Monday, July 2, 2012

What A Heat Wave!

We have broken records the past several days with our high temps. Actual temps have been 103,107, 106, 102F. Heat index one day was 114F. We cut our a/c on for the first time last Wednesday. Though we have it 78F in the house it has felt so nice, when I am inside. My problem is I feel guilty I am cool while animals are outside in the heat and humidity. I put fans in the stalls for the goats and they love standing in front of them. I am also trying to keep their water changed every few hours so its not hot like bath water. I have a fan for the dogs to use and Bella loves it. She lays down in front of it and doesn't move. Seems I am trading out thawed water bottles for frozen ones with the rabbits every time I turn around. That's 16 rabbits which means I have 32 frozen water bottles to deal with besides the 16 drinking bottles for them. The chickens,ducks, geese, and turkey are also getting fresh water every few hours and a misting to help them cool off. They just stand there and spread their wings. The heat has me soaking wet in a matter of minutes. When I come inside its like I just stepped out of the shower. I dry off, change clothes and its time to start all over. Remember that donut commercial: Time to make the donuts? That's what I feel like. I am meeting myself coming in as I am going out. Today we had a hail storm but along with it was rain, heavy winds, and cooler temperatures. We dropped from 102 to 79 in a matter of minutes. The dogs were freaking out over the thunder so brought them inside and we watched the storm out the window. Tinker wanted to be a lap dog till the storm passed. A 120lb plus dog is not a good lap dog. When the storm passed and the dogs were back in the goat pens I just enjoyed walking around outside. There was no heat to take my breath away or making me sweat like a pig. It was just nice. Heat will be back tomorrow but for now I can relax without feeling guilty. The animals can enjoy one night of cool weather. They can get some rest for tomorrows heat. William thinks this crazy record breaking weather is going to bring us a harsh winter. I say bring it on! The more snow, cold winter winds, the better. I have always thought I should have been born a Eskimo. I can add layers, build a nice fire, and do lots of things to stay warm and keep my animals warm. There are very few things to do to stay cool and there are only so many layers of clothing one can take off.

On a different note, grandson Skyler is doing fantastic. Being blessed with a old brother and sister and a mom that hasn't had a baby in 13 yrs he is getting spoiled. I ask Megan today if Skyler had slept laying down yet. LOL She said he did last night. They go home from the hospital tomorrow where I am sure Skyler will not make more than a whimper before everyone is bidding his command. That baby doesn't know how blessed he is!
Mommy just can't believe he is finally here.

Quintin already has big sports plans for his little brother

Gabby is even enjoying changing diapers. She loves being a big sister and not the baby of the family.
Daddy is even making sure Skyler is being spoiled.
I plan on going up in a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then everyone will have had plenty of time to hold, love, and spoil him so I can make sure to get my fill too! Have a blessed week. If you have pets please don't forget to take extra care of them during the heat of the day. You don't like being hot and drinking warm water... They shouldn't have to either!


Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Our temps have been similar to yours. I know you have been so busy and worried about your animals. Thanks for these sweet pics of Skyler. He is a fine, healthy boy and I know you are anxious to hold him. Have a good week.

amelia said...

That baby is just gorgeous!!! In your header pic he's perfect!! Doesn't quite make me want one but close!
We have been lucky enough to have cool nights and mornings. It's 5c again this morning and it's usually between 5c and 10c to wake up to. I feel so bad for all the animals whose owners don't care in the heat.
You are the best animal mother Peggy and they are so lucky to have you.

goatpod2 said...

It's been HOT here as well, what a cute grandson. My parent's and I just met my 5 mo. old niece for the first time on Saturday at her Nonna's house (my sister-in-law's Mom) along with her Mom and 2 big sister's.


TexWisGirl said...

bless your heart. hope you and the animals can manage!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

We are getting those record-breaking temperatures too --although we finally are getting some much-needed rain tonight. YEAH!!!!!

You do a fabulous job taking care of those wonderful animals of yours. You are a fabulous Mama--not only to your human kids --but to all of your animal babies, in addition to your grands...

Hope you get to see that grandbaby SOON.