Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa Came To Town

Harvey doing his "homework" his last day here at Pop Pops and Grandma's. He went home Saturday and sure is quiet around here.

William, Santa arrived at Tractor Supply Saturday in a horse drawn buggy. He had lots of fun all day having pictures taken with children, animals, and adults. He is going to be back there the 22nd. Think he is having way too much fun with this. I set up at the Craft Fair there and did really well . Much better than the last one.

Today has been a rainy day so I have been making and canning tomato sauce. Have parsnips I need to blanch and freeze sometime this evening. Laundry is almost caught up and house is almost clean. Hopefully tomorrow morning will have these chores finished and I can get outside and clean muddy chicken pens and the goat pens. Just simple life here at the homestead.


Ian Holland said...

Santa needs more padding! :-}

Betsy Adams said...

Hi Peggy, I'll bet it is quiet around there without Harvey... I'm sure that you miss him.

Loved seeing all of the Santa pictures at the Tractor Supply. William must have had a fun time.


Anonymous said...

Sweet photo of Harvey and I love the Santa photos!!! Such fun!