Thursday, July 26, 2012

We stayed up until 2AM watching "scary" movies. Had a really fun night with the kids. Megan ask Quintin to watch Skyler for a few minutes this morning. They both fell asleep.... just love this pic!!  Today I rode to Asheville with Melody to take Julie to doctors appointment. Granddaughter Hope just got her permit and drove us. I realized I am too old to ride with teenage drivers! I do better with scary movies. LOL Enjoyed spending time with Melody, Julie, Hope, and Raigun. My time for heading home is drawing near so I am trying to spend as much time as I can with the grands. Miss the homestead and looking forward to being home but am still enjoying the blessings of being here in the mountains. The weather here has been wonderful. Today was the first day since being here I got hot and sweaty. It has cooled down tonight and looking forward to this wonderful mountain night air. Don't forget to count those blessings!!


TexWisGirl said...

i like that - too old to ride w/ teenage drivers - better off w/ scary movies. :)

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Peggy, sounds like you have had a wonderful time with family --and grands!!!!! I know your babies at home have missed you (William too I'm sure).... BUT--I'm so glad you got this vacation.

judie said...

Hi Peggy. Been a long time since I visited. Like your new blog and the music is peaceful. Just what I need. Beautiful baby! Do you still have your goats and make soap? I still miss NC.

Peggy, do you know what happened to Joyce Ann at Feather Spirits? She hasn't posted in a long time and I miss her blog. Hope she is ok. Doesnt answer my emails.

If you know and will share the info please email me at

Do you recall that fund raiser you had ages ago for a friend? I STILL HAVE that little blue book of ATC cards I bid on and won, that was made by Ang. Sigh.....memories. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Thanks for sharing photos from your lovely trip home to the mountains. I know you enjoyed being with family and friends but I know it was good to get home, too. Don't work too hard trying to catch up. Love the photo of you with the baby!

Buttons said...

Love this photo. B
Love your line about the driving with teenagers thing I understand that one. B