of Christmas decorations out. Will go through them and try to downsize even more than I did last year. Really don't need all these decorations. Want to keep it simple. Tried to get all the rabbit cages filled with straw as cold weather is suppose to be here for a few days. Want the bunnies to stay warm. Also got the goat stalls and houses fixed with fresh bedding. Took some pictures so I could list some things on Craigs List and ebay. Hopefully will get to that tonight. Got some laundry done but still have a couple more loads. We finally ate the rest of Thanksgiving leftovers. Well except for the turkey and I put those leftovers in the freezer. Looking forward to having a meal tomorrow without turkey as part of the menu. I am planning on going to my daughters around the 16th so trying to get lots of things done around here. Also make lots of notes for William as he sometimes doesn't remember to do certain things. I will be leaving Rusty home this trip and know he will be sad. Made sure to leave notes on his treats, rides, walks, etc. He doesn't like getting his feet wet or cold. When it rains or snows you have to carry him to a dry spot to potty. Yeah, I know but what can I say. LOL I am sure William will do fine but just want to make sure the animals keep their routine and get lots of love.

The grands are already making plans for me and I am excited to spend time with them and my daughters. As some of you remember my daughters and I try to help a needy family each Christmas. This year we are helping a single mom who lost her job and has a set of 13 year old twins. If anyone would like to send a gift just leave a comment and I will email my daughters address to you. We will be delivering the gifts on Christmas Eve. I will post all about it when I get home but of course won't take any pictures. Don't want to embarrass the family in anyway. When ask what they wanted the mother didn't give a big or expensive list. The son wants pj bottoms (size men med), ankle socks size (men 8-10) anything Carolina Panther. Daughter likes "funky" socks (women 8-10) XL (womens) pj bottoms, VHS movies (sci fi, animal, disney) craft supplies, hair stuff, body spray.  Mom didn't ask for anything but could use Verizon  prepaid phone card as that is their only phone in home. They have a walmart, kmart, BiLo's, Ingles in their town if anyone wanted to send a gift card. I am taking a box of canned goods along with a gift for each child. We hope to help this family have a wonderful Christmas. That's what Christmas is all about... caring and helping others. 

William has plans to go back to Lexington, NC to help his son in law for a few days. My plans are to paint the diningroom while he is gone. Do more decluttering so he won't see what I get rid of. (smile) Do lots of yardwork and pack for my trip. We had Gerda's grandson staying with us for a few days while she was in hospital. He is 18 and has a fulltime job. He would love to stay here all the time but I am just too old. It is hard having a teenager in the house that thinks he is an adult and doesn't need rules. As my dad always said, as long as you are under my roof there will be rules. So tomorrow he will be going out on his own. He doesn't like his grandmother or anyone giving him rules. Will be keeping him in my prayers and hope he becomes the adult he thinks he already is. Learns he will always have rules wherever he goes.

I am enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate, a nice fire in the stove, and the peace and quiet of the household. Late nights are peaceful and relaxing. Gives me time to think and also count my blessings..... have you counted yours today?


amelia said...

I know too well about kids thinking they're adults! The boy is best on his own and he will learn the hard way but it's better than not learning at all. I also completely understand about feeling too old to cope with him living with you!! Hubby and me cherish the time we spend alone without kids in the house!

I hope you enjoy your time away, I bet you'll miss home though..

Mike said...

..and I thought Higgins was spoiled. Ha.

I'm glad I was never a teenager and acted like I knew everything. lolol

Maybe you can weed out some of Williams' goats without him noticing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have counted those blessings! We don't rake our leaves here.



TexWisGirl said...

you're amazing! everything you do at your own place and for others. a wonderful soul!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, That is kinda sad that none of Gerda's neighbors would help her.

We are helping a family through our church. That is what Christmas is all about... That's nice that your family does it as a 'family'... Super!!!

NO--Don't think I'd want a teenager living with me these days...

I'm so excited that you get to go home. How long will you stay???

Hugs and Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Peggy
Please email me with your daughter's address so I can help the family with a gift or two. email is Thanks and have a wonderful blessed
Christmas. Blessings Mary

Terry and Linda said...

You are a saint and I'm proud to call you friend.


October Grace said...


I think it's great that y'all do what you can to help a family in need every year at Christmas. I'd like to contribute some gifts. Please send me your daughter's address. My e-mail is:

Many blessings,