Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lil Tidbits

Had a major headache for 3 days but think I gave it myself while getting soaps ready for Craft Fair Saturday.
Think smelling all the different scents while bagging soaps was my downfall.

The Craft Fair, Farm Tractor Demonstration, Flock Swap was a big hit. Our Tractor Supply always has such awesome things each month to take part in. I sold lots of soaps, laundry detergent,lip balms, jams/jellies, herbal teas, and my cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins were a big hit! We also sold Bonnie and Clyde (a pair of our geese) Rocky, Porky, and Prissy (our New Zeland meat rabbits), and Farley (one of Buttons bucklings) as well as 4 roosters. The lady that bought the roosters wants more every week which will really help bring our rooster population down along with the feed bill. The other animals sold each went to loving homes and won't be eaten.

We found a really good deal on hay so traveled to Cameron after the craft fair to bring home 45 bales. The goats were very happy with the hay and we are very happy with the price.

Got such a sweet phone call! Megan called and put the phone to Skyler's ear and let me talk to him. He goo'd and goo'd while I talked like he was talking back. Megan said he also kept turning to look at the phone like he was trying to see me. LOL

I love and miss my snuggle buddy. Grandson Quintin had his birthday party last night. From what I hear it was the perfect 15 bash with music and dancing.

Had a hen show up from the field with 2 baby chicks. Found her nest right out in the open so surprised she even hatched 2 eggs with all the rain we have had. The other 6 eggs didn't hatch and William tried putting them under a light. They didn't hatch but my love seat has a burnt spot (another post in itself LOL)

A new friend William made at the flock swap gave him a LOT of hot peppers, sweet peppers, and eggplant so I will be doing something with them tomorrow. The guy and his family are organic and really was nice meeting and talking with them. Also chatted for a while with a lady that has more goats than me and even bought 4 keets from her. (Yes Mike, 4 more birds).

I won a give away from a country cowgirl which I will write more about her blog on one of my Wednesday's Wonderful Blog Neighbor post. She sent me a beautiful necklace and earring set, a book on true stories of horses and humans. Already got me in tears but is a beautiful book. A screen frame that I absolutely love! She is a sweet young lady and I thank her very much!

Have been trying not to post too much about the election on facebook though it has been hard. I hate when one side writes how bad or stupid the other side is doing or saying things but when their side does some of the same things or worse they say nothing but good things. Our country is is deep trouble no matter who wins. We need to stop blaming, calling names and make America united once again. No one side or person can do this... it takes ALL of us regular Americans to take our country back and stop letting the people we elected do what they want. They work for us!!! Okay enough of the lil tidbits floating around in my mind. Time to get back to things I can handle and finish the laundry!


TexWisGirl said...

the headache sounds dreadful, but yes, i can see it coming from all the scents overload. congrats on good sales of the products and animals! cute little phone caller. :)

Carolyn Renee said...

Incubating eggs on the sofa????
DH would kill me!

Granny said...

I'm so glad you had a good day at the sale. It's smart to have a variety of items to sell. I'm going to start making my own laundry soap. Our health insurance is going up and our income isn't.

Buttercup said...

Cute,cute baby picture. I'm with you on keeping a non-partisan blog and facebook page. I will chatter away in real life, but like to come to my blog as a quiet place where folks who don't agree on everything can still get along.

Mike said...

Birds yes, Peg. But, what about Goats? I know William wants some more.

I gave up Facebook. Just couldn't put up with the senseless chatter. Mostly, from my nieces. Haven't missed it one bit.