Monday, September 10, 2012

Double Nickel Farm: Before President Obama Part 1

Times are hard or getting hard for everyone. Grocery store prices are soaring. Those of us with animals hold our breath when we go buy animal feed. Each time we go its up another dollar or more. It is time to start being frugal if you aren't already. If you are its time to squeeze those pennies a little harder. Things are going to get a lot worse before or even if they get better. Sharing a link I think will bring it home much better than I. Will share part two when she posts. You really should take time to read. Consider it food for thought.
 Double Nickel Farm: Before President Obama Part 1


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Peggy, That is one powerful post --of someone, by working hard, who turned what could have been a bad situation into something which worked for them, even though it was and is hard..

That is a message for all of us. So many Americans these days don't want to do what your friend did... They just want to sit and let the Govt. pay for them to live. What has happened to us hard-working people in our country???? Things have changed and people just seem to want hand-outs...As someone said, we have turned into a country of 'makers' (like your friend and family are) to a country of 'takers'..... Sad, isn't it?


MamaDragon said...

Thank you for this post. We are trying hard to work hard, and be frugal, but there is so much temptation out there too! All we can do is try our best each and everyday, and hope by working hard together we can pull through what I can only see as some very tough years that lie ahead.